Labor Day Show Reflections, A Thank You or 4 & A Photo or 5

WOW!  Who knew 5 hours could go so fast?

It took just a few minutes and then we just relaxed and it felt like we were just talking to and hanging out with old friends.

Because, we were.

We have to say a HUGE thank you to our producer, Brian Jones, for going above and beyond to help us get reacquainted with the studio and keeping us from veering too far off course.

Also, thank you to Patrick Crispen for waking up at 5 AM, California time, to join us with some great computer tips.

And, thanks to Dean Richards for getting up early to join us on a day he didn’t have to.

Tommy Emmanuel (“Tigger”) bounced his way through an interview with us and let us give out some tickets to his upcoming concert, Sept. 20, at Dominican University’s Lund Auditorium, in River Forest.  We’ll be introducing Tommy that night and hope to see you there.

We reconnected with some old friends, met some new ones and reaffirmed the value of fresh coffee and Johnnie’s homemade coffee cake while watching the city come alive from the WGN Showcase Studio.

Steve had fun!

Steve in the WGN Showcase Studio

Steve in the WGN Showcase Studio

Johnnie had fun!

Johnnie in the WGN Showcase Studio

Johnnie in the WGN Showcase Studio

Andy Masur was a little fuzzy, but thinks he had fun!

Andy Masur in the WGN Showcase Studio

Andy Masur in the WGN Showcase Studio

Listeners on Michigan Ave. had fun! (Boy, did they ever!)

Listeners outside the WGN Showcase Studio

Listeners outside the WGN Showcase Studio

Michigan Avenue looked like it was having fun.

Michigan Ave. seen through the WGN Showcase Studio window

Michigan Ave. seen through the WGN Showcase Studio window

And, we hope you did, too.

If you missed the show and/or would like to listen again to parts or all of it, the podcast is now available on the Steve & Johnnie page at WGN Radio.  To listen, just click on this link.

As always, thanks for hanging out with us online and on the air.

About steveandjohnnie

Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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25 Responses to Labor Day Show Reflections, A Thank You or 4 & A Photo or 5

  1. Judie mueller says:

    It was more than GREAT to have you
    Back on WGN this am! WGN has really “messed” up their programming, overnight people are a joke! Since you left I have turned off the radio at night.
    Who do I write to , to complain and get you back on the radio! I am 74 years old and was raised with WGN, didn’t have tv in the 40’s…. So good to hear you both this morning.
    Good wish’s and God B less

    • It was so great to have you on this morning! Oh how I wish it was permanent! The only show I listen to now is Bill Leff and Wendy. Garry is gone and they are the only ones left on weekdays.

  2. Judy Kay says:

    You can’t even imagine what a JOY it was to be sound asleep and all of a sudden your brain recognizes two voices that are familiar and I am immediately awake !!! You made my morning so much fun, that I re-listened to the Pod ! How desperate am I, I ask you !! Well, maybe THANKFUL is the better word for it.

    How fun, how normal, how easy, how wonderful to have good, clean loving fun. Your compassion toward Fran and how to explained how she was, was sad, but also a blessing to hear your praise on her, and allowing us to think we know her too. What a legacy she will leave all she has touched with her life that was lived not because she was trying to “be someone’, but just because she is one of those rare people that do things from the heart and want no recognition., and are surprised when someone compliments her. That is a REAL angel with skin on !!

    Steve and Johnnie….can you even know how YOU BOTH have touched all our lives ? I think all of us who have shared your life on the radio , wish we could all go back and do it over again. No one can compare to the legion you have brought to WGN. Each one is unique, but I think I will speak for most of us…. Steve and Johnnie are “family”. No one can replace you, and we can’t expect that you would want to do steady broadcasting like you did.. so I will join everyone else from the Family of Overnight, and say ” Thank you so much for being honorable, in love with each other, loving your craft, and using your talent to showcase others while you set an example to everyone, and make us recognize both of your voices like my brain did and be thankful that we got 5 whole hours of GOOD RADIO !! I love you guys. { feel free to wake me up any day at 5 ! }

  3. Mark says:

    Totally AWESOME job!!!!!!!!

  4. Dorothy Beezhold says:

    What can I say? Chicago has missed you and your informative casual comments and views. I had to reprogram my radios which I’ve switched to WBBM and my night-time one, if it’s on, to 88.3 FM or 91.5 FM. Thank you for being who you are. I can’t believe those in control of WGN let you go off the air. You are part of the world of people who no longer can or want to watch television or traipse around the city or country! And thanks for updating us on Fran Tate’s life and times. We relate to all of your friends. Hope you are on again soon. Love you both! Dorothy Beezhold


  5. Sharon James says:

    So good to hear you this morning. I too have quit listening to the radio in the night. Miss you so much. You belong on WGN. They really messed the entire station up the past few years. Come back again real soon!!!

  6. Susan Kundert says:

    I listened to you every night for years, both on regular radio and then on streaming internet radio. I miss your overnight presence so much! Wish you were still on.

  7. Joe H says:

    I listened to Steve and Johnnie for years. They were my night time family. I hardly ever missed a night. It’s a shame they left. I tried, but have given up on WGN’s overnight lineup.

  8. Duane Whittingham says:

    Thanks for a wonderful show, drop in when you can, I love you guys. You kept me company, entertained and informed while working and during lonely times, thanks! We were and are blessed to have you in our lives.

  9. Jan Reinhardt-kern says:

    Steve and johnnie I have missed u sooooo much. I’m jan who works in the laborrrrratory …come back and visit anytime. Steve. My husband Lee has a red guitar pin like that. He’s a fender man also

  10. Miss Rozie says:

    Steve & Johnnie, listened to all five hours & enjoyed each & every one of them. You two with your calm voices & all the great interviews you have, you make it so easy to listen in. While I miss you on the radio, I am happy you are having such a blast at living life after dark now. Looking forward to the next time you sit in for someone. Take care ~ 🙂

  11. Reenie Prine says:

    Thank you for brightening our day. It is really too bad that the former WGN management did not recognize your value. I am sure, however, that you are really enjoying the things you are doing now. Hope you pay us another visit soon and can stay just a little longer. Five hours is just not enough. Fran’s card is in the mailbox.

  12. Larry H says:

    Always tune in when you both come back to us. Wish WGN can make a deal with you to make it more permanent….as long as it’s on the ole 720 AM dial not the web. You guys bring comfort to me and many of your friends, fans. Your voices are missed on this radio air waves. Thanks for coming back, even if its for a day. You guys ROCK!

  13. Dee H-W says:

    It was so great to hear you two yesterday! Your whole program was first class. You two know when to talk and when to listen while other people talk — a rare talent. And your whole team provided quality content. You guys are “family” and are truly missed. Hope we can hear you again soon.

  14. Joyced Downing says:

    It’s not a tradition to receive presents on Labor Day…but my goodness…what a wonderful 5 hour present you both gave many, many fans. Thank you so much! Joyce

  15. Miss you so much during my sleepless nights…

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. c.w. says:

    I am still in stiches about “Orion’s red skibbies”, I was at Miami airport in my way back from vacation, my plane landed at 6 am EDT and was able to catch most of the show till the 8 o’clock hr then I had to catch my flight back home to Detroit via Ohare. I tried calling but could not get in, and for the darnest in my I could not find the # to send you a text. …..regardless you guys were great!
    Love ya, and cant wait to send my little something to Fran!
    see ya around

  17. Faith Morley says:

    Was so nice to hear classic radio talk again!! After years of you 2 I just can’t get used to the silliness that is on there now. WGN’s bid to garner the top spot has gone awry. Wish you were my nighttime friends again..

  18. denny p. says:

    on WGN again was Awesome. ahhh the good old days. i was hoping you would do this more often!!!!!

  19. Karen K. says:

    Maybe a silly question, but can I download this somewhere or is it only streaming? Would like to listen in the train but only have a limited 3G data plan on my iPad. Used to be able to get these through iTunes as downloadable podcasts. Like everyone else, I miss you guys!

  20. boblevy2013Bob Levy says:

    Listening to both of you via the podcast has been an interesting experience. Most amazing is that ever as we all age, the voice does not. Steve and Johnnie sound the same as when I first started listening decades ago..Sure wish WGN would wake and get you both back! I am thankful for the podcasts. Better than nothing.

  21. Liz says:

    It was sooooo WONDERFUL to hear you guys on the radio again doing “your” show once again! I set my alarm clock (eventho it was a holiday and I could sleep in a little that morning)… to make sure I wouldnt miss any of your show. It ended up though that I didn’t have to worry because I automatically woke up a few minutes before the start of the show. I was very excited that I would be able to listen to the whole show. The show was fantastic and I savored every minute of it! Thanks for filling on Monday… it was truly a great treat and I do miss you guys dearly at night!
    Like an earlier family member mentioned above, you guys truly ARE family and I wish you both the best in all that you guys are doing now.
    One more thing though… I was also happy to say that I was lucky and happy to have caught you guys again on Saturday night on Nick’s show during his tribute to the WGN legend. Luckily, I was in the car coming home from visiting my son in Normal, IL… otherwise I wouldnt have known you guys were on. I considered that a treat…. though not under the best of circumstances..
    I look forward to when you both will be back on again. Until then, take care and know that I greatly miss you both!
    Long long time listener (even from WIND)… Liz

  22. jkkfl says:

    Hi Interesting turn of events?? Query: which song did Elvis only do once? Please tell me before I lose my last synapse! Thanks! Hope you all are doing well, and didn’t spend much time in Chicago last winter!! Take good care. Xoxo, j

    • This is Charles Gudgell Can you or WGN make a deal about you being on the air at least once or twice a month . Like everybody else I have miss you. There is nobody can take your place Radio is so hard to listen to anymore. That what big company has done .
      what do you think

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