The Taste Testing Begins

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that, among the projects we’re working on, a “Country Comfort Food – Gluten Free” cookbook was on the horizon.  Well, just to give you a “taste,” the testing has begun in earnest.  So, we thought we’d share a picture of one of the first items on the plate … Johnnie’s Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes.

More to come as the kitchen heats up.

Johnnie's Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

Johnnie’s Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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9 Responses to The Taste Testing Begins

  1. Judy Kay says:

    Whoa Nellie !!! How dare you temp little ol me with this sinful picture of this virgin food !! I was just talking about you, Johnnie, behind your back. My daughter was saying she might try the Gluten Free diet, and I went into my pitch about Steve, and how you were working on a Cook Book.
    So now, I can be the one hit wonder with her, as I send her this picture , and tease her a bit.
    Here in Northern Wisconsin it is a bitter cold day, and these would do just fine right about now, with the firplace going, a fresh brewed cup of coffee, and a good book….. and thou !

    Isn’t it wonderful to be loved and missed ? YOU ARE ! And i thrill every time i read a new comment. Everyone is UNIVERSAL about the BOTH OF YOU ! Love, love, love !

  2. Peter (Decatur) says:

    Is it possible to give nutritional particulars, i.e., calories, fat calories, sodium, etc.?

    • Peter, I gave you my “best guess” when you asked this same question on our Facebook page. This is the beginning of the project. Perfecting the recipe is the most important first step!

      • Peter (Decatur) says:

        Thank you! Sorry, but usually I’m notified when more comments are made on pages where I make a comment. In this case, I wasn’t, so I didn’t know you had replied to my query.

  3. Janet says:

    Any leftovers?

  4. Sharon Keland says:

    There goes my diet!!! Thanks for sharing — your recipes are in my recipe box and always a hit!

  5. CoralCameo says:

    Speaking of food…I was reviewing some of my vhs tapes which I had taped off the TV and there you both were: It was a brief interview with Tracy Butler on her morning Channel 7 news program. You had brought some gluten-free cakes to the studio for Hosea Sanders, and Tracy commented what a great cook and baker you were. While talking about the movie “An Officer and A Gentleman,” you mentioned that you had been married for 23 years and working together for 23 years.” It was wonderful to see and hear you both again, even though it was just on my vhs tape.

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