And, that’s “30!”

We know what you’re thinking.  In newspaper jargon, “30” means the end.  Well, in our case, yes, today we put a wrap on 30 … years and we’re looking forward to, at LEAST, 30 more.

Some thoughts on “30” from Him …

I know this isn’t “Throwback Thursday,” but allow me to share a memory or two. This picture was taken in 1982. It was just after Johnnie and I had finished broadcasting from the “Air & Water Show.” We had been working together for quite a while but, this day, for some reason, while walking down Michigan Ave. back to WIND’s studios, we both realized that, beyond the personal appearances we’d been making, SOMETHING was going on. On a beautiful sunny day we went into the Hancock Center and this photo was taken. Today, April 7, marks our 30th Wedding Anniversary. All these years later, I am still struck by, among other things, her beautiful smile and how lucky I am to wake up to it each day. Happy Anniversary, baby…I love you.

S&J Hancock photo

Some thoughts on “30” from Her …

It was Christmas of ’83 when we were engaged under my folks Christmas tree. 3 months and 13 days later we were married. Why wait we asked? People, including complete strangers were compelled to say “you’ll never get a church”, “dress…areyou kidding?”, “reception halls are booked years in advance”! But, we did it! 30 years ago today we got all of the above and more (like a free professional video of our wedding thanks to CBS TV’s Lee Phillip who needed wedding footage for a documentary she was doing on divorce!). To this day I’m amazed that everything, including the dress of my dreams came together even within our measly budget. Finally, at 2 that Sat. afternoon we stood before a priest, rabbi and minister* and said “I do”. Everyday since, I DO know how lucky I am! I married the kindest, most unselfish (both very sexy traits) loving person I know and that makes me the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you Steve, for a wonderful 30 years…I love you.

*Our wedding was officiated by members of WIND Radio’s “God Squad”.

S&J engagement pix

And that’s “30” … and it’s just the beginning.

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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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23 Responses to And, that’s “30!”

  1. Barb says:

    Happy Anniversary Steve and Johnnie, Wishing you many more,God Bless you. Next month we will celebrate our 55th Anniversary . Ron and Barb (P.S. We still miss your wonderful radio program that we looked forward to every night from the beginning.).

  2. Char Langeland says:

    Happy Anniversary Steve and Johnnie, it is just amazing when you marry your best friend

    Sent from my iPad


  3. sharon pettigrew says:

    Happy Anniversary to such a great couple and many more. What are you doing now. I sure wished u would come back on the radio. enjoy your great times together and be healthy. thank you for the years we did get to listen to you and I remember when you got married

  4. Gittel Hunt says:

    Congratulations to a special couple. I wish I could still listen to you daily.

  5. Margaret says:

    What a great love story! Congrats.

  6. Karen Peters says:

    “Happy Anniversary” and here is to thirty more wonderful years. Still miss you guys so much.

  7. Sue says:

    Wonderful pictures happy anniversary!

  8. DOROTHY2906 says:

    Congrats and another 30 Healthy ones – Miss you both on the air a lot best wishes again – Dorothy

  9. Roberta says:

    Congrats! To 30more! Still miss you guys on the radio!!!!

  10. Linda Sue says:

    It is so special that you got engaged under a Christmas tree….is that what started the Year ‘Round Tree that you have? It is hard to believe it has been 3 decades. Johnnie still has the joy of Christmas in her voice, and Steve still sounds like the little boy who is about to open the big Christmas gift box that has the gift of his dreams in it. IOW, even though 30 years have passed, the expecting of joy in the future is very evident.

  11. Jim McGohan says:

    Congratulations to you! We are very happy for you and wish you nothing but the best in the future. You are greatly missed on the air in Chicago. Magoo”s Mom & Dad

  12. Karen Bushy says:

    Warmest good wishes from another long-time fan. Your relationship with each other and with your audience/fans is just FUN! Blessings to you both for uncountable happy times in the years to come.

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  14. Dave L. says:

    A Very Happy Anniversary to My Very Special Radio Friends

  15. Marianne says:

    Ah, how sweet! You both looked so young then, but then, back in 1982, so did I! Thanks for much for sharing. As the others have said, I still miss you guys on the radio. I sure liked hearing you fill in a few months ago. I live in TX now, having moved from Ind. 3 yrs ago, but can still hear Nick during the night, on skip, on my old clock radio sometimes. Please keep posting things, LOVE it!

  16. Jim Polaski (Don's Digital Czar) says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both and many, many more!

  17. Judy says:

    Happy 30th Anniversary!
    Judy Donofrio
    and the Cliff Richard USA Fan Club
    Southern California Meeting House

  18. c.w. says:

    What a gift, what a treat to rise and greet the world daily to a kind Smile and comforting Love, its the genuine simplicity of your togetherness that makes you so awe inspiring!
    With loving regards,

  19. Renee Hughart says:

    How nice of you both to share these photos and your personal memories.
    That is what life is all about. Love one another, be kind & thoughtful.
    Many more happy years to you. Bud and Renee.

  20. Congratulations and many more happy years together. Together you created a memorable spot in the hearts of us who loved your WGN show with its introduction to so many musical artists which charmed me along with you in the middle of the night. Gini McConnell

  21. Pamela Brown says:

    Congratulations to a wonderful couple. Dreams do still come true:)

  22. jack says:

    Happy anniversary. We will all agree Steve got the best part of that deal.

  23. Pat M says:

    A little behind reading emails. Was so happy to see this one. Belated Happy Anniversary to a well matched, deserving couple. Have always enjoyed listening to you on WGN, even if I wasn’t up every night.

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