Some Answers To Some Questions

Are we retiring? NO!
Are we leaving WGN? Yes.
We’ve known for over a year that this was a possibility.
Our own personal countdown to this week has been going on for a month since we had some conversations with Tom Langmeyer, WGN Radio’s Vice President & General Manager, and Bill White, Wgn Radio’s Program Director, and worked things out in a way that, you should know, we’re MORE than OK with. In fact, we want to make it VERY clear that Tom and Bill are class acts who have treated us with nothing but respect. We would not hesitate to work for and with them at any time and any place.
One of many reasons we feel this way is that, starting tonight, what we’re experiencing just doesn’t happen in this business. We’re not being given just one show to say goodbye, we’re being given a full WEEK of shows to CELEBRATE the over a quarter of a century we’ve spent at the best radio station on the planet.
So, what are our future plans? Well, they include TV and a lot more, but we’ll be filling in some of the details throughout the week. After all, this may be our last week but, we still want to keep you listening so, we have to have a cliff-hanger or three, don’t we?
If, out of curiosity, you’ve stopped by for the first time tonight or you are a new “Tour One-r,” maybe joining us only in the last 5 or 10 years or less, allow us to take you back to the beginning some 5 or was it 6 bosses ago…
It was Christmas Eve 1984 Steve was first heard on WGN and Valentine’s Day, 1985, we newlyweds were first heard as a duo on WGN. This Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, our last show, we will wrap 6,207 shows that started as three and a half, then four, then five, and, until recently six hour shows. They were always Sunday night through Thursday night with a few years of Saturday night and Sunday afternoon shows thrown in. That’s a LOT of talking, a lot of history covered, a lot of friendships made with guests and with those of you who were nice enough to hang out with us on the other side of your radio speakers.
We can’t promise that we won’t tear up a time or two, but we can promise that there will be lots of laughs and good times as we reconnect with some of the friends and events that have been a part of our “Life After Dark.”

About steveandjohnnie

Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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197 Responses to Some Answers To Some Questions

  1. Jim Leon says:

    A class act all the way. Thanks for many nights of keeping me company and also thanks for many nights of keeping my Mom company. She always enjoyed listening to you and her radio was always on WGN. Good luck.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for a great show. I will miss you tremendously. Your show was creative and very interesting. Your warmth will be missed.

    • Joan Banaszak says:

      Dear Steve and Johnnie,

      I have been a long time listener of your show and WGN. You have always been my favorite’s on WGN and I am not sure how I will get along without you…….

      You will be missed!!

      WGN made a terrible mistake, but as they say, when one door closes, another will open!!! Good luck to you both, and please keep us all informed of your plans! Thanks for the memories… Joan

  2. Lorenzo L. says:

    Oh no. 😦 I’m happy for your growth but sad to hear you two are leaving my radio during the late nights when I’m actually awake that hour. Website Wednesdays and the tech shows were a huge help to me. Heck, sometimes just hearing friendly voices discuss a wide variety of topics at night gave me an extra sense of comfort on those cold Chicago nights. I discovered your radio program approximately 3 years ago and became an instant fan. I hope I can download the pod casts for some time to come. Your a Chicago radio team that can never be duplicated! Have a great week and I guess we’ll hear on the ‘G’. P.S. If possible, since this is the last week on WGN, please do another one of those ‘Funniest Joke’ segments. That was a great night! “What time is it?””It’s Tooth-30.” I’ve never heard you all laugh so uncontrollably. God bless. 🙂

  3. joanne sensendorf says:

    I am a newbe to the show and would like to say you are two very special people who will be missed greatly. I wish you the very best in what ever you do. Thank you for Website Wed Nite and for Mike D. I sure learned about computers and the web. Thank you Joanne Sensendorf

  4. I guess you two are the only ones left from when I first listened to WGN. I used to be able to hear the station on the skip wave back home in South Dakota now and then when in high school. At night we would hear either Vince Lloyd and Lou Boudreau broadcasting the Cubs, or Franklyn McCormack with the Meister-Brau showcase. When I came to Illinois on New Years’ in 1974, I first heard Wally Phillips and Roy Leonard. I listened to the very first show that Bob Collins did. I admired Spike and how he handled things the day Bob was killed in that plane crash. I watched Bob’s funeral on WGN TV and sobbed through the whole thing. I’m now retired and have been up at nights and always have listened to you folks. I have really enjoyed the varied programs you put on, such as car reviews and website Wednesday night plus the calls you hve had from the pizza lady in Point Barrow, Alaska. I have enjoyed the guests you have brought in live to the studio. Just as when we lost Bob Collins and Ron Santo, I feel like I am losing part of my family. I don’t know what or where you are going to embark on your latest ventures, but I really hope that I can find out about them. Thank you for being my companions through a lot of lonely nights, especially since retirement. Best wishes; good luck; and Godspeed!

    • J. L. Garfield-Kutok says:

      How very eloquent Tom. You put my thoughts into your words. You said it all, and quite beautifully too. Thank you, and for Steve and Johnnie, the BEST is yet to come.

  5. Nooooo! Just when WGN is about to get rid of that horrible blowhard in the mornings, and I was SO looking forward to going back (forward to back? anyway…) to my old routine of listening to S and J on my drive home,( I work nights) and then in bed until I HAD to go to sleep, and then having WGN wake me up again in the morning! I’d had to change stations before I went to bed in recent years…and now you’re LEAVING? I’m so distraught I’m writing in run-on sentences! I can’t express how much I’ll miss you two; you’ve been like part of my family (the talented part) for decades. I’m selfishly sad. Best of luck to you both, and wherever you end up, I’ll be listening and/or watching. Not in a stalker-y way.

  6. Ellen Kay Miller says:

    Going to miss you very much….

  7. Oh! I am sure sorry to hear this news, but sure wish you guys all the very best that life has to offer you. You will be missed, after dark on my drive home from work. Bev

  8. wow you will be missed dont know what to listen to at night now .you were the only reason worth staying up for .i hope your not off the air for long dec 9 a sad day in chicago radio. you will be missed i fill like iv know you for all my life your friend Rich Campbell romeoville il

  9. hmf284 says:

    The opening segment w/ Spike O’Dell was one of my favorite moments in radio. I just knew he’d call in. Whenever I had to get up early, I set my alarm to the crossover segment you did with him in the morning. Thank you for so many hours of good times & good music – & helpful tips! I look forward to your future endeavors.

  10. Christy Fix says:

    Will miss you guys. ::hugs and thanks::

  11. Sylvia's Kitchen says:

    WOW! Having been in radio, I understand the gratitude you must feel in being able to say goodbye… just doesn’t happen!

    You are well respected, great at your craft! You will be missed!

    Good luck in future endeavors! Perhaps, some daylight hours in your future???

  12. Mike B. says:

    Seems awfully sudden,but I suppose you are not allowed to give all of the details?

  13. Michael W Barnard ( Mike B) says:

    Well I will miss you, my overnight friends, but I’m glad you’re heading out on your terms.

  14. Been with you from the beginning and WGN at night since the Miester Brau Showcase and Franklin. Going to miss you but will look forward to the next adventures in your lives. Best of luck to both of you and thank you ;(

  15. Michael says:

    Thank you Steve and Johnnie and many blessing to you both. You have done so much for so many people and have graced the airwaves with many, many special moments! Much love to you both. m-

  16. Rose Avey says:

    I don’t know what is going on at GN but I still miss spike and Cathy And Judy. If Nick isn’t taking your place I may be listening else where. I can’t stand Bill Left.

  17. I will truly miss you guys, even though you threw TSO under the bus. I was at the 12/03/2011 show and it was fabulous I do not seee how anyone could sleep through it. But I was motivated to join your yahoo group after hearing the news tonight. As you said “When one door is closed, another door is opened” so be aware and look for it.

  18. Wayne & Gail Schgimpff says:

    You will be missed. We don’t like the changes being made at our radio station, WGN, ever since they let Kathy and Judy go and have brought in a lot of winners and complainers. I guess its over to NPR full time.

  19. Tom says:

    I recently got back from visiting my son, who is studying abroad in Paris, France, so I haven’t been able to listen to you on the radio. Sorry but I don’t ever listen on the internet. So I’m coming home from work tonight listening to your show when I can not believe what I am hearing. Steve & Johnnie are leaving WGN!!! Say it ain’t so! What will I do? I will miss you very much. Life goes on. You are irreplaceable. I have enjoyed those who have filled in on occasion for you but they are Not Steve & Johnnie. Looking forward to following your next move. God bless you.

  20. I’ve been listening2 the both of you(Steve&Johnnie)for about the last 5years.I drive a tractor/trailer for AceHardware out of Princeton IL.&would always look foward 2 being able 2 getting in my rig & driving on my route cause I knew I’d b able 2 listen to the both of you for my trip to Chicago or elsewhere going down the road.It seemed like the ride was always much more enjoyable whenever I could listen to you both.Just to let you know you will be missed very much during my mornings drives down the road to deliver my stores..It won’t b the same without you,but I guess I’ll have 2 get use 2 whomever they replace you with.I am one who will follow you whereever you go cause you r so enjoyable to listen to.I wish you so much success in what you continue 2 do. You will b very much missed in my truck:(:(:(… Steve&Johnnie you are& will always b the BEST!!!!!!

  21. Steve, Johnnie – While I’m extremely disappointed that this is the direction WGN has chosen – at least they are showing enough decency to give you a “farewell tour.” I’ll really miss catching up with the regular guests – at least until you get “re-situated.”

    I hope for nothing but the best for your careers from this point forward – and offer an open invitation for you to sit in with me anytime you want at WORT in Madison (I’m sure Rockin’ John would be glad to have you here, too – his show is just ahead on mine).

    Be well, and be glorious.

  22. james czaja says:

    May god bless you both with all your newly found endevors. what the heck will i do from 12:00AM till 4:00AM…. i Want my steve and Johnnie !!!!! Not even a chance to get your autographs, who knew…bill white and Langmeyer knew.not us the radio listeners. send autographs to jimmy czaja 719 gavin ave Romeoville Illinois 60446. this week is a sad week knowing what I know now…..Brandmeier had something to do with this meaning…cuts…..the cut the best overnights…

  23. Hilary Stellmach says:

    I am sorry to find out that my friends in Chicago are leaving nite time radio. Over the last few years I’ve come to tune in on those nites when I wake up and cannot fall back asleep. Using a small walkman radio with headphones so I won’t wake my wife, you have helped me many nites. You will truely be missed. It still amazes me that WGN in Chicago transmits a “Strong” radio station that is clearly heard in St Cloud, Mn, some 800 miles away. You will be missed. (Mr. Hilary Stellmach)

  24. OMG…We are devastated! For music lovers and musicians….there is no one better in Chicago than Steve and Johnnie!

  25. Ellen Kirkwood says:

    Your voices are what I wake up to every day at 2:15 am. When you are on vacation I am sorry to say, I turn the TV on becasue to listen to 6 hours of TV, movies and/or food is boring. I have learned so much besides being entertained. WebSite Wednesday is the best. I wish you well and hope to hear your voices somewhere soon.

  26. Wally says:

    I was planning on listening to you guys and drifting off to sleep as I have done for years, or waking up for work and listening during the drive time. I’m 65 years young and have listened to AM radio since I can remember, but mostly to WGN. Then BAM, it is your last week. I had a sadness set in and got out of bed to write this. (its 230 AM) I will miss you guys so much. I had this same feeling when Spike left. (I live in the Quad City area) I am retired, but work a couple part time jobs. I feel like you guys are the last connection to the good ole WGN. You are going to be missed so much by myself and others. I wish you success in whatever your furture holds. I hope it is something that enables myself and others to enjoy your talent and personalities. I’ve never contacted you before, but felt I needed to and say thank you for years of enjoyment. I do have the “life after dark” cd, but it isn’t like hearing your voices. Please keep in touch and let me know if there will be a way to hear you guys. It was bad enough to lose Spike (Uncle Bob Collins) and now you guys. Thanks again for all the years of radio and Good Luck. There is a big void at WGN now and it is sad. I guess I’ll go back to bed now and try to get back to sleep with you guys in the background. Good night.


  27. Judith says:

    I am stunned with WGN’s decision to get rid of the Steve and Johnnie Show — I love listening to you when I can’t sleep. I was ok with the decision to let Greg Jarrett go because I just felt that he didn’t have a connection with the morning show audience like previous morning show hosts. However, your show incorporated so much. I will miss you very much and, if you end up on another radio station in Chicago, I will be listening to you at that station. WGN’s loss will be another station’s gain.

  28. Connie Cain says:

    This is a real tragedy!!!! You are the only hosts on WGN with anything interesting to listen to. The bosses at WGN have made a serious, perhaps fatal, mistake in letting you go. With you goes a sterling tradition of radio broadcasting that WGN used to be proud of. Garry Meier, Nick DiGilio, John Brandmier and Brian Noonan all host the same show– sports, politics and fart jokes.WGN seems to be programming to baby boomer males– but there is a whole ‘nother half of that demographic that they are ignoring– the women! With Johnnie gone, there are no female radio hosts on WGN, and there is no longer a compelling reason for me, a 56-year-old woman, to tune into 720. Looks like it’s WLS for me from now on. Thanks for the memories, best of luck to you two, and if you turn up on the radio again, I’ll be listening.

    • Connie, nice! totally agree with everything you said. Only difference, I am 52 and satellite will get me. I am tired of the bathroom humor that WGN is passing off as something I want to listen to.
      To Steve and Johnnie: I have been with you from the start on GN. I even was working the same split shift at Steve. I miss the days that I would not continue with my plans to listen to one of you… Even Johnnie on with Uncle Bobbie and screaming on a ride in Disney. Thanks for introducing me to many musicians. I won’t forget the first time you played Blackbird by McFarin. It was magical having it come through on my side in the dark on my side of the radio. Thanks. I will be watching for you.

  29. Susan Stamler says:

    I have listened to you since you came to WGN. I will miss you so much!! My Mom died in May and this feels almost as if another important member of my family is also gone! I teach (college) and in the summers I teach night classes. I always looked forward to the end of class because I could listen to your show from beginning to end (without being exhausted the next day).

  30. Tom and Donna Kruzel says:

    Hi Steve and Johnnie;
    Just wanted to tell you both how much you have made the early,early morning shift easier to take when we were able to hear your program. It was always informative and entertaining. The bits you two did and the guests were the best. We are both going to miss you very much and don’t think we will ever find anyone to replace you two. The overnight is never going to be the same without you.
    Thank you both for many years of listening pleasure. Tom and Donna K.

  31. Linda Hasa says:

    I woke up as I sometimes do and turned my radio on – as always – but to hear your news – very, very disappointing to me! I’ve enjoyed you no matter which night of the week I’ve listened. But I’ve particularly enjoyed listening to your knowledge of computers grow over the years. I’m sure your fearlessness has been an inspiration to many. Love you both and wish you the best in your future plans. I will want to be able to follow you.

  32. Antone Remich says:

    Your constant good humor and intelligent talk segments will be missed. Your departure will leave a void that insomniacs like me will have to search the internet to fill. Even NPR has few interesting alternatives in your time slot.

    Good Luck and God Speed you in all of your future ventures …and your off time adventures…

  33. Allan Sjoholm says:

    Your show has been the highlight of WGN’s line up. it’s going to be hard. i’ll have to sleep at night after this week. Best wishes for your future endeavors. this is bad..

  34. Ben says:

    I’ve listened to you guys since the day you took over after Eddie Schwartz, and can’t imagine the overnights without having you guys to turn to, all your guests and the mixture of al the banter between. Your show has evolved nicely. Never listened to a program like yours before-had a style all its own-and don’t know if I’ll ever hear another like it. Even during the more out of character changes for WGN the past few years, I could still count on your show and never imagined not having it, so this is a bit of a stunner. It’s amazing to think of the history alone that’s transpired during your show’s run, and being kept abreast of events when necessary. Information! That’s what your show’s brought in abundance. And that’s what radio, media, is all about. That it was so entertaining only made it better. Was delighted to have met you folks when seeing Muriel Anderson and Rachel Barton at The College of DuPage’s Mac Arts Center several years ago. It was also a testimony to radio-I didn’t realized who you folks were sitting next to you the entire show, but did immediately after hearing your voices when my back was to you folks while talking to Muriel after the show. 3rd shifting will never be the same. The night just flew by with your show to turn to. Working overnights has been a lot easier with your show and all it offered. Best wishes. BEN FROM NAPERVILLE

  35. Jose L. Ayala says:

    Hi Steve and Johnnie, I am sad to hear about this. Last year was a very hard year for me personnely. I got divorced and lived in my truck for a year. What got me through this rough time of my life was hearing your show. I would listen to your show as i was trying to fall asleep in the back seat of my pick up truck. No matter how dim things looked for me, you guys were always there to make me feel better. I now have my own apartment and still listen to your show when I get off work. I just want to thank you both for putting on a great radio show. You two have touched so many lives.
    Thank you both so very much. You both will be missed by many.

    Jose Ayala

  36. Ken Montag says:

    Thank you so much for the last ten years since I discovered you on WGN. One plus, however, your leaving is that I might again get a full night’s sleep. LOL. While I have loved so many of the regular bits on your program, I will especially miss the Website Wednesday Night segments. At 63, I feel as though I had a couple of long distance friends whose politics, though different from mine, were always well thought out and helped me to stay centered and mentally stimulated. I’m happy for you and for the twenty-five years of life you have shared with all of us. Ken Montag, Hide-A-Way Hills, OH

  37. janice iverson says:

    I want to thank you for all nights you have seen me through some very rough times. Also, for all the entertainers that you have introduce me to.
    It will be hard to sleep without your voices sending me into that gentle night and all the wonderful entertainment you have provided thru the years.
    God’s Blessings in your new career where ever that may be. Keep us informed via facebook.

  38. randy rejer says:

    What a bummer. I enjoyed your show because it was about variety and entertainment, not anger and hate. Well no reason for me to listen to WGN after Friday Morn. Keep us posted where your at so we can follow. Thanks for the company in the wee hours.

  39. I will miss you terribly even though I only hear the last hour of your show while getting ready to go to work. Please keep us viewers up to date on your future comings and goings. You both feel like family.

  40. Liz Taylor says:

    I KNEW something was up when you both were always taking vacations. I couldn’t imagine WHY the staton would stand to lose such a class act. You’re onew of the FEW cuples I know who can work and live toether. We tried, but, we decided that our marriage wasn’t strong enough at the time. I listen during the final hour of your show. I like it because it’s not jarring. I’m not 15 any more. You’ll be missed. I just wish I had discovered your show sooner. I wish you Blessings and success in whatever you decide to do after this week. Gotta get to work myself, but I wanted to do this before I forget. TTFN!! Sincerely, Elizabeth Taylor, Hyde Park

  41. Roger badesch says:

    But who’s going to get me through the next snow storm????? :(( Sad :((

  42. Kyle K Cord says:

    Wow i have been listening to you since the beginning and have listen to your show faithfully. never got the chance to call in. I have been moving around the nearby states but never to far away to get your channel I grew up with WGN as a child. and now to find out your leaving it saddens me. Thank you both for the years and the teachings and interviews. Your long time friend Kyle Cord. You will be missed

  43. Mark Thompson says:

    Oh no –
    End of an era on WGN –
    Big Business strikes again –
    I’ll – no – we’ll miss you –
    Thanks for the great service –
    Mark T.

  44. Betsy Fishnman says:

    I have listened to you all these years, and I will miss you on WGN. On one of my trips to visit my daughter in Prague, we were listening via the computer, and called you from Prague. She too, has been a fan of the two of you.
    Anxious to hear what lies ahead for you. The best of luck, and good health!
    Betsy Fishman

  45. Sue says:

    I cant belive it
    The best program on radio will be no more
    I am from chicago living in texas now
    I liston on my ipod
    Best always to a great compassionate and sincere couple

  46. Mary says:

    Will miss you!

  47. Dear Steve and Johnnie,
    I have more or less listened to you , going to sleep with you and waking up with y ou many days. I understand why you are leaving night radio but I will deeply miss your friendship and warm thoughtful and fun programs.It is a loss to us who listen toyou and to the radio Chicago audience.
    I am sad you will not be there. Blessings,
    Sister M. Caritas

  48. cAROLE jOHNSON says:

    What is WGN thinking about??? Will miss you-good luck. Carole

  49. Nadine Thieme says:

    I can’t believe you guys won’t be on the overnight radio anymore! What is WGN thinking??? I am a truck driver and have listened to you for the last 15 years. I loved the wide variety of subjects that you talked about and people you visited with, your take on current events etc. NO WHERE on the radio could I find anything like you or half as interesting and entertainment. The only other shows available at night are politics, politics and more politics, which instead of keeping me interested and awake, tended to make me bored and sleepy!! I had to go on disability this year but have still listened to you faithfully (it’s hard to break the overnight habit) but after Friday I will try much harder to sleep at night (like normal people) since you won’t be on the air anymore. I wish you all the best for your future and please know that all the overnight workers (especially truck drivers) will miss you VERY MUCH!!
    God Bless,
    Love you & your show!!
    Nadine Thieme (Blondie)
    Merrillville, IN

    • Bill Tortorelli (Crestwood IL) says:

      Could not agree with you more, i will be tuning in to satellite radio from now on at night, but will not be able to find anything that is like Steve and Johnnie. Steve and Johnnie THANK -YOU for the years of GREAT entertainment, you will never be replaced, and will be GREATLY MISSED BY MANY, MANY, MANY PEOPLE !!!!! BEST OF HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR THE TWO OF YOU !!!!! ( fellow truck driver)

  50. Gregory says:

    Undirtywordbelievable 😦
    Now who will guide me through the night
    As I work along the shore of Lake Superior?
    This just has me dumbstruck.

  51. Philly says:

    WOW…….You both will be missed from the WGN airwaves. Thank you for bringing such a constant variety to WGN late nights, from auto’s, computers, country, one hit wonders ,to photography with Will. There’s alot more, so thank you for all you have done over the years! Good Luck to you both, and God Bless.

  52. Gloria says:

    Best of luck and happiness to both of you. May you enjoy your new schedule!
    I’ve been a listener for years whenever I’m up at night, which is quiet often and will really miss your show! Good bless you! Gloria

  53. Herbal Therapist says:

    I dont know how I will fall back asleep at night. Thank you for getting me through many sleepless nights. You wwill be sorely missed

  54. Theresa Haack says:

    Well guys I’m not happy about this. I have come to love listening to you both for many many years. My daughter who by the way is 20 enjoys listening to you also. This radio station has made many many changes over the last few years some good and some not so much. I will miss you and I hope all the best for you both. Not sure if I will be as faithfull to the station as I have been in the past.

    All the Best

  55. helen bodven says:

    The decision to leave WGN saddens me deeply…… I love you two….Such a fun – balanced couple!
    Only the best wishes for your future endeavors…..
    Helen, a long -time listener from WI.

  56. Peggy Smoltich says:

    I will certainly miss you on those night when I just can’t sleep and you two have “talked” me back to
    sleep or through a long night! Good Luck in new endeavors!

  57. Bill Cutsinger says:

    I will miss you

  58. penne says:

    I’m heart broken. You are like family to me.

  59. Karen T says:

    You will be missed on WGN. This is a mistake on GN’s part. I’ll try to tune in all week.

  60. Mary Lou Campbell says:

    I am so sad to see you go. I just told my husband the other day that Steve and Johnie are the only ones left from the old gang. Wally Philips, Bob Collins, Spike, and of course, you two. What a great group and they are all gone. When I turned on WGN, I felt I was with family. Those days are gone. I wish both of you luck — yes, I did listen to you during the night — always had trouble sleeping.

  61. Kathy E says:

    I am happy for you but so so sad….

  62. Bill says:

    With the shift I normally work, I don’t get to listen to “Him and Her” too often. I mainly follow through the group. But I’l still miss knowing that they were there. Unfortunately, their time on the radio (at least full time) as come to an end. But let us be happy for all the time they have spent with us, for their future, and, for this community-which I understand will still be around.

  63. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you for helping me through many long nights. You have grown to be family with me and I will miss you every night. It’s funny that decisions made by people we don’t even know will change so many people’s lives and how we spend our days and nights. God bless you both.

  64. Stephen Buchman says:

    Guys, I was really upset when I heard on Friday…but after reading this it sounds like things were done the right. Congrats and what ever the future holds. We need to catch up. Love from all of us. -Buch

  65. Karen T says:

    I accidentally hit delete! I want to follow you via your blog/wordpress. Sorry!

  66. Karen Kugelman says:

    You were the last reason I listened to WGN. Now that you will be leaving I will change my radio to another station. (94.7fm). I the last years the changes to WGN have been a down hill slide. The afternnoon guy always sound mad and wantng to fight.

    • Donna says:

      I agree with you about about changing my radio station. When they let Kathy and Judy go that was the last straw for me. I had been a loyal WGN listener since Wally Phillips. Then we had Bob Collins and Spike O’Dell who were wonderful. When they let Kathy and Judy go I changed radio stations during the day. At night is the only time I would listen and that was with “Life After Dark”
      So now WGN is history!!!

      • Joan P says:

        I so agree!!! My car radio have been set to another station for day time since Kathy and Judy left …. but the radio by my bed has been tuned in to WGN only for your show at night!!! So now WGN is totally off my radio dial.

  67. Anne Anderson says:

    I am really sad to hear that you will not be my all-night confidant as I wake and sleep, in and out, and listen and laugh and stay awake. I am a retired teacher and can do this now. For years you have been like family to me. I can only hope that you will still remain somewhere on tv or radio where I can hear you. Even though I am “a senior” my favorite part has been the Weds. night computer geeks. I try to keep my contemporaries up do date. I have installed Mike’s virus controls on many computers and do what I can to keep older friends up to date. Thanks for being my friend and keeping me company for many years. The best to both of you for a bright future. I’ll be listening and watching for news on FB!!!

  68. Judy says:

    I can’t believe it. I thought I was in shock when Kathy and Judy were let go, but now this? Please tell me I’m only dreaming. What will overnight radio be without you two. You ARE overnight radio. I thought with the ousting of Kevin Metheny that WGN was finally coming to their senses. What are they thinking? I am so, so sad.
    Please keep all your loyal listeners informed on when and where we can hear you. Enjoy some much deserved sleep. I will miss you two terribly.

  69. joanna McDermott says:

    Where do I begin….I am happy for the two of you if this is what you want. I always wished you were on during the day. Your show is informative, fun, and done with such style that I fear will never be duplicated. I am sorry to see you both go and wish you the best of luck. Hopefully I will see or hear the two of you again. Thank you for the wonderful years that I have listened through many sleepless nights. I am better informed on so many levels because of you ( not to mention my computer ). I hope WGN know what they are doing. God Bless you both. J. Mcdermott

  70. Robert J. Kuhel says:

    Been listening to WGN late hours since Franklin McCormick. Enjoyed the depth and breath of your program in the last 20 years especially when reminecing the southeast side of chicago and Northwest Indiana. I particularly enjoyed your interview with Joni James (Joan Babbo) singer who was from my Bowen High School and from South Chicago. Then your help and consultants with computer problems , enjoyed discussing the one hit wonders from the past ,entertaining interviews with that 95 year old plus cuitar player/singer, Steve’s food /wheat allergy and his initial suffering when in Europe and cannot forget Fran from BERO Alaska. Many other interviews that I cannot recall at this moment.
    Will be watching for your next decade of entertainment.
    Bob Kuhel from Highland Park

  71. Linda Bernat says:

    I’ve been a listener whenever I woke during the night. 3 years ago when my husband was ill & dying you were with us throughout the night & now that I’m alone I’m not alone. Thank you. I wish you were not leaving the air.
    I liked hearing the conversation years ago with the man in Volcano HI (don’t remember his name) and of course Alaska.

  72. My wife and I will certainly miss you and web site wednesday Night was one of my favorites throughout the years. We’ll miss you. Tim and Karen.

  73. Donna says:

    I can only say that this news is like losing a very dear friend. “Life After Dark” will be missed. You have helped me in so many ways. My most informative night was always Wednesdays. I am of an “elder” age and had never had a computer until 5 years ago. When I needed answers, you were always there with Website Wednesdays..
    You have had some wonderful people on your show. Loved the nights with musical talent.
    I hope you will continue with another station so we can enjoy your company.

    May God Bless you in whatever the future holds for you.
    Much Love to you!!

  74. Marge says:

    Steve and Johnnie, You have taken me thru a lifetime of good and sadness. When my husband died suddenly in 2007 and i walked the floors for many,many months, you were there to perk me up and help me thru this trying time. When I sat with my baby grandson who had such bad colic, you also got me thru this nightly ritual. God bless and enjoy whatever comes your way. There will never be another twosome like you kids. Love you both, Marge

  75. Karen says:

    I will miss your Steve and Johnnie show. Thank you for helping with my computer knowledge, photo skills, etc. Good luck and please keep us informed of your future plans.

  76. Rob says:

    I sure hope Nick takes over!!!

    • Ken says:

      Nick, along with his old sidekick Garry Lee Wright, would have been the perfect replacements. Unfortunately the station management is too short sighted to recognize this and we’ll be getting just another bland voice instead.

  77. Class act all the way and I tip my cap to the both of you. Radio needs more people like “S&J.”

    All best,
    Brian Pearson

  78. Anny Sundly- Moctezuma says:

    I am so sorry to hear this news. I have loved listening to you and will miss Johnnie’s giggling so much. I depended on you, knowing you would be there and and instantly smile as I got caught up in your excitement of the night. There was always something going on, and I always felt a part of it. You helped me forget my own problems, and made me feel at home. Funny, as I think of it, I never pictured you all in a studio, but in your living room, with a nice fire in the fireplace, Cozy, familiar and comforting. It was historical,so memorable, and it won’t happen again. Love you Both!!!! Anny in Illinois

  79. Jodie says:

    Thanks so much for lots of great laughs, news tips and music. When I woke up early in the morning, I listen to your show. Then at breakfast, I tell my family what you’ve been talking about. I loved your interviews with Les Paul, the new CD releases you bring in on Mondays, the patience of answering computer questions, the enthusiasm for new and older cars. Thanks for bringing so much to a late night listeners and caring about your audience.

  80. David S. Chase says:

    I’ve have been now an avid listener for the last 2 years. What am I going to do!!! I love both of your humor and wittiness. Will Cyber Wednesdays still bet there??? You guy’s have helped me with so many computer issues. “No question is a dumb question!!”. Believe me had had questions and you guys answered them. I have hooked up many of my friends to your show. I am now heart broken!!!

    Best Wishes
    David S. Chase

  81. Rob Frick says:

    You’ve been on patrol with me whenever I’ve been on midnights since 1990. You will be sorely missed. I’ll listen and/or watch you where ever and when ever I can.

  82. Officer Andy says:

    Wont be the same cruising the streets on midnights without the two of you with me. Started listening in the early 90’s. Won a highly collectable sweatshirt back in the day for calling in with the “what is a raptor?” answer. When my cousin Jenny was the voice of “Ivy” at WGN all I asked was if she ever met you guys. Enjoy the next phase of your careers! God bless!

  83. Kathy Williams says:

    I am very sorry to hear that you are leaving. It will be interesting to see who “replaces” you. I hope it is not some angry jerk! All the best to you both. Kathy Williams from northern Michigan

  84. Susan says:

    You will be missed!

  85. I am one of those insomniacs that rely on Steve and Johnny to go to at nights. I loved the computer information on Wed. nights. I am a novice computer person and since listening to your program I am happy to say that you helped to educate me in the field of computers. At age 78 that is a taunting experience. So thanks Steve and Johnnie for all the joy and help that you brought to me and many others. Also thanks to Johnnie for her email that answered one of my computer questions. You are loved and will be missed.

  86. Sally Graef says:

    I have been listening to you since the very beginning. I have been teary eyed ever since I heard. So much has changed on WGN but I had hoped you would remain. Wow, I will miss you. Although I have never called in or met you, I feel like you are friends. You always allowed your listeners to be a part of your lives. You are two of the most positive people I know. You always brought a smile or a laugh. Thank you for the great times listening. Hope we will see or hear from you again soon.
    Sally Graef from Naperville

  87. Ken says:

    Glad that you were able to leave on your own terms. What is really a tragedy is the loss of having a program that plays real music as well as having talented musicians live in the studio. We won’t be getting that with your replacement. This is sadly the end of an era.

    Good luck in your new ventures.


    Have fun along the road. I will miss you both. Your compamy was always welcome on any given night. Juanita

  89. Stuart Kroop says:

    I have been a fan of WGN all my life. You two are the last of the meany great voices of WGN.
    You will be missed.

  90. Ginny says:

    I’ll miss you very much, and hope that your replacement will be at least half as much good company. All the best to you!

  91. anita says:

    I have listened to the two of you since you came to WGN. You just don’t get your kind of talent “up and down the dial”. I hope you will be happy in whatever you do in the future. My husband and I worked together but when he made me mad; I could just walk out of the office. Anyway I wish the best for you. Stay happy and healthy. Feel my arms around you as I have felt your voices around you.

  92. Laura Thomas says:

    I am very sorry to see you two go, I have been with you two so long , it feels like I am loosing t great friends. Thanks for the good times … Good luck… I will miss you two… ❤

  93. Tom Kemble says:

    So sorry to hear the end of WGN . It once was a great station . I’ve went to nights only , now friday ends wgn on my radio . Thanks for a great show . Have some fun . Tom

  94. Lynn says:

    I’ve been listening to you two for years. Almost as long as you’ve been married,like a , a unit @ GN. I’ve had so much fun, and learned the most interesting things. And last year when I was undergoing serious medical treatment…your show helped me to stay focused. I’ll miss y’all. Don’t forget any of us. Don’t forget me either,:))!

  95. irishmary24 says:

    I know you have great plans, and I’ll try to keep track of where you land. I’m a long time listener, from the beginning!. I listened to those that were before you, and may listen still. I’ll miss all the music you introduced to us, and website Wednesdays. The computer forums are fun and informative. I have Mike’s website and newsletter,so I can keep track of him. You need a newsletter so your fans can keep track of you!

  96. Robert Bartholomew says:

    Well, I don’t think the superlative/superfluous Nick D. can better express my thoughts on your departure from WGN. Everyone has already weighed in so emotionally with my exact heartfelt feelings. I always knew that one day you guys would make a final drive down the road to Florida. And while it may not be the “final drive,” this does not appear to be your idea to leave WGN. Many have asked, “what is WGN thinking?” They apparently are thinking that a replacement brings in more listeners and commercial revenue. Somehow they knew better to cast off Steve Cochran and Kathy & Judy. I think we all know how that worked out. And while Greg Jarrett was expendable is Brandmeir the answer to dissecting the daily complexities of our world? So, selfishly, we can only hope that the overnight does not turn into more fluff/non-essential radio. While I don’t mean for this to be so negative, I am not up for more of Nick D’s tortured movie reviews and why he hates Valentines Day etc. Like others I suspect I am looking for “common sense” radio up and down the dial as Spike eloquently phrased differently. I wish you all the best and can only hope there is another broadcast door opening here in Chicago for my best radio friends ever. My wife and I will miss you profoundly.

  97. Alanna Melin says:

    Wow! You will missed. I hope your plans will include keeping in touch via FB and the Yahoo group….you are like family to so many of us!

  98. Joe Hendrickson says:

    I’m devastated, you are family. I’ve been a listener since you came to WGN. I guess having loyal listeners are no longer important to WGN management. Unfortunately they’ll learn too late that it will take more than the Cubs to save the station.
    Best wishes for your future endeavors, Hope to be able to hear your voices somewhere else to lead us through the night.

  99. Randy Eccles says:

    Steve & Johnnie are always one of the most prepared well programmed shows on radio. To have had a live and local connection all night is rare in any city these days. Many staff, especially producers (me included) gained invaluable experience and wisdom working with them “After Dark.” They were patient and yet expected professionalism which set many straight on a future path to success. They also made us all cognizant that overnights always have a heartbeat, from people working, heading home, or not sleeping, to entertainers stopping in to share great stories and additional performances after their gigs, to breaking news in Chicago or the world. All on a booming signal reaching listeners across North America and streamers everywhere!

    All the best to the best!

  100. Sue says:

    I felt like I had been hit by a truck last night!!!….I can’t believe it!….WGN has become like all of the other stations in town….listeners don’t seem to matter….I ‘happened’ on your brodcast over 10 years ago… taught me how to purchase and maintain four computers! and so much more…being a ‘night owl’ and listening to you guys was very comfortable….I knew that i could relax and not be insulted or assaulted by partisan garbage and by hosts yelling their opinions….I have learned so much from you guys!….good luck and hope to ‘hear you’ soon!!

  101. WGN will miss you guys a lot, but the rest of us will be eagerly watching for what you do next. All the luck in the world!

  102. I cannot imagine waking up at 2:30am and NOT being able to plug you guys into my earbuds!! You will be missed: Therefore, think about hosting the next Naperville Independent Film Festival?

    Would LOVE to have you!

    Sept. 15-22nd

    Glessna Coisson

  103. Denise says:

    Get some well deserved rest. You will be missed.

  104. James W. Brown says:

    Dear Johnnie and Steve,

    I am saddened to hear that one of the classiest shows on the Chicago airwaves is moving on. I want to personally say that it has been my humble pleasure to spend evenings with the two of you during my graveyard shift work hours. I can remember the many times that I’ve laughed and cried listening to the two of you. I’ve also learned a lot from information that you’ve shared through special guests and segments you’ve aired.
    One of the main lessons that I’ve learned from the two of you is how to better love. The way that both of you relate so warmly
    on-air with guests, your listeners, and each other, have helped me with my interaction with other people. But most of all you’ve helped me in better relating with my spouse at home. The love and kindness that the both of you have comes shining through the airwaves and I will miss that most of all. Good luck to you in your future ventures, and I’ll be looking out for you in some form or fashion in the media. Thanks again for being there for us all.


    James W. Brown
    Waukegan, IL

  105. Joe Collins says:

    I wish you both all the success in the world. A class act and highly entertaining…that’s what you’ve been!

    Joe Collins

  106. stevenwestra says:

    If you both go too another radio station please let us know a huge fan and will miss you both

  107. Bernie Barron says:

    Good luck. Can’t wait to see what you are doing for T.V.

  108. Marta Waller says:

    Talking with you and sharing what was happening during the O.J. Simpson Trial with your listeners was a special time for me. I enjoyed our long talks during those nights, which inevitably turned into discussions about my passion for hardware stores. I don’t have the pleasure of listening to you in Los Angeles, but I know many people in the Midwest who will miss you dearly. I wish you the very best as you start this new adventure in your lives. I promise, when you look past the walls of the studio, there’s nothing but possibility! Much love, Marta Waller

  109. I have been waking up to you for so long – that I think now I will have to retire. Thank you for making my wake up a little easier. I heard many breaking news stories from you; enjoyed all the discussions, your recipes, the almanac; the start of weekends, the music and so much more. Thank you for every thing you have added to our lives. You will be missed. Good luck to you both.

  110. Patt says:

    I am incredibly SADDENED by this news. You don’t know how many times I’ve waken up in the middle of the night . . . and was so happy to reach over and hear your voices. It just took away all the anxiety and darkness. I am going to MISS YOU so very much….

    This is it, I am switching stations. I just can’t take the changes WGN is and continues to make . . . poor John Wiliiams and Mary V. are they the only ones left of the familiar group. Sad so sad.

  111. Cynthia Fennessy says:

    Sorry to hear that you are leaving this station, what the heck is happening over there. I guess they have to pay Johnny B. big money and of course they get rid of the people that the audience wants to hear. You were always a constant comfort on overnight hours when I go to bed and if I couldn’t sleep it was nice to hear your voices. I wish the two of you all the best and hope to find you on another station here in Chicago. The station will regret this decision.

  112. Derrick Denby says:

    It is bittersweet to hear that you are leaving WGN. I listen to your show while I drive up into northern Manitoba(except when the Northern Lights are out in full force and they pale in comparison to the shining example of on air professionalism that you both bring to the airwaves) and have always been entertained, so much so that I gave up listening to Coast to Coast w/ Art Bell & George Noorie. I have learned alot because of Web Night Wednesdays and I am grateful to the both of you, and the rest of the crew for that.
    Good luck in your new venture and Thank you for all that you have done.

  113. Phil says:

    You hear what I hear? Listen closely…… hear it? Keep listening….CLICK! That’s the sound of thousands, millions of WGN listeners turning off their radio’s. One of the saddest days in Chicago radio. And nice going WGN. You guys have officially “jumped the shark” by hiring Johnathan (don’t call me Johnny B anymore) Brandmeier . Rotsa Ruck.

    Thanks for all the years of entertainment S&J. Hope to see or hear you guys real soon!

    • David says:

      I agree with Phil. I’ll probably wait until WGN installs a new “permanent” host, then give it a try. But, then (barring a miracle), CLICK. If enough people actually DO stop listening during the overnights, WGN will get the message (too late, but still).

  114. Betty Elmer says:

    Thanks for years of good listening. Can’t believe it yet!! Best of everything to the both of you.


  115. Mike Gold says:

    This is ridiculous. Steve and Johnnie are the reason they invented electricity. I still listen to ’em even though I moved to Connecticut 25 years ago! While I understand WGN hiring Brandmeier, once you remove Steve and Johnnie from the Tower you might as well rename Michigan Avenue to “Nowhere Street.”

    Best of luck, you two. All my love, Mike Gold

  116. Cliff Switzer III says:

    Overnight radio while driving through the night will never be the same. Just returned from vacation and saw a comment from Katie Quick and immediately went to your page! I can’t believe it! best wishes to the both of you and best of luck in your future!

  117. You both have touched more lives than you will ever know, both the listeners, performers, guests, students, etc………mention your name and the program and everyone appreciates your work thru the years. Thank you for the hours spent in behalf of your listeners.

  118. Jeff Bardell says:

    I started working for a uniform rental company about 5 years ago, but I had to commute from Polo, IL to Crystal Lake…(86 miles) The ONLY thing that got me through those long drives was your show on WGN…while I didn’t always agree with your take on politics, I was always impressed with the fact that you felt it was okay if people disagreed with you…it wasn’t a “We’re right, you’re wrong” approach…I have remained a listener for these last 5 years, and am truly sad to see you go…I do believe I will go back to the FM side of the dial…best of luck no matter where you land next!

  119. Michael Barger says:

    Steve and Johnny will be missed – Great Show. Hope to see/hear them again in the future

  120. Katie Quick says:

    Dear Steve and Johnnie,

    I’d like to speak on behalf of all the independent musicians and artists out there who have been lucky enough to perform on your show. Not only did you provide a platform for us in such a tough and cut throat music industry, but you always treated us with such respect and kindness. I can personally say that you have done so much for me as an artist. You exposed my music to such a broad and diverse listening audience. You always believed in me, and because of that I learned to believe in myself. I developed confidence because of you, even though the rest of music industry was so quick to slam the door in my face and say I have nothing “special to offer.” But the two of you ALWAYS made me feel special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done. It was a joy to be on your show numerous times over the past few years and get to know you both. I hope you enjoy the video I made for you (featuring one of your favorite songs of mine, Chicago Summer Nights) ❤ Can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Katie Quick

  121. Jo Ann Oravec says:

    We love you Steve and Johnnie! We thought we had a joint nightmare last night when we heard the bad news.

  122. Mark Myers says:

    Hey, sad to hear, you kept me comapny because I’m a night person. Thanks for everything, especially Wednesday’s computer talk. You’ve been great to all that have listened and will be truly missed. Good luck in the future, I’ll be checking your website daily to see what’s going on… I think ‘BBM FM could really use your show!!!

  123. edwhite says:

    I use to listen to WGN from the time i was a teenager which is a very long time ago……& now a days you guys were the only worthwhile reason to listen to WGN ……AFTER YOU GUYS LEAVE, I WILL NEVER PUT WGN ON AGAIN ANYMORE!……56 YEARS…..

  124. Daniel Stuck says:

    I feel like there has been a death in the family!

  125. dick baer says:

    You have been company to my wife and I for years. Old folks sometimes have a hard time sleeping you have kept our minds off of our every day problems. Sure hope if is your choice to leave. You do have fans out here in Rockford.

  126. Karen Schulz says:

    I’ve followed you FOREVER, back on WIND when you did Windy’s City, and thru all the WGN years. I have not gone to bed without WGN on for as long as I can remember..Thanks for all the memories, the music, the new friends, the new knowledge….for everything you have given to us for so long. Wishing you the best of everything, and hoping you can somehow stay in touch with all of us who love you…

  127. Paula Weiner says:

    Dear Steve & Johnnie,

    You and your radio program “Life After Dark” has been very special to me through the years, and I was shocked last night by the sad news you will be departing from it at the end of the week. Had trouble sleeping all last night because I didn’t want to miss any of your show. Enjoyed the music and banter with your many guests all these years. As everyone else has said you both have been a class act, and a very special loving, devoted couple, which is so rare these days. I’ll miss you more than I can say, and I hope you will be on another station or TV so I don’t lose touch with you. Blessing to you both and your family, and may you all stay healthy and have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2012. I’m very disappointed with WGN for the moves they have been making. I also miss Kathy and Judy.


    love always, a devoted listener

  128. Mary Ziemann says:

    Whats next? Oh I know, the Cubs and John Williams will be gone!! I will miss listening to you on my way home. Your shows were informative, funny and comforting. Good Luck Johnny and Steve I am looking forward to catching your next steps in a wonderful career!

  129. Amazed! says:

    Has anyone told you how much you will be missed? As you have done everything else, you are leaving with class. I think that everyone who listens to you knows you would rather not make this change. Based on the tone you have set I will this message positive. I hope that the success you have had at WGN is only a drop in the bucket compared to your future success! Good luck and God bless you both.

  130. Jim says:

    Here in western Virginia I just discovered your show a couple of months ago. I’m very disappointed to see you go. Nothing else in the overnight comes close except occasionally WBZ. This is a major mistake by WGN whether they instigated it or not. After Friday it will be back to listening to Boston. Best of luck! Hope to hear you soon on another station..

  131. Duane Medema says:

    I have a hard time with change wgn has not ben the same since uncle bob died. I am going to miss you more then you know. I miss spike very much have not ben able to listen to the morning show since he left.I started listening to wgn when wally phillips was on the morning show in fact I was going to call you on the show the other day we had a small miss hap at home and I lost my cd of what about bob and was hopeing you could get me one I listen to it at least once a week I know it by heart but to be able to hear uncuel bobie voice I guess now I will have to do the same thing with my life after dar cd like bob hope always said thanks for the memories Duane medema

  132. Geri says:

    Steve and Johnnie-everyone has already said it-you are the best! I thought I was dreaming when you said it was your last week. When I think of all the great music; new artists that you have introduced and old favorites that you reminded us that we love, I am just in awe. Who else can fill this void? You are both class acts; even now. Good luck in all that you do and please let us know where you are. We are kindred spirits, Johnnie as we have the same birthday. Love you both.

  133. Pat Bielat says:

    I am so disappointed. I listen to you on and off all night long. There is nothing like laying in bed and hearing a new musician, which then means turning on the light to scribble down their name. If anything would happen during the night, we knew where to go. You helped us through storms, meteors and earthquakes. I will really, really miss you.

  134. daniel says:

    My ride to work in the early mornings will not be the same without you two to listen to. You WILL be missed by me and many thousands more. Best wishes to you and your future. I hope you keep in touch through facebook. Thanks for the good times.

  135. leigh serena says:

    So sorry to hear you are leaving! Almost all my favorites are gone. So disappointed. Good luck to the two of you. Loved listening to you over the years.

  136. Ellen Shawgo says:

    I’ve listened to your show while driving home from work the last 10-11 years. I’ll miss you guys a lot! You were always entertaining and I learned a lot on Website Wednesdays.

  137. Rosemarie Germann says:

    I couln’t believe it last night when I heard the terrible news. I’m still trying to get over the loss of Kathy and Judy and Steve Cochrane. Terrible news. Johnny – how am I going to get your recipes and how am I going to have my computer questions answered. and how am I going to hear about all your different seasonal trees you decorateor hear about the latest from the lady in Alaska and on and on and on. You will be terribly missed. My dad used to work for thr Trib in the Tribune Tower along time ago and boy things have changed. They say change is good but not in this case. I am truly disappointed in the management at WGN. I’m not bad mouthing them but this is a huge mistake.. Please let us know your plans. I cried last night – I felt like I lost my last 2 friends on WGN. John Williams better stay and Steve Bertrand.

    Do you think you could repeat the Spike conversation this week before you go – I missed it/ The best of luck in your new endeavors. We love you.

  138. jumping josie says:

    Hey, Steve and Johnnie…I’ve been listening to you FORever…and fully expected to have that pleasure the rest of forever. Sometimes I happily faded in and out thru the night, but last night your news made sleep hide. I was so saddened by the idea of your leaving, and this kind of sad doesn’t go away quickly. You are indeed a class act, your intelligence, decency, and sanity (i.e. humor) always shines through, and I have appreciated your liveliness, your kindness, the wonderful music, your finding and sharing talented musicians we never would’ve known, your easy connectedness to other folks across the globe. .. I always loved hearing from Barrow, Alaska …what a great lady she is! Anyway, please let us know where you’ll be so maybe we can find you again! Wherever you land, you will be golden! And, so long WGN…
    Most of all, I want to say thanks for helping me make it through the night…. Blessings!

    • Steven Haas says:

      All the best, Steve & Johnnie. I know this isn’t goodbye, so I will just say, see you later. Congrats on a glorious ride at WGN, and best wishes for future endeavors. If ever there is a dark day, go back and re-read these wonderful comments and realized how loved you both are. Sincerely, Steven Haas

  139. msharon santourian holman says:

    I have enjoyed listening on pod casts during my work days and cannot imagine not enjoyng you both! I’m so sad! I have always looked forward to every minute of your broadcasts. So know that you were important in my daily life even though I slept through the live shows. LOL, a tremendous loss. Wish you nothing but the best and please….let me know where I can find you!!

  140. Bettye Flickinger says:

    So sad. Been with you for 20 years. What will you do? Where will you do this? You moving? Good grief, what will I do? Nick getting more time? Will I need a shortwave radio? Nashville bound? My problems.

    So happy for you to find new “life in the daytime.” Do agree with Spike and change is good. Some of us need a good kick in the butt. Will always love ya and remember you. Good for you. I know it was a MAJOR decision on your part to leave your comfort zone.


  141. Liz says:

    I will miss you guys so very much!! … and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I will continue to follow your blog and facebook page to keep abreast of your new adventures and hope to be able to listen to you both again sometime soon. I have listened to you guys for many years, for most of your 26 years on WGN. (I first began listening to your show with my mom when you were on WIND and I remember your Tribute to Elvis Presley. show.) Your late night show however had become my favorite though, along with Website Wednesday night. I fell asleep with you guys every night you were on. I will miss that and I will miss listening to Patrick and the guys. You guys have taught me so much.
    Take care and I hope you can enjoy getting some sleep at night now for a bit.

  142. Fred Natschke says:

    Its hard to imagine you guys won’t be on the air at WGN in the winter when were plowing the snow and away from our families you gave us a home-like atmosphere and you had really interesting subject matters something that many other stations can’t even compare to I hope whatever happens you find what you are looking for and maybe we’ll hear you on the air again! Gods Blessings and Thanks for keeping us company on those long snowy nights!

  143. mlballhawk says:

    Dear Steve & Johnnie – I just want to say “THANK YOU” … I wrote you guys a note in the AOL days about how you guys helped my mom through a really tough time. After my dad passed she drank herself silly. The one constant she had in her life was Steve and Johnnie at 11:25 each night. She listened, she laughed, heck she even called in and I know a couple of times you guys had no idea exactly what she was saying or meant but you listened and still made her feel good. Today I can report that she has been sober 18 years and much of that I BELIEVE is thanks to the 2 of you and your show!!

  144. George says:

    Shocked! Sad for me, happy for you both. The Monday night music has been the best. Thanks for all the wonderful radio after dark.

  145. nancy rosman says:

    my heart aches along with all my fellow insomniacs!

  146. mlballhawk says:

    Steve – Thanks for taking the time to read my note on the air. The ironic thing is that my mom woke up literally 5 minutes before you read it and she too said that YES ….. you guys helped her through a lot of rough times! Again, from both my mom and myself THANK YOU!!

  147. Jackie Randall says:

    Steve and Johnnie, thank you for being there for me on all my sleepless mornings. I will miss everything about your show. I wish you the best.

  148. Vicki says:

    I am very sad and disappointed about you guys leaving wgn and late nights on the radio here. You are like family to those of us who are up late or early or even all night. You also have one of the best radio shows I have ever heard, including great conversation, your information about cars, Website Wednesdays, and everything I have learned about Les Paul and other classic musical talent. Like Oprah, you are a Chicago treasure. I have probably been listening off and on for ten years depending on my schedule and pretty regularly over the last several, although I have never called in. I found you fortuitously on the dial the first time, but I now know that in order to stay with a favorite broadcast personality in Chicago, one has to pay attention and follow their blogs or keep up with media news. I am sure that if you haven’t already signed on elsewhere, a smart general manager out there is waiting to snap you up and put his station on the map. Like thousands of other listeners I’m sure, I can’t wait to hear what’s next and meet you over there as you take your next steps forward!

  149. mike wasik says:

    Thank you for the 26 years on WGN, from days back to WIND, and back to the 1967 blizzard and you announcing that we had no school in Calumet City while listening to WJOB, Thank you!!!
    It has been a pleasure, we will miss you two.
    Thanks for bringing us the voice from the top of the world with Fran Tate.
    We’ll hope we can hear you some day in the future.

  150. Merle Cooper says:

    Hi from The Georgian Bay area of Ontario/ I am saddened.
    You have been my company through many long sleepless nights
    for several years. I will miss you. I wish you a healthy happy future.
    Will try to keep track of you on facebook. Thaks so much

  151. Karen Kozlik says:

    Thank you for all the interesting music and talk during the wee hours through the years. I learned a lot about cars and computers and guitarists like Les Paul. God’s blessings to you in your new endeavors.

  152. Jeff B. says:

    You two are not only the premier radio hosts in the USA, but also a shining example of a happily married couple. I’ve been listening since the days you filled in for Ed Schwartz and in every show you have caused me to laugh, appreciate music I wouldn’t normally listen to, stop and think, use my brain, examine my values, consider other people. How many other radio hosts can say that? Ready for the next chapter with Him & Her, bring it on! Much love to you both!

    Your #1 fan in Oklahoma
    Jeff B.

  153. Carol Campbell says:

    I’ll miss you more than I can say or you will know.l Godspeed and God bless you both.

  154. margaret basile says:

    Thank you Steve and Johnnie for many nights when i couldn’t sleep you were right there beside telling me that things would be all right with you great soothing voices and the fun and laughs. You made me forget about my troubles and changed my attitude about things that weren’t that important. I’m going to miss you two terribly.but I can’t wait to see you on T V . I know as you get older we hate to make changes but some times it’s good to keep us on our toes. well I wish for you much happiness and success on your new endeavor. May the Good Lord bless you and keep you in His heart. I know that’s where you are in mine Love Margaret

  155. Darrell Shambaugh says:

    Oh no! Where will I find new music? You turned me on to Joel Patterson, Amanda Shire, Rod Picot, Doyle Dykes, Tommy Emmanuel, Tom Hambridge, and Nick Coleone. I’ve heard great live shows and interviews by other great players like Muriel Anderson, Frank Vignola, Preston Reed, Imelda May, Darrell Highem, Les Paul, and others. As a long time guitar geek, I couldn’t believe there was radio that featured great guitar music live in the studio. And, I’m still trying to figure out if Nick Rotundo is a real name:) Thanks so much for the great shows.

  156. francis says:

    stop the presses steve and johnnie we will miss your very entertaining shows i loved your shows been listening since 1987 and have made you my family its very big loss and would love it if you could get back on radio id tune for sure!! gonna be real big loss hope wgn know how much of a loss this is gonna be. love you guys alot and will keep in touch god bless you two.

  157. Linda Soch says:

    I wish you the best in life as turn the page and start a new chapter! Let us know if you guys land on another station. What I have liked best about your programs has been the variety of subjects youi cover. You both have the same sense of curiosity that I share and appreciate. You will be missed!

  158. Dorothy Patton says:

    Thank you guys for keeping me company threw the good and the bad! I have listened to steve since WLS. And both of you on WIND. I wish you both Well and Much Happiness!… Later:) Dorothy

  159. Keith Bilbrey says:

    I almost feel like a part of the night sky will go dark after this week. Steve and Johnnie are part of the illumination of a dark night. They’re your friends, family, and company in a lonely car driving across the lost highway. I know things will turn out great for them, They’re incredibly talented folks with synergy most broadcasters would die for, but I and millions of fans will miss their familiar voices in the middle of the night. Godspeed, my dear friends.

  160. Jeff Rankin says:

    You’ve been a big part of my life. I will miss the comfort of being able to turn on the radio after midnight and know I will hear your familiar voices. I am especially grateful for your having introduced me to an eclectic array of talented musicians, none of whom I would have otherwise heard of. Nothing lasts forever, but your being gone seems as wrong as Jerry Lewis being gone from the Labor Day Telethon.

  161. Cbdoessnowplowig says:

    You are totally going to be missed. I wish you the best in your future.

  162. Jennifer Faron says:

    Dear Steve and Johnnie – You both have been such wonderful company during many sleepless nights and I always looked forward to your show. WGN has made a big mistake but you will move on to other great things! Thank you for the years of comfort, laughter, music, advice and fun. I’ll keep an ear and eye open and look forward to your next adventure! Best Wishes!

  163. Sandy Acell says:

    Oh, say it ain’t so! You both have become like regular friends in the night when sleep is evasive. Oh, what will I do now? It won’t be WGN. Who is this Bill Leff? He filled in for you when? No nod to even Nick or Brian who REGULARLY filled in for you? Oh, in time they will see the folly of their mistake. You will be missed. You are a class act and your faithful listeners hope that another station will give you a home. May the Lord bless you in all of your future endeavors. Couldn’t help noticing that the WGN website changed the wording in the article about your leaving… The newspaper printed it correctly.

  164. Wayne Janke says:

    I’ve been listening for years and have turned many people on to web site Wednesday!
    It has been quite a run and always interesting. I wish only the best for both of you. Continued success and monumental happiness are well deserved for you both.
    For your reference, this is “courier Wayne”
    Looking forward to hearing you in the future.
    Wayne Janke

  165. Virginia Golec says:

    I just had to get out of bed to write to the 2 of you.I have been listening to the 2 of you since the beginning. I would get up for work at 3:00 in the morning for work and listen to you until I got to work. If it was my day off I would listen longer. I have since retired and recently moved to Florida and would listen to your show on an app on my phone . I would not go to bed until I knew it was midnight in Chicago so that I could listen to the 2 of you. I hope where ever you go to the station has an app so that I can hear you. Where ever you go I will follow. It is WGN’s loss and someone elses gain. Hope to keep in contact with you where ever you are. It is not good bye, it is until we meet again

  166. Paul Malak says:

    Steve and Johnnie, thank you for the many years of great entertainment and you will be missed.

  167. m curcio says:

    Enjoyed listening to you as you helped me get to sleep whenever insomnia kicked in. Thanks a bunch; you will be missed.

  168. Joan.Teistere says:

    Thank you for keeping me company through the night. You’re an dinamite duo!!
    Looking forwrd to seeing and hearing you on your next venue
    Going to miss you overnight.

  169. Donna says:

    You both will be sorely missed. This ensemble was just a class act that will never be repeated. I will absolutely miss Wednesday with the greatest group of gurus who have been instrumental at keeping my computer purring like a kitten. I wish everyone continued success, health and wellness.

  170. Jan Kurotobi says:

    WGN is trying to regain viewers they lost a while back. Unfortunately most of the under 40 listen to Ipods not am radio like the more seasoned of folk. ‘Tis a great loss your leaving for everyone!

    • I agree with this post! I realize I’m not in the age demographic that WGN marketing research wants to reach in their new firing/hiring shake-up that’s been going on for quite some time. I, however, have been a faithful WGN listener all these years. Little by little, program by program, WGN has been whittling away the show segments I listen to. They do not CARE if I am their listening audience or not! Yes, I still listen to various shows-(Nick, Brian, Steve, and some others), but I wonder how long they’ll be around! If I like them, it seems they’re soon gone! Bye Steve and Johnnie, I certainly did love your show!!!

  171. Jill and Bill Malik says:

    We leave WGN on in our bedroom all night. My husband and I sleep fitfully and go from the bed to the recliner and back many times each night. When I enter our room and hear Johnnie’s laugh or Steve “m a k i n g a p o i n t” – I smile every time. I still miss Eddie Schwartz but for the past 25 years, you two have been with us every “Sunday into Monday through Thursday into Friday”. I can’t imagine you not being there. What a wonderful feeling you must have seeing how you are both loved so much – how many of us can say the same? We hope your future is as bright as you have kept our nights…what a great couple. God bless you!

  172. Diana from Austin says:

    Steve and Johnnie,

    You are truly a Class Act and will be missed. I listen online from Austin, TX and my mother Jane out in Maple Park always listens to your show. Overnights will never be the same, wish you both the best and can’t wait to hear what you’ll be doing on radio or tv.

  173. Joan Steiner says:

    Will miss listening to you when I can’t sleep. I sure hope I don’t have to listen to Nick. D. in place of you two. He is such a jerk and doesn’t care if he shows what a jerk he is. Good luck in all you do. I hope WGN goes down the tube for good – they only have Milt left, oh and John Williams.
    Miss all the good old days of Uncle Bobby and Spike, even Kathy and Judy. God Bless!

  174. Stephen Ukena says:

    Steve & Johnnie,
    For 7 + years I have worked overnight security. For 8 hours I am alone, mostly in a pickup. Since my wife works days I spend more time with you and your friends than I do with her. I do not listen to WGN radio, I listenened to you. Thank you and God bless.

  175. It is March 19th, just three months and ten days since I last was able to listen to your show, Steve and Johnnie, and I still do and always will miss you both!!! In the late hours of the night, I would stay awake to hear the interesting topics, the wonderful music experiences, your connections, from Alaska to the Old Town school of folk music, here in Chicago, your kindness, your joyful enthusiasm… ….all of these gifts you brought to your show are missed now and always will be missed by me. You say you’re still accessible on the air somewhere, but I cannot find you. I would like to know how to hear or see you again. In the meantime, I want you to know how much I miss your show.

    • e.dodds says:

      here here! I continue to miss Steve and Johnnie greatly. I rarely tune in to any radio station anymore and especially not to WGN overnight. If anyone does know where we can find the famous duo to listen to again, PLEASE do share!! Missing them….. jumping josie

  176. jo matlock says:

    Still miss you…sorry I don’t even listen to night time wgn radio since you were taken off…..the intelligence level has taken a nose dive. Don’ know what they were thinking….but I trust that we will hear from you both again….I’m waiting.

  177. Tom Trainor says:

    Miss u guys terribly! This is Tom Trainor from the LaGrange post office- now retired we met at a Garth brooks once along time ago

    • Hey Tom! Great to hear from you! We remember meeting you and what a great concert that was. We’ve often talked about how Garth was the only person we’ve ever seen take a stadium filled with thousands of screaming fans and make it seem like an intimate concert. If we recall correctly, he made sure the seats were priced so any of his fans could afford tickets. Here’s hoping you and your family are doing well and staying safe.

      • Tom Trainor says:

        Hi guys! R u guys still on the air somewhere? Maybe ur still in Panama Beach. I retired in April & had triple by/pass in august Johnnie r ur folks still with us? I believe they were at the GB concert

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