The Week Went By So Fast

Some things, like weddings and final weeks on the radio, go by so fast you hardly have time to take a breath and savor the moments.  Fortunately, today we have the technology that allows us to go back, take a look and say “Oh, so that’s what it was like.”

Case in point, this link to our Friday morning simulcast with Dean Richards on WGN-TV.

Dean is a good friend who was nice enough to get up even earlier than usual to join us.

Thanks Dean.


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7 Responses to The Week Went By So Fast

  1. Ellen says:

    It is still hard for me to believe that I won’t get to hear Steve and Johnnie on Sunday night as I prepare to start another week. This is all so sad, especially that it happened during December prior to my birthday and the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. My brother and I religiously listened to the show and it certainly has been an important part of my life all these many years. May the good Lord bless you both for all the good things you have done and for being my radio friends indeed.

  2. Keith Lee says:

    I have been a listened to your show from the beginning (all 26 years)! I drive a semi overnight, and you guys were my beacon. I knew what time it was without looking at the clock just by what was going on the show. The last half hour of the last show i had a hard time keeping the semi between the white lines due to the tears in my eyes! If WGN forced you out let me say it is the biggest mistake since the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees or the Portland Trailblazers picked Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan. I know you will bounce back and I’ll be looking for you! God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  3. Michael Brose says:

    I got up early to watch the simulcast on the ‘puter. It was nice seeing the voices on the radio. You guys will be missed. Keep us posted on your future activities. I don’t have cable or satellite TV (What’s wrong with me?), but I can get RFD on the ‘puter. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet. Are you leaving the Chicago area? You said that your TV show would be taped in Nashville.
    God Speed and full sails ahead.


  4. William Kosinar says:

    Thank You, Steve and Johnnie,

    You got us home safely at night,

    Kept us all company through trying times.

    Helped us all find Grace, Solace and Joy with your personalities and your guests.

    Made us Smile.

    Informed, educated and foremost….Entertained.

    You lifted our Spirits.

    Steve and Johnnie truly represented WGN Radio. “WE” invited you into our homes, were welcomed guests and we all became a family, a community, a better place.

    I am a third generation WGN listener, Grandma had the old tube radio on top of the ice-box. There was only ONE station on ‘her radio’.

    Thank you for over 20 years of being our friends. Enjoy your well deserved Retirement. You are so well loved and missed.

  5. Vicki says:

    I second what William said, except that they said they are not retiring, so maybe, “Steve and Johnnie, enjoy your break.” I also want to say that I wish I had discovered the program even before I did, knowing that I missed so many years of fabulous entertainment. And I am missing looking forward to it tonight, this Sunday, for the first time.

    Guys, I kept the radio on just a little bit louder Thursday night/Friday morning so as not to miss one moment of your final show. It was great. I even got up to catch the televised segment with Dean Richards. The entire show flew by in the blink of an eye!

    Here’s hoping you both are somewhat rested from the recent marathon and are getting some good R&R in!

  6. Paul says:

    OK ok ok…… Its the 14th. How are you guys adjusting to sleeping at night?

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