Following Isaac

As many of you know, we spend a fair amount of time in Panama City Beach, Fl.  It’s been our vacation home since before we were married when we used to visit Steve’s Dad and spend as much time as possible checking out “the world’s most beautiful beaches.”  By the way, Steve’s Dad came up with that phrase when he was the City Clerk of Panama City Beach.

As we write this, we’re hearing from many of you who, as we are, are watching the reports of Isaac and following his track which, if the current forecast holds, looks like it could include Panama City Beach.  Also possible is Isaac’s development into a category 2 hurricane.

At the moment, we’re up north, but we’re keeping a close eye on Isaac, crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.  For those of you who are interested, we thought we’d share a few of the Panama City Beach web cam sites we’ll be checking out as we follow Isaac’s progress.

To view them, just click on the name link.

Schooners Sunset Cam

Schooners Beach Cam

Seahaven Beach Cam

Chateau Motel Cam

Hathaway Bridge  (This is the bridge that separates Panama City Beach from Panama City.  Yes, they really are two different entities.  Panama City Beach is on the West side and Panama City is on the East side.  Now, if only the Weather Channel and some national media types would figure that out.)

Of course, depending on Isaac’s severity, don’t be surprised if one or more of the web cams are not operating.

Finally, here’s a link to a page that put up to track Isaac and how it will impact the area.

As we said, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.  We hope you will, too.

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11 Responses to Following Isaac

  1. Dennis says:

    Hope you guys have some neighbors that can do the boardup it it’s needed down there. I like Florida but it’s weather like this that keeps me up north.

  2. Ken and Bonnie Bloom says:

    Steve and Johnnie: We’ll be watching along with you both! We cherish our time in PCB!
    Ken and Bonnie Bloom
    (Weil Cadillac)

  3. Mark Diehl says:

    Good luck with your house. When I heard that the hurricane was heading for the pan handle I told my wife “Steve and Johnny have a house there.” You guys don’t know me but you kept me entertained and in good company at night for many years in my home here in Cincinnati listening on my CCrane radio! I’ve never been to PCB but have enjoyed your pictures and videos from there. I have been to Siesta Key near Sarasota many times. Best wishes to you both and I’ll be following Issac with the links you posted.

  4. Carlos says:

    well well well, are you sure you are not at the famous bundocks? while you really should be using
    a little bit of duck tape acros the windows just in case? of course just kiddinn! all those links are very neat and a cool way to view mother natures beauty, I hope to take my piggies(lol) out that way in the near future and let all that pristine sand them. oh yeah still cant get use to having to sleep 7 hours straight, I am no longer a night owl ever since your golden voices left the airwaves of the windy city and beyond. Thanks for your recent postings, at least that way you allow us a little glimpse into what ever it is you all are doing. May the good Lord continue to bless you and keep you safe and witty. Love you both!
    your C.W. for ever
    btw, pls let me know how I can get to you some ” BACON FLAVOR CRICKETS” for real no foolin!

  5. Tony Sibilla says:

    You know Julie and I are certainly hoping for a good outcome on all of this for you folks and everyone on the Keys and up the West Coast of FLA.

    • Thanks Tony, we appreciate it. For anyone who doesn’t know, Tony is “Gotham” Tony who became a part of our extended family while he was working as one of our engineers at WGN. He is also an incredible cook. He makes the DEFINITIVE Eggplant Parmisian. Unfortunately, he’s still a fan of the Yankees.:-)

  6. fredbuehn says:

    Thanks for being there with us thru the years. You dont realize thru thick and thin through years you were with us in the middle of the night. Also when things got ruff for you we said some prayers for you some made thru and some did not but that way life goes at times.

  7. Susan Budd says:

    I miss you guys so much. I have had to go to listening to audiobooks. Midnight is just not the same without you. You made my insomnia worth it.

  8. Irishman says:

    Hi guys, maybe you can help me out..
    Myself and about 20 of my friends are travelling to the east coast of the USA this summer on a J1 work visa for three months. We are all Irish and between the ages of 19 and 20. Wondering if Panama City Beach would be a good place to go to, with regard to availability of part time work, the expense/availability of accommodation as well as living expenses. Also, whether or not there would be others of our age range living in proximity and whether there are many Irish visitors at all.(and if drinking would be a big issue :/ )
    Thanks so much for your help in advance!

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