Johnnie’s Gluten-Free Christmas Treats

We get a lot of requests for Johnnie’s Gluten-Free recipes.  As most of you know, Johnnie’s Gluten-Free cookbook is slowly, but surely, making the journey from our kitchen to your book shelf.  However, even before the book is published, since the holidays are upon us, we thought it might be a good time to share the secrets behind just a few of the Gluten-Free goodies that will find their way to our table this Christmas.  Just to whet your whistle, here is a picture of what’s in the kitchen, today.

Johnnie's Gluten-Free coconut macaroons, fudge, butter almond toffee, mashed potato-peanut butter pinwheels

Johnnie’s Gluten-Free coconut macaroons, fudge, butter almond toffee, mashed potato-peanut butter pinwheels

“But”, you say, “that’s only a picture.  How the heck do I make these goodies?”  Well, fear not, we’ve just uploaded a video to our YouTube Channel where you’ll find Johnnie explaining all of the recipes step by step.  Just hit the “play” arrow on the video below and start cookin’!

OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, we probably should tell you that you can really have them anytime.  But, the holidays sure seemed like a good excuse to us.



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5 Responses to Johnnie’s Gluten-Free Christmas Treats

  1. rivian21 says:

    Printed copies please!!! I don’t have the time to listen & write down. Besides, I”d like to save them for later. Thanks!! And can’t wait to hear you tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  2. Rose Marie Moran says:

    Just wondered if this will be available for the NOOK.

  3. almabrowning says:

    Gonna be listening to you guys tomorrow can’t wait

  4. Jean says:

    I am looking forward to hearing you tomorrow. I still leave my radio on WGN all night…uou told me to check out your show way back in about 1993(?)

  5. rosa vargas says:

    Easy to make. I’m getting the ingredients and will let you know how they turned up.

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