Some Halloween Treats

As we get closer to Halloween, we’ve been hearing from many of you asking about some of the Halloween “treats” that were a part of our show for many years.

One is the Halloween poem which, in one form or another, we’ve been presenting on radio and the Internet for about 35 years.  If you’re having some young children over for Halloween, just get them in a dark room and read them this story of a young man who went to school to learn to be a first-class ghoul.  As you’re reading the story, in the dim light, you pass out items that are supposed to be body parts.  Johnnie has put together a list of things you can use to simulate the body parts.  To make the story even scarier, you can download Steve’s voice reading the poem.  Even in this high-tech world, each year, we hear from a lot of people telling stories of the fun they had with the kids and this old school Halloween poem.  Hopefully, you’ll be one of them.

Here’s the link to the Halloween Poem.

Another of our Halloween “treats” was our annual visit from Chicago’s Ghost Hunter, Richard Crowe.  His wonderful stories of investigating things that go bump in the night, most notably “Resurrection Mary,” became a, highly anticipated, tradition.  Unfortunately, we lost Richard a few months ago.  However, we know Richard and his family would appreciate if we responded to your requests and “dug up” our last Halloween visit with Chicago’s Ghost Hunter.

So, turn out the lights and click on this link to hear our conversation with Richard Crowe.  Be patient because the link may take a little time to load but, trust us, Richard will appear.

Our thanks to Dave Marzullo and the friendly “spirits” at WGN Radio who helped us make these treats available to you.

Happy Halloween!


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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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2 Responses to Some Halloween Treats

  1. judy says:

    Thanks so much for these Halloween treats. Still find it very hard not to be listening to you at night. Nothing matches the interesting and varied shows that you did. Miss you both and hope you are happy.

  2. Karen Wells says:

    So sad to hear about Richard. I miss you two sooooooooooo much !!!!!!

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