The Day (Night?) After …

It’s Friday evening as we write this.  We just got up and, after last night’s show and the studio and office clean up after, we feel like we’ve just finished running a marathon.

We’ll be posting a lot more here but, for the moment, we just wanted to, again, say “thank you.”  As you’ll see if you click here, we got by with a little help from our friends.

Now, where’s the coffee?


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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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6 Responses to The Day (Night?) After …

  1. Peggy Rauhut says:

    Coffee helps; chocolate helps even more!
    Thank you for so many nights!

  2. Judy byron says:

    Steve and Johnnie!!!! You have kept us up nights but always delightfully. We would often comment on your show on our radio show the next morning. We often planned to call you both for an interview but time has a way of getting away and we semi-retired last summer after 13 years of owning and doing a talk show

    together. Many of our listeners likened us to you so that is how we learned of you and listened when we could. It is amazing how much we are alike in programming and interviewing. We still sub, do spots and sell advertising. My Tom is writing a book about showing horses, another adventure and interest. Where will you all go—what will you do and would you like to do an interview sometime? We certainly wish you the very Best and will keep you in our thoughts. Now that I can sleep late—you will not be there to entertain me. Judy Byron—Tom and Judy’s Mid-mornings on Main, WMST Radio, Gateway Radio Works, Mount Stering, KY

  3. Sharon Santourian-Holman says:

    Oh it’s over…..Thank you for everything you both brought us! I just went to itunes to download the last pod casts and POOF! Right in the middle everything disappeared!! All gone! Now…sadly I cannot even plug in my ipod to the PC to charge it because it will take them all away!!! I will have to get a a/c charger so I can at least listen to rest. That wasn’t expected.
    Miss you.

  4. JoEllia "Jo" Sword says:

    As a former paper packer I was with you two for years. I remember when Johnnie did your show over the phone getting ready for Uncle Bobby’s show, what a treat it was when Johnnie finally got her own mic. And I still laugh when I think of the time she reached into her boot to scratch and got her ring caught inside the boot LOL I haven’t been with you as much lately over the lats 3 years but I always have WGN on in my Blazer…. I will miss you both! Spike left on my Birthday and you just before my birthday this don’t make for a happy month 😦 Love you both!

  5. howard says:

    Just thinking about you both. The hardest things about loosing a job for what ever reason, is the realization that their is no work to get ready for right now, when ever that time is. The other thing is that your work and the people go on with out you, and as nice as they try to be, you aren’t in the loop in the same way. I think of all of the newly unemployed people you comforted, and I hope the healing you gave to others is returned in full to you.

  6. JudyM says:

    It is so hard to get through the night without listening to your show. So many diverse topics. Some serious, many fun, lots informative. Can’t find anything else like that. Just insomnia!!

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