WGN Radio Walk of Fame class of 2015

We had to share some pretty exciting news with you.

We are incredibly honored and humbled to be a part of the WGN Radio Walk of Fame class of 2015.

You’ll find all of the who, what and where information just by clicking on the link above.


We hope you’ll join us May 29th at the Tribune Tower for the ceremony and live WGN Radio broadcast.  Thank you for all the years you’ve been nice enough to allow us to hang out inside your radio speakers.

Some days are better than others.  This was one of the good ones.  We think May 29th just might make the cut, too.

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St. Patrick’s Day Memories

St. Patrick's Day decorationsIn no particular order:

One year we were on WIND radio’s float, which was sponsored by Lenders bagels.  So, of course, it was our job to throw green bagels out to the crowd.  People started charging the float to get the bagels.  The city of Chicago wasn’t pleased and passed a law saying you can’t throw stuff from parade floats.  You don’t need to thank us.

Steve was on the WLS St. Patrick’s Day float waiting for the parade to start.  In the distance he could hear the clip-clop sound of a horse.  As the horse got closer and passed the float Steve was pleasantly surprised to see the rider was The Lone Ranger!  The real one, Clayton Moore!!  He looked amazingly fit and just like he rode out of your TV screen.

Waiting in the rain for the parade to start and seeing this grand old buggy come by with Channel 7’s Fahey Flynn and Joel Daley.  Yeah, even though we know some of these people, sometimes we get a little star struck, too.

Larry Langford is currently the Director of Media Affairs and Communications at the Chicago Fire Department.  He was a newsman when we worked together at WIND.  Rather than ride the WIND float, he asked Steve if he’d like to hop on the back of his motorcycle.  As the WIND float made it’s way down State St. Larry and Steve, on the motorcycle, would circle it.  Things went well untill they rode over WGN-TV’s cable and knocked them off the air.  Yes, WGN-TV was broadcasting the parade live … or at least they were untill that happened.

Him and Her got to ride the WIND float together and, even though it was brutally cold, Steve thought that the new hostess at WIND looked awfully cute in her fake fur coat and earmuffs.  Two years later we were counting down to our wedding, in April.

Steve’s mother, Mary Elizabeth, was born on St. Patrick’s day.  She was first generation born in the U.S.A., her parents having arrived from Ireland with little more than a concertina and the clothes on their backs.

Johnnie’s great-grandmother came from Ireland.

So, for the past 25 years Johnnie has been decorating seasonal trees with a special St. Patrick’s day tree in honor of our ancestors and a lot of good memories.

Johnnie's St. Patrick's Day tree!

Johnnie’s St. Patrick’s Day tree!

Here’s hoping you make some great memories.  Happy St. Patrick’s day!!

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2015 Kia Sedona SXL Video Road Test

It’s a new month and that means that our newest Video Road Test, the 2015 Kia Sedona SXL, has just been posted on Consumer Guide Automotive’s Daily Drive website.  Just click on the link, take it for a spin and see what you think.

And don’t forget, if you want to check some of our previous road tests and some of the other goodies we’ve been pouring into the Daily Drive tank, just point your browser right here.

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Why So Long Between Blog Posts?

That’s a good question and the answer is, for a couple of reasons.

First, the *%#@!!! flu bug that sidelined us in December and hung on, in various forms, for about a month decided to pay a return visit to both of us in February and hung on for a few more weeks.  As those of you who wrestled with this fellow found out, once he takes up residence, he really, really, really doesn’t want to leave.  We’re really, really, really, glad he finally did.

The second reason is related to the first in that, while we were down for the count with the flu, we didn’t have a whole lot of energy for anything.  As a result, we got really, really, really behind in writing our book on Les Paul.  As understanding as our publisher is, we have a deadline and, now that we’re feeling normal (Or, as close to “normal” as the two of us ever get.), we’ve been putting everything else on hold while we try our best to make up for lost time and meet it.

At the moment, we’re spending every day and, when we’re up late, a lot of nights working on the book.  Also, obviously, we want to put our a quality product so, even though we’re behind schedule, we’re  NOT going to just throw a lot of stuff together to get it in on time.  We want to be proud of the finished product.  We want to feel that Les would be proud of the finished product.  And, we want you to enjoy reading it.

So, now you know “the REST of the story” and, with all of the above in mind, we hope you’ll understand if we now back out of this blog and get back to work.

That is, assuming we haven’t misplaced our number 2 pencils.

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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT Video Road Test

Our Video Road Test, of the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT has just been posted on Consumer Guide Automotive’s Daily Drive website.  Just click on the link, take it for a spin and see what you think.

And don’t forget, if you want to check some of our previous road tests and some of the other goodies we’ve been pouring into the Daily Drive tank, just point your browser right here.

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Gluten-Free Winter Warm Ups!!

Come on snow!! Chicken noodle, hot & sweet cabbage & French onion soups ready to give us strength to shovel! (All gluten free)

Johnnie's chicken noodle, hot & sweet cabbage & French onion soups

Johnnie’s chicken noodle, hot & sweet cabbage & French onion soups

With the snow and cold expected to cover up everything outside, this weekend, we thought we’d share a little hint of what’s helping us stay warm & cozy inside.  Yes, the recipes will be in the Johnnie’s Gluten-Free cookbook.

Of course, we have to finish our Les Paul book first.  But, hey, we have to tease you with some of Johnnie’s Gluten-Free goodies every now and then, don’t we?

Stay warm.

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S&J & The Flu … The Saga Continues …

Because it’s been a while and many of you have been nice enough to e-mail us privately or post something on one of our social media sites to ask how we were doing, we thought it might be time for an update.

Long story short:  This *^%$!! flu keeps lingering on.  One day we’ll feel a bit better, the next … not so much.  The good news is that it looks like our temperatures are staying close to normal.  Unfortunately, our stamina is still more limited than we would like.  We ventured out for some essentials and by the time we got back home we were exhausted.  We’ve been told that this is the norm for a lot of people and that staying cozy inside and away from crowds is a really good thing to do.

One upside is that this has forced us to stay inside and, when we have the energy, work on our Les Paul book.  Steve’s brother, Lee, and brother-in-law, John, have been dealing with similar symptoms for longer than we have and their doctor agrees that it may take around 3 weeks for them to start feeling normal, too.  All the news reports are indicating that this is a much worse than usual flue season and that it just might continue into May.

So, the take away for us is that, we’re not in the hospital, we’re following doctor’s orders and improving slowly, we’re, mostly, staying inside where it’s cozy and we’ve got each other and lots of Johnnie’s homemade turkey soup and other wonderful creations that keep our kitchen and much of the rest of the house filled with incredibly good smells.

And, as much as we missed being able to finish our Christmas/New Year’s “drive-by” at WGN, there will be other times for us to pop back inside your radio speakers.

For the moment, we’re where we should be, as the song say’s “Feeling Stronger Everyday” and thankful for your concern and friendship.

Now, if you’ll pardon us, that turkey soup is calling.

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