One Year … Already!?!?!?!

The 9th of December marks one year since our last show on WGN Radio.  On one hand, we’re thinking … “Already!?!?”  On the other, we’re thinking “Wow, what a year of ups, downs and VERY significant changes this has been.”  So, we thought this might be a good time to look back, catch up and share a few random thoughts.

First off, to answer a question we’re frequently asked, “Do we miss being on the air?”  Yes and no.  We absolutely miss our much more regular contact with you and, quite often, we REALLY miss being able to share some of our musical discoveries and talented friends with you.  We’ve got some thoughts on how to remedy the musical discoveries and talented friends part and, if you’ll keep pointing your browser back to this blog now and then,  we’ll share them with you soon.

Many nights, when an important computer-related story would surface, we missed the opportunity of sharing some of our Website Wednesday Night Cybersquad’s expertise with you.  During the election campaign there were nights when we wanted to share some thoughts with you.  On the other hand, there were many election campaign nights when, because of the divisive nature of this campaign,  we were very happy to NOT have to get into a topic we knew would be very hard to discuss without having someone call and try to inject a political harangue from one side or the other.

Even though she’s not physically with us, Johnnie’s Mom’s spirit is present every day helping us make our way through our new “normal.”  Getting used to that new “normal” is a work in progress and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.  For example, it’s taken a while and we’re still learning but, little by little, we’re starting to get the hang of loosing consciousness during the hours when the moon is out.  Although, there are still many nights that find us wide awake, on line, attending a midnight movie premier, meeting friends at a 24 hour restaurant or maybe watching “The Big Bang Theory” reruns.

Speaking of “The Big Bang Theory,” for quite some time, ace producer, Dan Sugrue tried to tell us just how good that show was but, until recently, we never had the time to get into it.  Now, it’s not unusual for us to spend three or four hours doing our best to catch up on what we’ve been missing.  Once again, you were right, Dan.

We’ve learned the value of an afternoon nap, particularly when it doesn’t have to be interrupted for show prep.  Speaking of sleep, we found that one of the benefits of having the option of sleeping at night is that, for the first time in our married life, we didn’t have to try to ignore the sounds of daytime construction as we finally had the time to do some long-planned remodeling on two bathrooms and a kitchen.

More frequent business trips to and through Nashville have made that town more familiar to us and given us a more intimate perspective as we watch the TV series that “Music City” is named after.  Speaking of our trips to Nashville, if all goes well, in 2013, we’ll have an update on some really cool changes involving our friend Doyle Dykes.  In addition to the new Guild Doyle Dykes Signature Model guitar, some exciting new plans are in the works for Doyle’s upcoming TV show.  We’d love to tell you now, but Doyle swore us to secrecy.

We continue to have fun sharing our love of motorized things with wheels with you by making regular contributions to Consumer Guide Automotive’s Daily Drive website.  Most recently, during our stay in Panama City Beach, we had the opportunity to visit the 2012 Emerald Coast Cruizin’ Car Show and share some of the sights and sounds of REALLY cool vintage cars and hot rods we saw.

BTW, during that Panama City Beach trip, we wound up staying longer than we had originally intended when Johnnie had to have gallbladder surgery.  We don’t want this to sound like one of Kathy & Judy’s “Merry Medical Christmas” shows so, suffice it to say, Johnnie has “been there, done that” and is doing a lot better.

As we take stock of some of the significant changes in our life over the past year, we have to say a, heartfelt, “thank you” to you.  Your e-mails, comments on our YouTube page, your Twitter replies, Facebook or Yahoo Group posts, comments about our posts in this blog or whatever form of continuing contact you choose to use really do mean a lot to us.  We’ve always felt that our relationship with you was not one of performers to fans but, rather, friend to friend.  We’ve never taken that friendship lightly.


So, the bottom line of this missive is, while we wouldn’t trade those many years of spending our nights with you and the wonderful relationships we made with you for ANYTHING and while we won’t rule out the possibility of spending a little time in your radio speaker now and then, if you’re getting the feeling that we’re not at all unhappy with life and having the luxury of picking and choosing the projects we want to be involved with and the time of day we want to do them, you’d be on the right track.

December 9, 2012 finds us well, looking forward to the holidays, anticipating some exciting things in 2013 and wishing the same for you.

Steve & Johnnie


About steveandjohnnie

Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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63 Responses to One Year … Already!?!?!?!

  1. Fred Field says:

    I only got to hear the last hour or so of your old show and enjoyed much of it. The same goes for Bill’s show now. His is quite a bit lighter in nature and the laughs wake me up a little better for my 5:30 work start. Saying that, I still miss what you two brought to the table.

  2. Terri says:

    Glad all is wll, we still miss you! Thanks for all the great nights, all the interesting topics and all the good company on those long nights! Merry Christmas!

  3. Rene Hinricher says:

    Missing you on the radio!

  4. Hi Steve and Johnnie – hardly ever listen to radio after midnight anymore, except maybe if Nick’s on. This past week was one for anniversaries; the 2nd was 70 years since Enrico Fermi did his sustained nuclear chain reaction at Stagg Field on UC campus, the 7th was 40 years since the launch of Apollo 17, the last manned lunar landing and the 8th was 150 years since the founding of the Chicago Astronomical Society, of which I am in my sixth term as President. And yes, there will be a year 2013, end of Mayan calendar notwithstanding!

  5. Linda Sue says:

    Excellent post! A great synopsis of an eventful year. A great marker of time. IOW this post is is post in your timeline of life. Your Christmas plans last year were changed so fast but you now had a year of getting ready for this Christmas and I wish it is the best one yet! Even with all the changes that have come and are now past. Have the Merriest Christmas – and may the merriment last!!!

  6. Orlando says:

    Great to “hear” from you guys! You are missed! Glad you have a chance to visit Nashville and perhaps connect “directly” with Spike!!!

  7. Mark Orr says:

    I only hope you know just how much you guys are missed. We All know that you have been through a lot this past year. It is kind of hard to explain, how you can feel so close to someone you only knew from the radio (even though I like many did have a chance to see you from time to time at appearances). There was something about your ability to sound like EVERYONES best friend that made everyone feel good.

    My hope for you is that you guys do what you feel is right for you. As much as we would like to hear you back on the air, please know that you gave so much while you were on the air. While I do not agree with the direction the station is going, we have little control over that.

    May both you and Johnnie have a joyous and Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

    Mark O.

  8. Cynthia Mungerson says:

    You are truly missed b/c you were “family” thru so many nights. It has never been the same! Our condolences for Jonhnie’s mother.

  9. Coralee Hardwick says:

    So glad to see this post. Think about you both a lot along with our other “missing” radio personalities – Spike & Kathy & Judy. Glad to hear you are doing well. So hard to believe it’s been a year already!! Still miss you!!!

  10. Marc says:

    I seem to remember that the philosopher Socrates took up the flute late in his life (or maybe it was Plato). When asked why he would even bother, he just said that he wanted to keep learning and growing! ~ Marc

  11. arole swanson says:

    certainly miss you guys. didnt have a computer when you where on and now that i do, i dont know what i am doing half the time. glad this finds you both well and a very merry christmas to you both. you are in my prayers

  12. Kathy says:

    Merry Christmas to HIM and HER! I miss you SO MUCH. At the time I retired, June 2011, I thought to myself, I now have my WGN friends, Steve and Johnnie to listen to all night long and won’t have to arrive at work at 7:30 a.m all blurry eyed from no sleep anymore. THEN shortly thereafter, the bottom fell out…the news of HIM and HER leaving WGN… OH NO! What a missing! I truly miss you guys…stuffin muffins, Smokey THE Bear, sorry Johnnie…WEEKEND! You played that once for ME. Thank you and I talked with you at Goebberts Pumpkin farm…and I won WGN tickets to a Ravinia tent party where you GAVE my friend and I your tickets to the TOPS for the evening…You guys had and have it ALL! My heartfeld Christmas greetings! Wishing you the best of EVERYTHING for 2013, if the world doesn’t end by then. HA! Kathy

  13. Steve & Johinne My nameis harles Gudgell Paris Hope youboth are ok Since you been off the airI have stop listen to wgn They made a big mistake when they let you go Do you know what theirratings are down Will you be back o the air anyplave soon?Maybe you can do something oncomputer Like I say I miss your What about I think her name is Fran from Alaska
    I want to hear from you thanks
    Charles gudgellParisKy

  14. Wally Taken says:

    I am glad you folks are really enjoying yourself. Guess none of us wanted to see you leave WGN, but guess all things come to an end..both good and bad. I have had some real serious medical condition,but guess I am still alive. Just too much chemo. brain problems now. anyway, do you know what has happen to Mike Di Michele?. When I went to some other stuff comes up.I was following his Wednesday nite presentations from his home. He said he had to stop them temporary because he took a part-time job and he could not get wednesday nite off. Thank-you so much for many years of over night time enjoyment. Have your self lots of FUN, in whatever you do in the future. In other words ENJOY THE FUTURE…It’s really all any of us have left.

    Wally…….I filled in my e-mail below. Here it is again in case it don’t go with the

  15. There are many, many nights when I miss you guys on the air. The late night hours do not need controversy or UFO’s. They need friendly voices that can just be a companion throughout the night keep us informed and keeping us company.

    I wish you both the very best and a very happy holiday season.

  16. Barb Feinsinger says:

    Miss you both so much. I hardly ever listen to WGN anymore. I like Mike McConnell and John Williams and, of course, Nick Digilio. I can even tolerate Garry Meier now, but the dullard on in the morning really did it for me. I hope the station is reading this. If you see Spike, give him my best. I used to listen to him when he was “Spike at the Mike” in Davenport, IA. Wow, I am dating myself. Johnnie, I was thinking of you and your Dad decorating the outside of the house. It brought back fond memories listening to you tell the stories.

  17. Judy M. says:

    Am glad that you are enjoying life and are able to do some of the things you hadn’t previously been able to do. My aunt was your real fan and I knew you through her. She’d have her radio on during the night listening to you to keep her company while she tried to sleep. It was comforting to her to hear your interesting shows. Many times she passed computer-related and other things along to me. Like Johnnie’s Mom, my aunt is no longer with us. She passed away in November and I’m sure the two are getting acquainted in Heaven. Thank you for being part of my aunt’s life.

  18. Peggy Vaughan says:

    People come and go in all of our lives. Some like you, Steve and Johnnie, leave a permanent mark in our hearts. Thank you for keeping in touch. Miss you and would enjoy having you back on the air…I feel not so smart, or interesting without you keeping me up current events in the world. Sleep is highly over rated! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year.

  19. Ruth Cain says:

    We all really miss you both as well as the ” old” regulars… sad to say, it started with uncle Bobby’s passing. We still enjoy hearing Orion, and Nick. Now are losing John, too. Have Spike and you on FB, but would like to see something from Kathy and Judy, too.
    What is up with Fran? Do you keep in touch with her? Those were such fun conversations. Thanks for your update and hope to fin you on the radio again sometime!

  20. Margot says:

    Like everyone else, still missing you two! Your show was always interesting and informative. It’s wonderful that we still hear from you and can keep in touch – making us ‘forever friends’!

  21. gardengirl39 says:

    Steve, thanks so very much for this post. So glad to hear that you and Johnnie are well and happy. May you both continue with good health and much happiness for all that you have given to us as WGN listeners. Merry Christmas and please stay in touch via FB, etc.

  22. lynda obremski says:

    wgn is not the same. miss you two. have a great holiday. we saw jim peterik this summer in bolingbrook with lisa mccloughery. awesome. reminded us of you 2.

  23. Dort Cunnea says:

    Enjoyed your show for years while traveling to work in the early mornings. My shift changed and I did not know you were off the radio. I tried to find you on occasion and never could. Now I understand why. I enjoyed every word of your show, and you introduced me to so many things and people. Bravo to two wonderful people who shared their lives and knowledge on the radio. My special highlights was learning about Les Paul, and crying after he passed as if I had known him all my life, and the year round decorating of the tree. Have many bright tomorrows on the adventures of your lives!

  24. Pam Cullen says:

    Just like all the other listeners above, I too miss you both. I wish you all the best in the coming years. Thanks for all the years.

  25. Joanna mcdermott says:

    So glad to keep up with the two of you. After all, you were my family during those night. My husband, Jack introduced you to me…what started out a problem,, became one of my favorite things. Jack slept with the radio on! When we married, late in life, I didn’t think that I could stand it. But I found myself really enjoying it, especially you two. And actually getting mad at myself for falling asleep and missing something.! Jack passed 5 years ago, he would be devastated to know you are no longer on. From his passing till you left, I felt like he was still in that bed with me while I kept you two on just as Jack had. I enjoyed your program so much. It was fun, informative and Intelligent. And i got to know two wonderful people. God bless you two and enjoy your time.

  26. Joanne says:

    I want to thank you for all the nights I was able to stay awake and listen to you. You taught me alot about the things I needed to know that others wanted me to remain stupid about. I can’t express my thanks to you enough. A Senior Citizen from Hammond, Indiana

  27. Joann Crowe says:

    You are so missed! On the other hand, at least now I can get some sleep and not worry about having missed out on some good conversation. The most blessed of holidays to you both…

  28. Renee Hughart says:

    Thank you Steve for the ‘Christmas Letter’ good to hear you and Johnnie are happy with life.
    It was awful when you first left, Wednesday would roll around….I would get into bed, ready to
    here the Website Wednesday Night music start and realize it was not going to happen. Worse
    part was when the station started to replay shows. Having Nick to look forward to was a delight.
    We have children your age Johnnie, but we love Nick and his “Drunks In The News” No age
    limit on fun!
    I too am an only child and know what you are going through Johnnie. Mine passed away in 1976
    when I was just 42. It is almost daily that I wonder what she would think I should do about something
    that is going on in my life.
    Thank you for the years of enjoyment. Winston and Renee

  29. Jo Christian says:

    Thank you for being the wonderful people you. Yes, you are missed greatly. God Bless you and your extended family all over the world. You are so kind to keep us informed as you do. Your postings are the greatest. The best of everything to you in this coming year.

  30. It was fun being on you show as a guest. Just one question: Did you ever go to the bathroom? I had to wait til the news!

  31. Mike Bennett says:

    I can’t believe a year has gone by. I started our relationship with a walkman and earphones. Living north of Toronto I had to rely on the radio gods that you would be there. Some nights you had a habit of fading or not showing up at all. Then came the itouch and it was like you were in bed with me. All the technology in the world unfortunately will not replace you two. Have a great holiday and keep in touch.

  32. I miss hearing your voices. I watch and enjoy your road test videos, but it’s just not enough. Have you ever thought about doing an audio or even video podcast. You could be as serious or as casual as you wanted. You could make them as frequent or infrequently as you wanted. I for one would download every one. Glad you’re well.

  33. Sharon Keland says:

    Really?! You are missed — can you tell by all the messages you are getting! WGN is definitely not the same. Glad you are doing well!

  34. Fran Work says:

    I miss both of you and your program so much. Getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night isn’t nearly as entertaining now. Merry Christmas!

  35. Glad you’re well. Miss hearing you on a more regular basis. Have you ever thought of doing a podcast. I for one, would download every episode.

  36. Pamela Brown says:

    Hi Steve & Johnnie,

    So sorry about the gall bladder. Myself, my husband, daughter and mother have all been through it. You may find you can eat some things now that you couldn’t before! It’s been a tough year without you. I echo other listener’s feelings about missing everything about your show. I had so much more to talk about when I listened to you each night! Even one show a week would be awesome. All our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and great New Year! Pam & Tony

  37. Thanks Steve and Johnnie Gale for the update! Can’t believe that it has been a year already. Glad to hear that things are going well and that Johnnie is recovering nicely from her surgery. I have to say that I really miss you guys on those evenings when I just can’t get to sleep, or when I wake up long before the alarm clock goes off!! Blessings to you, and have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  38. Annette says:

    One night when I was really sad not to have your familiar voices on the radio was Thanksgiving night/Black Friday morning!!! We decided to go out last minute and kept thinking I would hear your traffic reports from the Aurora shopping mall. Oh well, maybe next year? Hoping that there is a podcast in your future!

  39. martha says:

    Wow so many replies. You two helped me through many an insomniac night when I was still working. Thanks. So glad you’re doing well. Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy new year!

  40. Robert says:

    So glad you are doing well and in great spirits. Like all of us, I really miss you guys after listening to both of you for decades. Hope you have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  41. I bid you both an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Madison. I miss being able to chat/trade musical finds with you both. Perhaps we’ll run into each other at Fitzgerald’s sometime in 2013.

  42. Willie says:

    Baking the Gingerbread tonite, sure miss hearing you two.

  43. Terry says:

    Many nights the both of you kept me company; sometimes when I was sleeping in my car overnight because I had nowhere else to sleep and it made me feel like I had a couple of friends nearby. Thank you so much for keeping me from losing my mind during some trying time. I miss you and glad to catch what I can of you on the Internet.

  44. Pat O. says:

    I still miss hearing you on the way to work. Many a day you gave me something to share with my audience. Not that the new guys are bad, It was just that you guys were really good!

  45. Judy says:

    Yes, even out here in Southern California, we “Miss You Nights.” So glad to have the online digest and to know you two are safe and sound. Would love to run into you (and Cliff if he ever gets back to Nashville) at the Bluebird sometimes 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Judy Donofrio
    Cliff Richard Fan Club USA

  46. gloria says:

    You helped me through many sad nights you are the best on the radio and wgn was a fool to let you go. You should do radio in florida they need you. Cheers

  47. C.W. says:

    As I glance into the horizon, I allow an endless rainbow of memories rush by me and its the melody of your voices, and the chatter of the children in the classroom, the hues are vibrant and my heart smiles and my grin gets wider and wider and my eyes gleem from all the collective moments we all shared,….you know come to think of it you two are like a sconner that keeps cresting my rainbow and all I can hope for is that the ride never ends… probably not that we miss you as so much as the present void that none of us have been able nor will be able to fill, and even if you came back it would not be the same…nothing is, but in case you did, countless of children would be glad to come black to class…. so stop teasing us ’cause we are ready to trow the blackboard eraser at you and its loaded, just do something or keep doing what you been doing ’cause at least we have that! and it keeps us yearning for more…..maybe we are just a bunch of insomiac rats following two piped pipers….are you?….news of loves ones passing have brought tears and pensive moments to us all, and reminded all of us how fragile our lives are, but then hope is always renewed when we hear the birth of a newborn….so what another Dec. 9th has come an gone but then its really no so what because that is 365 days since we have felt the void of the melody of your voices and the chatter of the children in the classroom……
    I will always love you…

  48. Marianne says:

    As I read all the posts, sometimes I teared up, sometimes smiled, and always agreed with all everyone had to say. Things that I would have said. I learned so many things from you both, you filled many of my sleepless nights. WGN, means, Wow, Gone Nuts, to have let you guys go. Miss Spike, Uncle Bobby. Not the same anymore. Stay in touch with your blogs.

  49. Lynn says:

    Steve and Johnnie,
    WGN isn’t the same without you. It was enjoyable going though all the different things from Beanie Babies to the beginning of Website Wednesday Night. That is the night I really enjoyed and called in a few times. However, it is a tribute to you that even the nights where I wasn’t interested in the topic, it was worth tuning in. Sometime those shows even taught me something I didn’t know.

    Now I turn on WGN when I’m dressing or getting ready for bed, but it’s not the same with all of you gone. I used to listen all day. But since I really miss you two at night, I’m not really “tuned in.” Glad you are adjusting to daytime living. We think of you especially each year when we journey to Mexico Beach.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Lynn

  50. Nancy Olson says:

    I am from a little farming community 60 miles west of Chicago so I loved to hear from you both as my “Friends of WGN” late at night when evwything was sooo quiet here. I miss you both so much and Kathy and Judy and Spike. Please please let me know if you both ever start again on radio-We want you all back!! Have a Merry Christmas and a GREAT New Year!! God Bless You Both.

  51. alan says:

    Funny, i was just thinking about your last show (on WGN) over the weekend). Continued happy trails and Heaux Heaux Heaux, Merry Christmas!

  52. francis says:

    We are missing you guy’s and just want to wish you a very marry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family

  53. Joyce Timm says:

    WGN is no fun without you. I miss the years of company you gave me, the stories, the munchies, visits with Fran, computer info and good music. I can’t blame you for enjoying life a bit, but I consider you friends and I sure miss you.

  54. Diane says:

    Miss you two so very much. WGN is not the same without you. Miss all the music, especially at Christmas, all the stories, & Website Wednesday night, where I learned so much, keeping me company through the night, all the information, all your wonderful guests, the laughter, and your calm personalities. I only listen to Nick when he’s on now, they should give him more air time. I also am a 63 year old and I love when he’s on, fun, laughs, & also more info. Glad to hear you are doing well. Wish you guys all God’s blessings. I will keep up with you, and hope you’ll be back on radio soon. Take care, and Merry Christmas….

  55. Teal 3456 says:

    Too bad Steve & Johnnie you’re off the air. However, if you ever want to do Podcast…that would be nice. Your computer tech guy could help you set that up. Godaddy sells the formatting for a home radio show. You can Podcast from anywhere, you could call your own shots, you could name the show what you want it to be. The set up could be special personality night, what kind of luxury if you had the money would you invest; car, boat, plane, mansions. You could talk about what you want to talk about. It could be a hobby and not a job like on WGN. Just something to think about.

  56. Betty Elmer says:

    Glad to hear that all is good and well with both of you. Miss you on the radio!!

  57. Emily Rogers says:

    It just isn’t the same especially at Christmas when I am up late cooking for our Christmas Eve open house and you all are not on WGN with the Woodstock choir. Or, all I learned from Website Wednesday day night over the years. My friends all want to know how I know about computer stuff and I give you all the credit. We don’t even turn on the radio when we go to bed anymore. I still listen to WGN on weekend mornings, but not all day like we used to. Keep up being in touch and I hope we’ll be together in some form soon. Happy New Year to dear friends.

  58. artcatguy says:

    I agree, The Big Bang Theory is a riot! Sheldon taking care of a sick Amy is a classic. He really doesn’t have a clue, does he?

  59. Joyce Timm says:

    +Hi Guys, I can’t understand why WGN radio is committing suicide.We’ve lost you as the anchor of WGN and now Milt and John Williams. Now I only use WGN as white noise so I can sleep.
    As far as Congress, I’d like to kick them down the road with the can they talk about so much. They don’t seem to notice or care about the damage they are doing to the people they are supposed to serve.
    My dog, Mabel, is crippled now and I have to load her onto a bed which is on a flatbed cart and take her outside. She can walk just enough to get off her cart and go. No fun for Mama at 4 or 5AM. I use canes and can just lift her on or off her cart, but we make it and we are content. I have a ver good neighbor who helps me with her if I need help and he keeps my walks clear for me. I am blessed with good friends and family.
    New year came in quietly for me, but company is coming for a few days tomorrow.
    I enjoy your blog and look forward tothe next installment.

    • Char Lane says:

      Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Sob, Sob I miss you guys.. I used to look forward to getting ready for bed because I knew I had you guys to listen to. Just not the same. My Mom has gone to Heaven 10 years ago at the age of 95. I knew she is dancing the Irish Jig up there so that makes me smile. She was born in Belfast. I know in my heart she is in a better place and that makes me smile. So Johnnie think of the good times and the laughter you had with her. Steve I hope you are doing well also. Hope some how we will hear you again on the air. xo char

  60. Sharon Stevenson says:

    Miss you, miss you miss uou guys!!!. Like the rest, have been listening to gn since the Wally Phillip days. Nick I listen too and Meier isn’t too bad but Brandmeier??? Noone seems to care at GN anymore. Enjoy what your doing.

  61. D'Ann Hamilton says:

    Miss you guys a great deal. I always learned so many different things about so many different topics. I always felt as if I was listening to family because you shared so much of yourselves: the laughter and the tears. I’m very happy that you’re enjoying Life After Life After Dark — life’s too short not to enjoy. But if part of that enjoyment includes a return to the radio waves, you know you’ll rise immediately to #1 again in the charts. So many of us miss you and will follow you wherever you go.

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