Memorial Day Show Podcast

It was fun to slide back into the comfy chairs in the WGN Radio Showcase Studio, Memorial Day morning, and hang out with Corky Siegel, Grammy winning sax legend, Ernie Watts and more.

Left to right it's Corky Siegel, Steve, Johnnie and Ernie Watts in the WGN Radio green room.

Left to right it’s Corky Siegel, Steve, Johnnie and Ernie Watts in the WGN Radio green room.

In case you were busy firing up the barbecue or getting out your summer whites and didn’t get to hear the show, you can check out the podcast just by clicking on this link.

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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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3 Responses to Memorial Day Show Podcast

  1. Kathy Hills says:

    Steve and Johnnie what a joy to hear you on the radio. I caught most of the show but definately will listen to the podcast, thank heavens for podcast. Blessing’s to you both and until next time happy trails to you!

  2. Linda Sue says:

    I heard lots of fun and frivolity. Thank you for entertaining me!

  3. Judy LeClair says:

    So it seems to me….I AM THE ONLY ONE of us who while standing in the shower late, with the Steve and Johnnie Show filling the room…began to DANCE almost like Debbie Reynolds in Singing in The Rain !

    The delightful mouth organ, and the conversation was a “gift” over the best radio that was ever invented. I was very surprised however that he didn’t recognize Tommy Emmanuel ! I hope you can get them introduced to Tommy. They will never be the same.!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what it is for me to hear you ? Not only that you make everything fun and interesting..but I learn things..but most of all you don’t even realize how much without saying it….you show what LOVE is…and how blessed it is to hear a couple who have a history, show just by being REAL……….how to live and love together as natural as can be.

    You are a credit to so many now and throughout the years. I think when we hear you get nostalgic like today remembering all that have been part of the WGN family…we just sigh and nod our head “yes” as we are listening. Thank you for giving so much of your time , your talent, your guests, etc. and most of all…letting us pretend we really KNOW you both and are friends. How is THAT for waxing nutty ?

    Keep picking and strumming and baking and decorating that tree….most of all Keep being REAL and remember we really are friends together in the ” family “, GOOD SHOW !!

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