Our final hour Friday morning will be televised … partly

So, as if our final hour on WGN radio won’t be emotional enough, let’s bring in a TV crew to make it even more fun!!!
Seriously, we’re honored that Dean Richards will join us for a WGN-TV simulcast of part of our final 4 AM hour.

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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." http://alittlemoreles.com You'll find even more about us at http://www.steveandjohnnie.com/
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13 Responses to Our final hour Friday morning will be televised … partly

  1. carol abbinanti says:

    steve & johnnie I will miss listening to your informative and exciting midnight broadcast. I would like to follow your adventures. will you have a websight? The best to you both.

  2. Lynne Radville says:

    Steve and Johnnie………..I sent you a text the other night and received a prompt reply. As I have been listening since, I feel as if part of my family is leaving. While talking with Leslie one afternoon, we both concurred that the WGN family is not just the people on that side of the microphone, but also, the fans and listeners. I know I spend more time listening to WGN than conversing with my own family, due to the nature of my job. (truck driver) Words cannot convey what you both have meant to me. Also, Dan is just wonderful. Hope we meet up again. May God bless the road you take….take care


  3. Glenn says:

    I (along with many others) will miss Steve & Johnnie on our morning drive to work. I get the impression that you were asked to leave so the station could bring in a lower cost host. What a shame to be pushed out for a better profit margin!! You two are a great duo! Best Wishes to you in your new adventures.

  4. Vicki says:

    Everyone is thinking about you guys tonight, Steve and Johnnie, sending you positive energy and well wishes. Break a leg!

    No one really understands why you are leaving, yet we love you and will miss you! You and your show mean so much to so many people; you have no idea because you don’t know about all the people who never called in or wrote before. Hearing you late at night has always meant that everything is O.K. in the world…no matter how the day went. And you are wonderful purveyors of the best of American culture, to boot.

    Do you know about Blog Talk radio? If not, you should google it. You can have a free internet radio show next Sunday night if you want, in addition to your blogs, twitter and facebook. It would be a great way to talk directly with your fans in real time until you potentially end up at another large media or broadcast venue. (I would even break down and get satellite radio if you make a move to that realm, by the way.)

    You have created and sustained here in Chicago the best radio show on the planet, ever, bar none. So thoughtful, creative, unique, purposeful, diverse, fun, and I would even say magical! I have loved every second of every soundwave of it. Until we meet again…

  5. mlballhawk says:

    Every night your show comes on I sing a long with the opening song. Tonight I got about halfway through the first line and the tears started flowing. It is amazing how you guys have touched the lives of so many of us. I shared with you my moms story the other night and you read it on the iar. She heard it and cried, but smiled and said “Yes they did help me through!”

    Tonight I can say with most of your other listeners you are going to be in a lot of trouble! TROUBLE?? Why ….. well you will be responsible for a heck of a lot of people being very very very tired at work tomorrow!

    We are going to miss you guys! We Love You!

    Good luck and GOD BLESS!!

  6. Ray says:

    Thank you.
    Such a small phrase for two people that have been a part of my life since I discovered WGN after moving to the area because of a layoff in New Hampshire in 1994.
    Because of my odd hours and commute time, you guys have ridden to work with me every morning for the past 17 years.
    I will miss your voices as I drive the hour and a half every morning.
    God bless you and yours and my best to you.
    It doesn’t say enough but it comes from the heart,
    Thank You!


    i will miss you! When we have discussions at the office and home and i can answer so much with “steve and johnnie said” I won’t be able to do that now. You have taught me so much. I am listening with tears in my eyes getting ready for work. My clock goes off at 2:00 am. I am with you until i reach work at 5:00 am. I have your “.com” as one of my favorites and look forward to checking in. I am happy for you but sad for all your listeners. Best wishes

  8. Ray C says:

    Time of my life… how appropriate.

  9. Bill Parker says:

    Happy Trails to you both. Have enjoyed you guys for an hour or two over the past years, ever since WCCO dumped my favorite morning guy a few years ago. Just loved his stories and interviews. Like you said, most radio stations just end the show with no warning whatsoever.

    Will miss you both, not only for the stories, but the information about guitars but the people who play them. I can’t carry a tune, not only does my bucket have a hole in it, the handle is broke also.
    Best wishes in the future. Will be reading your blogs, etc.

    Defiance, Ohio

  10. Marjorie Lock says:

    Johnnie and Steve,
    I’ve lived in the Chicago area all of my life. WGN was my parent’s station and became mine. However, I did listen to Steve when he was on WLS (I remember the show he did the day Elvis died!)
    Having you both in the background for the past 26 years has been wonderful. I didn’t hear every minute because I’m not a night person, but when there were sleepless nights and early mornings, you were there.

    Thank you for being part of the family. You will be missed.

  11. Scott Petersen says:

    Hi S&J,
    Thank you for all the year’s. I have listen from day one. You have got me threw a lot of sleepless night’s. I’m a Fireman in Milwaukee and when it was time to hit my bunk listen to you in my headphones. On many night as I get up to go on a call you where there for me when I returned to easy me back into calmness.
    When offduty at night I’d do the same listen to you as I was in bed. My wife at work at the hospital 3rd shift. So again you where there for me.
    I will miss the both of you,
    Thank you both for being a part of my life. Good luck and god bless you..

  12. Mark in Huntley says:

    I will miss you two profoundly. Every night since 1993, I have listened to my radio buddies, Steve and Johnnie. I remember so much. Pumpkin Fest at Gobberts Farm, The start of Web site Wednesday with Don Crab, and oh, so much more.

    I remember the night my first child was born, I was at work listening to you two, of course, when my wife called me, telling me that this is it, come home now, we’re having a baby tonight! Through the radio, you two stayed with my wife and myself that whole night, and brought our beautiful child into the world. You kept us calm, you were there for us that night and so many more late nights throughout the years. In good times, and in bad, but you were always there for us, all of us listening fans, always!

    You two have touched so many of us in ways that are incredible, going well beyond radio personalities. I remember back in 199…Something, I called WGN during the day and asked the operator for your voice mail. Of course, I was way to afraid to call in on Web Site Wednesday night, so I was leaving you a message with a question about an EPSON printer. I left a voice mail thinking you’d address in on the next show, if I was lucky. Unbelievable to me is that you actual called me back at my house and left me a detailed message about that printer and your opinions of it, I was floored, shocked that you actually called me back. Wow! Double wow!

    I remember another time about 2 years ago I emailed you two about the best route to drive my family to Florida for vacation. And yet again, you two responded with a detailed route and even places to stop for good food and the cleanest washrooms along the way. I tell you that is incredible!

    You see, your not only voices on the radio, but friends to us, your listeners. You were special, very special, and with a tear in my eye, but a happy tear, I say Thank you for being our radio friends for so many years. Chicago, 38 states, and Canada are a little sad today. You will be greatly missed. Please come back soon, we need you.

    Mark in Huntley

    P.S. A Selfish and not so subliminal message to Steve and Johnnie. Have you considered a weekly, or daily Podcast, something to fill the big void in our lives, your fans. We really need you guys! I hope to hear you again soon, somewhere!!!

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