Fran Tate talks about the Pepe’s fire

Many of you have asked about how Fran is coping with the fire at Pepe’s.  Here is a link to a video interview with Fran KTUU, in Alaska, posted.

Understandably, Fran is more than a little emotional and the video is not easy to watch.

KTUU Fran Tate video.

Additionally, many of you have asked how you can help.  For the moment, we need to ask you to be patient.  This tragedy is still a very fresh wound and, as you can see from the video, Fran is, understandably, in a very fragile place both health wise and emotionally.  We’ll be staying in touch with Fran, her family and friends and if/when it seems appropriate to take action on our own or become a part of a Barrow “homegrown” effort that we can be sure will benefit Fran we’ll let you know.

As always, THANK YOU for wanting to help.  You’ve never let us down.


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16 Responses to Fran Tate talks about the Pepe’s fire

  1. jumping josie says:

    Yes, please, do continue to keep us posted in re: to any way we can be of assistance to Fran… Thanks, J & S. I appreciate being kept in the loop…

    • Liz Johns Drabowsky says:

      Thank you for your updates on Dear Fran. Please let her know how much she has been admired. Even though I never met her, your many conversations and her visits to the Children’s Hospital and all her other ventures, were so interesting and inspiring. My prayers and positive thoughts go out to her. If there is any chance to make a contribution please let me know. Would love to send her cards of encouragement too. I miss you both , Steve and Johnnie and Prayers to you for good Health and much Happiness! Blessings and Love, Liz

  2. Linda Sue says:

    Thanks, Steve!

  3. Judy Kay says:

    I just watched the video of dear Fran. Friends….Fran Tate is the picture of a PURE HEART. A lady that is REAL, and NATURALLY CARING. She wouldn’t know how to talk behind one’s back, or feel sorry for herself. She is in pain…but talking about HELPING OTHERS.

    In our lifetimes, we meet many people, but truly, what Fran is… is a pure soul. She was never hardened , or a part of causing pain. She is just what I wish I was more like. She doesn’t have to even try to be this personality. It is just normal. What a blessing watching her was for me. There are many people all gussied up, looking beautiful, dressed to the nines., trying to please to be accepted. What I saw tonight is the beauty that is within her hurting body, come out of her sweet voice. I wish “they” could see what really is beauty.

    I saw the most beautiful angel tonight. With tears I was lifted up. I learned a lesson tonight…and tonight I was given a gift of what beauty and LOVE are. It is spelled Fran Tate.

    Somehow…I know the Lord is going to raise her up, and that He has her in the palm of His hand.

  4. Renee Hughart says:

    Thank you for the sad news from Barrow, Fran had her heart and soul in that restaurant.
    As has been said to others before….it was a building, no people were killed or hurt. That is one good Blessing from Our Father. Get Well dear Fran, the rest will follow. We will keep you & all those you care about in our prayers.

  5. Carol says:

    My heart goes out to Fran. So very sorry for her. Will b watching for posts on how she is and how we can help.

  6. Diane says:

    Yes, what a beautiful lady. And I truly believe if anyone can get another Pepe’s going it would be her! My heart goes out to her, and God Bless her…and please do let us know if or what we can do to help. Let her know that so many people love her and care about her. She is just awesome! Also miss you two, wish WGN had you guys back. Just keep hoping….by the way do you know anything about Paula Cooper and what she is up to, miss her, too! Take care…

  7. Rev John Williams says:

    Always thinking of others and how to help them, what an amazing person. My thoughts and prayers for Fran and the Barrow community.

  8. While it is hard to see everything you have built up go up in smoke, I would assume that she has insurance to help her rebuild. And I am guessing that a lot of your former listeners would be willing to chip in a buck or two. You could even start a kick starter campaign.

  9. Mark Orr says:

    Was unable yo hear the audio, however her picture tells the whole story. I always enjoyed when Fran was on your show and even more when she came in to be with the kids at Children’s Memorial. Just like like you guys here is a woman who tuly cared about people. May God always watch over Fran and her family. Hoping to get out and see you guys at somepoint….. You are BOTH the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. C.W. says:

    man oh man oh man! This sure pulls and tugs your heart strings! I will join all others in prayer and well wishes for the Fantastic Fran Tate! May the good Lord keep you and give you strength always.
    Thanks for sharing SK & JP

  11. Valued 1 User says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with Fran, her family, all the employees of Pepe’s and the community of Barrow Alaska.

    Although the news is devastating and heart breaking to have everything you have worked so long for go up in smoke and flames, Fran is one tough cookie and a new Pepe’s will rise out of the ashes to be as good or better than the original!

  12. Ruth Horras says:

    Fran is such a darling gal and my prayers are with her and the family. To lose your work of love is a bitter blow. Please let her know that the Illinois fans are pulling for her. Keep us updated on her health progress.

  13. Will Pepe’s North of the Border reopen? We plan to visit Barrow in this summer.

  14. I tried that link and it didn’t work.

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