Lisa McClowry’s new CD and a “fly on the wall” moment!

We said we’d let you know when Lisa McClowry‘s new CD, “Lisa McClowry Sings Acoustic Alchemy,” was available.  Well, this Tuesday, June 5th, was the official release day.  You can get a copy by clicking on the link to Lisa’s web site.

If you’ve been hanging out with us long enough to have heard any of Lisa’s extraordinary performances on our show then, you know what an incredible talent she is.  You also heard her sing our “Life After Dark” theme at the start of many shows.  As we mentioned in a previous post, Lisa’s “partner in crime” on her new album was Jim Peterik and, as usually happens when a REAL talent meets a REAL talent, the results are … something special.

We spent much of Tuesday at Jim’s “Lennon’s Den” recording studio with Jim, Lisa and some “A-Team” musicians who were tracking parts for a beautiful song called “Raining Through The Trees.”  Jim and Lisa co-wrote the song with Bryan Lubeck and it will be on his upcoming album.

This session was our first time to meet Bryan.  He’s an exceptionally talented singer/guitarist.  Listening to Bryan play some very tasteful guitar along with Lisa’s vocal was a wonderful “fly on the wall” moment.  For a lot of years in the WGN Radio studios we often said we had the best seats in the house for some pretty special performances.  We had that same feeling at this session.  Thank you  to Jim, Lisa, Bryan and all of the talented musicians who were at the studio for letting us witness the magic you were creating.

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2 Responses to Lisa McClowry’s new CD and a “fly on the wall” moment!

  1. kathy says:

    Will get the album next nice to see your blog..can hear your voices as I read two need to do this a LOT more often! And Lisa ROCKS!!!

  2. Bob Modaff says:

    Went to see Lisa preform at Julian’s Piano Bar in Aurora. It was such a delight to see her sing and talk with her. I was able pickup the new CD & Beautiful Mess T-shirt. She told me of her up coming CD release concert on July 21 at Montrose Room Intercontinental Hotel in Rosemont Il . I got my ticket can’t wait! I highly recommend Lisa’ McClowry sing Acoustic Alchemy Truely Yours Bob Modaff

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