So Much Catching Up To Do

So … where do we begin?  As you know, it’s been more than a little while since we’ve posted anything here.  One possible reason is that it’s faster to post a quick update on Facebook or Twitter or our Yahoo Group.  Another, and possibly more accurate, reason is that this blog has always felt a little more personal to us and since, as you know, we’ve been through a few professional and, more importantly, personal changes over the past months, some things, like the loss of a family member, take more than a little time to adjust to and feel anything even remotely close to “comfortable” talking about.

We’ve been splitting most of our time between Chicago and Panama City Beach, Fl., with regular stops in Nashville and one very special short trip to New York for Steve’s brother’s wedding to his long-time partner.  During a time of change in our lives, that trip was one of the really positive personal changes that we were incredibly proud to be a part of.

Not surprisingly, another personal change that we’re still working on is the loss of Johnnie’s Mom.  Anyone who has been through that kind of loss will understand if we say that each day the two of us and Johnnie’s Dad still feel Joyce’s presence and have the feeling that she’s helping us navigate these uncharted waters.  All of the support we’ve received from our family and friends and those of you who have been nice enough to contact us has really meant a lot.  Thank you.

Yes, we’re working on some projects, but a lot of our time has been spent adjusting to what our new “normal” is.  Hopefully, in a year or so, we’ll be able to figure out just what that new “normal” is but, for now, we’re just taking things day by day and figuring out what feels right.

Do we miss our daily (nightly:-) interaction with you?  Of course!  On the flip side, are we enjoying the new found freedom of being able to pick and choose the things we want to do when we want to do them?  Mmmmm …. YUP!!

For many years we said, as many of you probably have, “Y’know, SOMEDAY we’re going to ….”  Well, SOMEDAY is here and our game plan is to make the most of it.  Part of that game plan includes carving out time for both some “work-related” projects and some “play-related” projects.

So, is the TV show with Doyle Dykes still in the works?  Yep, although, because of the high quality production that Doyle wants to bring to it and the logistics of planning a show that will be seen in both the U.S. and Europe it’s still going to be a while before it comes to a TV screen near you.  Also, Doyle has recently joined the Fender/Guild guitar family and has been spending some time at the Guild factory working on a new signature model guitar. The bottom line is that the show IS going to happen and it’s going to be REALLY good when it does.

What about Johnnie’s cook books?  Yep, two of them are in the works along with a book we’re doing on Les Paul and a book on some of the people, places and events that we experienced during the years we were living our “Life After Dark.”  Oh, and did we mention that Steve is writing some new songs for that long-overdue album?

This is the point where we insert the point that we don’t want to put so many things on the burner that nothing gets done.  So far, as the Muse has moved us, we’ve been able to allocate time and space for these projects that were on our back-burner for a long time and make sure we still leave some space for play time.  Hey, for years we lived life on both sides of the clock so, for us, this kind of time/space juggling is nothing new.

Some other updates?  Sure.

We’ve been long-standing members of the Midwest Automotive Media Association and, for years, our Radio Road Test was a weekly feature of our show.  We’re continuing our relationship with MAMA and, thanks to our friends at Consumer Guide, within the next few weeks, we’re bringing our VIDEO Road Test to Consumer Guide Automotive’s new Daily Drive website.  Just this week, we spent two days attending the MAMA Spring Road Rally and experienced driving some of the new cars around the Road America track.  Trust us, driving a new car around that track at speeds that would quickly get your license suspended IS what it’s cracked up to be.  Ooops, was “cracked up” the wrong phrase to use?  Oh well, we didn’t and it was fun and we look forward to sharing our thoughts in our Video Road Tests.

Also, this week, we spent some time at Jim Peterik‘s World Stage Studio doing a video profile of Lisa McClowry and Jim for Lisa’s new CD, “Lisa McClowry Sings Acoustic Alchemy.”  We’ll let you know when and where you can see the video and when Lisa’s CD is available.

Yes, there’s more, but that’s what future blog posts were meant for and, yes, we plan to do them on a MUCH more regular basis.  But, as a friend said, “Take some time to smell the roses.”  So, we’re going to back away from this computer and take a little time to do just that.

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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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33 Responses to So Much Catching Up To Do

  1. Peter (Decatur) says:

    Wow! You guys where me out just reading this. I wish I had one-tenth the energy, drive, ambition you two have.
    Keep on smellin’ them roses.

  2. Debbie Jo McCorkle says:

    So sorry to hear about your mom, Johnnie. I know how hard it is, so I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    I really miss you guys, but I’m happy you’re getting to do those things you always wanted to but never had the time. Enjoy yourself!

  3. sawyerspeaks says:

    Thank you both for this update. Miss your voices, but so glad to hear you are finding peace after your loss, and finding an exciting new path in life.
    Jeff S.

  4. So very sorry to hear that Johnnie’s Mom has passed on. May she R.I.P. as God Blesses her soul. But I am happy that you and Johnnie are able to accomplish other things now that you don’t spend your nights on the radio. Although I do miss you both. And please… do take the time to smell the roses….. ’cause if you don’t do it now, when will you? My best to both of you and I hope you are able to accomplish all that will make you happy. Regards, Patricia

  5. Linda Sue says:

    WOW! What a post! Thank you for the update and thank you for keeping in touch with your ifamily. Just one thing (ok- two things) that I wish is on your list of things to do is to get Ronnie Rice in a studio for It’s a Long Long Time and to get a podcast of S&J talking to Fran Tate.
    I am so happy for you two that you too are having fun.

  6. mediawally says:

    Thanks for the update. People at my church often ask. And also always pass on best wishes. They always felt a part of your extended family. (When you had me on, that was just a bonus!)

  7. Ronda Cress says:

    Sounds like you two are more busy then ever! Hope your having fun. Always in my prayers God bless.

  8. Joan M. Stockhoff says:

    Steve and Johnnie: Welcome Back!!!! I of all people understand how much the death of a parent or parents (as in my case – I lost both of my parents within the space of five months) knocks your reality. My dad died in March of 2006 and I was just starting to get used to him being gone, when my mom died in August of 2006. No one can prepare you for the death of one or two of the most important people in your life and the only people that you have known all of your life. It shakes you to the very core. You are right you have to come out of this experience with a new way of looking at life or as you call it “a new normal”. Even after six years I am still trying to adjust to them being gone, mainly because I have two brothers and one of them is in a nursing home with MS. We (my other brother and I were left without some very basic information about my brother with MS, because my dad always wanted to take care of things himself, so to this day, my other brother and I are constantly trying to figure out how to help Bob in the nursing home.

    i was thinking of Johnnie on Mother’s Day, it was the very first without my mom. Johnnie, since your mom designed Greeting Cards you know how much time can go into just designing one caad. To this day, I miss designing cards for my parents, especially my dad’ s for Father’s day, he thought of himself as the world’s biggest Irishman, because truly he was half Irish. But, every card that I designed for him had to have something Irish on it or in it. In either case, I truly feel like one of the priests that I knew said at a wake many years ago: “When someone dies, it leaves a hole in your heart and it never seems to close.” I totally agree with that.

    Congratulations to your brother and his partner!!! I hope that they are happy and well.

    You can tell my muse has moved me too!!! I can hardly wait for the cookbooks and the “Life After Dark” book to come out.

    I am truly glad that you are taking time to take care of yourselves and Johnnie’s dad. After working the shift that you did for so many years. It must be amazing to live a normal life again. Yes, please take time to smell the roses and enjoying yourselves, it is about time.

    I cannot tell you how much it means to me to hear from the both of you again!!!

    I hope that you and your family witl have a peaceful holiday!!!


  9. ceil obrien says:

    I am so happy to “hear” from both of you. You always kept me company while I worked the overnight shift. When you left the station, I felt like I’d lost a couple of really great friends. To be able to “bee in touch again” is wonderful. Sounds like you are keeping busy and enjoying life. I had my brother, who was one of my best friends, die on Dec. 23 2011 and I know how the grieving process takes time. I’ll continue to keep you both in my prayers and hope to keep up with you via the computer. Thanks for all the years of wonderful company.

  10. Gayle says:

    Thanks for update. I totally understand how the loss of johnnie’s mom affected u. I lost my mom, who was my best friend, 5 years ago and it still seems like yesterday. I keep waiting for the pain to lessen. On a happier note I am sooooo glad you all are doing well and things are working out for you. Can’t wait for your future updates!! Take care and tell Johnnie’s dad all of us think of him as well. And Steve congratulations to your brother and his partner! Gayle

  11. Carol Brown says:

    Thank you so much for sending your update on e-mail. I love you both and miss you terribly. Nights are not the same without you. May God surround you with peace. And have fun in all you do!!

  12. Marc says:

    Johnnie, I certainly hope that your sense of smell has never deserted you again, as I know that desserts and other dishes give you and Steve joy even un cooking them up. Will the culinary pursuits require acupuncture treatments for the rest of your life, or will there be permanence at some point (no longer needing the points)? Best wishes! ~ Marc

  13. msharon santourian holman says:

    What a great update! I look forward to buying an autographed copy of the dark side book!:). Yes, we still miss you both tremendously. Road America!!! I’m going to drive that track someday. Looking forward to those videos! Hugs…

  14. Arlene Clem says:

    I wrote you a l o n g time ago, about remembering you, Steve, on WLTH, or whatever, in Gary, IN, I was in Glen Park at the time. Alot of yrs. have gone by; I’m now in Portge IN, burrying 2 husbands with 11 1/2 yrs in-between to raise my girls myselt, but you and your Johnny have always been there with me. Always on the radio; now in my heart. So nice to hear from you. I wish you the best getting thru. (You can buy anything on earth – but not TIME). And that’s what you will find will heal – but never forget.

  15. Pat says:

    Really miss you two on the radio. There is just no replacing you. I am glad to see you posting and having fun with all your projects and taking advantage of fun things. Keep us up on all that you do. I think you two are great. Isn’t it interesting how busy you are now? Enjoy every moment.

  16. Karen James says:

    Great to hear what’s going on in your lives. Miss hearing you every morning when I wake up at 4am. I’m so happy you are taking the time to “smell the roses”, and look forward to hearing more of the great things you have going on in the coming months. Blessings for a summer filled with health and happiness!

  17. Wendy Koziol says:

    Great to hear from you. I still miss your voices at night. On the other hand, I’m glad you can finally work on your books and music. Can we have a Meet and Greet at Super Dog in the future?
    I’m sure we will over run the place with all your “Old Listeners”? Take care! Wendy

  18. CAS POLIZZI says:


  19. Carol says:

    So thrilled to read your update. Knew about your mom, Johnnie and understand it takes forever to adjust to loss of a parent even when you know it is coming. Would REALLY like to have an update on Fran and Bob Young. Loved listening to you converse with both of them and last I heard, Fran was having some medical problems and so was Bob. Have his Christmas In Chicago on my computer and today some Christmas weather would feel really good. The Indy race is about to begin in a couple hours and my therm. says it is already 105 in the sun. I live about 35 miles from the track. Really miss you guys but you deserve some “Bucket” time. WGN is not the same and, sorry to say, I hardley listen anymore. Changed too much for me. Take care and love to the 3 of you….Dad included. Congrats to your brother, Steve. Am sure he and his partner aare very happy. xoxo

  20. Mimi says:

    Glad to hear things are working out for all of you. Really miss the nights listening to you. WGN’s loss. Don’t use that station any longer.

  21. Shirley says:

    Miss your voices during the night. Especially when I can’t sleep.

  22. judy says:

    So happy that you are doing the things that you want to do. I really don’t listen to the night show anymore. Nothing good there. Nights are not the same. Enjoy all of your time, sounds like things are moving forward for you both. Can’t wait for the books and am looking forward to the videos too.

  23. lynda obremski says:

    sohappy to hear from you. nights are not the same anymore. we’re going to see lisa. she is doing a concert in bolingbrrok in august. can’t wait. keep enjoying your new found time. you deserve it even though i miss your voices. i have been preparing for retirement with knotting and crocheting american girl and barbie clothes. my 2nd childhood. happy summer. lynda

  24. Ray Vegter says:

    Glad to hear you folks are enjoying the “Life in the Light”. Can’t wait for the cookbooks and music from the two people that kept me company for so many years while I was plowing snow at Oak Brook Center.

  25. Anthony Brown says:

    Thanks so much for the update. You will never know how very much you are missed! Very excited about your future plans and looking forward to more updates. We will be first in line to buy your books, etc. Tony & Pam

  26. Ginny says:

    so nice to get your update. We miss you and your Life after Dark. Looking forward to seeing you and Doyle on TV. Ginny & Ike

  27. jumping josie says:

    hi Steve and Johnnie….Johnnie and Steve…. Thanks for the update on your life and times. I am so sorry to learn of your Mother’s passing, Johnnie, and want to convey deepest sympathy. It’s a long road to getting accustomed to this kind of loss….but it sounds like your memories are a great help. I miss you both on all night RADD-DIO WGN. I’ve tried to listen to the new crew but so far I’m not able to stay tuned in….or turned on. Kind of hoping by some stroke of magic to hear your voices wafting over the air some night soon when I try dialing up WGN again. Anyway….have fun with the new found freedom and projects …. continuing the great creativity. And thanks again for the update… Tis always nice to hear how things are progressing for you. Jumpin’ Josie

  28. bob elling says:

    Could you try to update on new music that you experience, I miss that on mondays .

    • Funny you should mention that. Our love of music in all forms combined with the joy of discovering new artists and sharing that discovery with you are some of the things that are absolutely going to continue to be a part of our lives. At the moment, we’re just not sure what form it’s going to take. We have several options and we’re sifting through all of them to see what feels right. Maybe online or maybe something else. It’s one of the things we regularly talk about. Stay tuned.

  29. Sue Ellen Stewart says:

    Glad to hear that you are working through things. The loss of someone takes more time than you can imagine but she is guiding you. I’m so excited about all the things you are working on!!!! Can hardly wait to see the cookbooks, etc. Thanks for the update!!
    Sue Ellen

  30. cw says:

    SK & JP,
    sorry if my email was harsh, but just didn’t know what else to do or how else bring up the matter to
    your attention. Thanks for your post.
    how about that great idea that someone posted ” STEVE & JOHNNIE TRIP TO NASHVILLE”, you guys pick the date and concert and as happy fools will find a way to get there, wouldn’t that be cool!! not my idea so kudos to the gentleman that posted the idea in Facebook.
    love and I dont miss you anymore…..yeah right!!!

    • You have nothing to worry about, CW. Yes, we got your E-mail. No, we didn’t think it was harsh and, in fact, it really didn’t have anything to do with the timing of our post. In fact, as we said in our post, “some things, like the loss of a family member, take more than a little time to adjust to and feel anything even remotely close to “comfortable” talking about.” We’ve been spending our time adjusting to the changes we’ve been through and doing what feels right when it feels right to to it. In this case, it felt right and it was time.

  31. Barb says:

    HI Steve and Johnnie, I still miss you very much, Thank you for the updates. God Bless you, hope all will continue to go good for you. Barb

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