The best laid plans get changed and, unfortunately, ours have been.

Hi kids. Unfortunately, we have to let you know about a change of plans. Both of us are battling 102 degree temperatures. Our doctor says, it’s official, we’ve got the flu. We’re taking Tamiflu to get rid of the virus and additional meds to bring our temperatures down. To say we feel like #*&^! is an understatement.

So, the bottom line is, don’t expect to hear us on the air Monday or, probably, Tuesday. The rest of the week is up for grabs, too, depending on how this plays out.

We’ll keep you updated.


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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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15 Responses to The best laid plans get changed and, unfortunately, ours have been.

  1. Nancy Hollins says:

    Take good care of yourselves!! I hope you have a VERY Happy, Healthy and Joyous New Year!! Feel better soon!

  2. Sue says:

    Oh…no so sorry..will miss you on the air..get well soon

  3. Miss Rozie says:

    So sorry to hear that you are both so sick ~ please get better real soon, hopefully in time for Wednesday’s show & the Life After Dark, Cheap Date, New Year’s Eve show ~

  4. DOROTHY2906 says:

    Hope you both feel better soon – it’s so good to hear you every so often = it would be nice to hear you more often but we’ll take what we can get = hope you aboth feel better soon – Love you both, Dorothy May r

  5. Karyl B. says:

    Feel better soon!

  6. Sharron Klopp says:

    Oh no…too bad! HOpe you feel better soon!

  7. joe tarr says:

    sorry to hear johnnie…hope yall get better soon..wife comein home tomorrow after 3 mo be nice if can get someone tk care of her cant walk or stand .in wheelchair .now got 2 of them son been in one for almostg 3o yrs but he can help himself a lot .yall tk care hope get better soon say hi to ur day .

  8. Linda Sue says:

    You two are so cute! You two can finish each other sentences, watch each other’s back, support each other when one is sick……oh no! BOTH SICK! Who takes care of you two?????

  9. Marys Yahoo says:

    I will be stormin’ heaven to get you through this terrible siege.

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. denny p. says:

    damb…sorry for you guys and hope you feel better. let me know if i can help. ☺
    Happy New year! $$$
    PS. try scotch and that may do something..ha-ha

  11. Gene & Nancy J. says:

    May the Good Lord bless you & help you get well. We’ll be waiting to hear both of you soon.

  12. jack says:

    We are disappointed

  13. Judy Kay says:

    Hokay….here is is. NO KISSING while feverish,you may give…..wait…..never mind. It is natures way to ward off any added lbs.from assorted candies ? It does have the advantage of you both being able to “share” stories of your plague once you get back on the old mic, right ?. { and we will be interested in your plight and your recommended remedies !!! } Cover up…grab and watch old movies…hold hands. get better.

  14. verna (Christmas stocking lady) says:

    Just get feeling better, and we will here you soon!!!

  15. Linda Sue says:

    Steve and Johnnie Well! How are you? Is there anything that we cam do? I’ve got my radio and kleenex, too! So I am ready to listen to you two! Will you be there from 11 to 2? Or will my new year dtart out blue?..?..?

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