And then there was one …

Now, whatever will we talk about on the show tonight?


About steveandjohnnie

Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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6 Responses to And then there was one …

  1. Patt says:

    How about where we can tune in to listen to you after this week?

  2. Jeanna says:

    I tear up every time I think of you not being there. I came to this area in 1989 from the small Illinois town of McLean, Population 350 and landed in Naperville at that time (Now in Joilet). I did not like it here but this is where my job was. I was so unhappy. Then I found WGN… My heart lifted. Being a loner ,you all became my friends. And slowly one by one (I’m crying now) you… my friends have left the station for one reason or another. But this… you two… leaving, it’s just the hardest. I work rotating shift rotating days off. You are always there for me. I have never called or anything… but I listened every chance I got because … I’m still a loner and you are my friends. (I’m still crying). I love you guys and this is just so hard when life is already heard enough. I really don’t understand Why you have to leave. I can not believe That you are not the most popular all night show in Chiocago. I just believe it is another big company making a stupid decision. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!!

  3. Izzy says:

    You made us laugh when we thought we were too tired.
    You made us thoughtful when we did’nt think it mattered.
    You spoke to us with intelligence about music and cars and computers and more.
    You cared to know us.
    You cared about what you said and you said it all with love.
    We will continue to count you as Blessings in our lives.
    ❤ Izzy

  4. Lori F. says:

    Hi Steve and Johnnie

    I have been thinking about you both all day today. I hope you will let your fans know how your doing and where we can here you again. If there is some way we could watch you on the internet when you get on the music show with your friends let us know. I just can’t get my brain around that I no longer will be able to tune you in when I can’t sleep. If you ever get on another radio talk show let us know. So I plan to listen to your final show tonight, I will be sad and I may even shed a tear. I guess I just plan hate change when i really like something and I really like you guys. Good Luck and God bless the both of you. ( Till we meet again)


  5. Peggy Rauhut says:

    Will you be as giddy at last night? Really enjoyed laughing along with you but missing you already!!!

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