2016 Toyota RAV4 Video Road Test!

Our Video Road Test of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE has just been posted on Consumer Guide Automotive’s Daily Drive website.  Just click on the link above to take a spin with us.

2016 Toyota RAV4

2016 Toyota RAV4

And don’t forget, if you want to check some of our previous road tests and some of the other goodies we’ve been pouring into the Daily Drive tank, just point your browser right here.

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1 Response to 2016 Toyota RAV4 Video Road Test!

  1. Hi, Folks: Great review of the Rav-4. I did drive one, and did like the back-up option, but I already had a Matrix getting 25 mpg, so I made a special point of stretching out with the back 1/2 seat down . The Rav 4 was only 2 inches longer, but the Prius 2 gave me 72 inches if I moved the front passenger seat up, so I went with the Prius 2 and got the 54 mph on the road, and 44 around town mileage. Very nice on my frequent astronomy, birding, sailing, canoeing trips. I leave the back seat down all the time, and live with it. My photo/astronomy gear fits in nicely.

    On the other hand, the storage area and dual glove boxes are less usable than those in my Matrix. In addition, there is no 110 volt electric socket on the dash and I must use a converter to charge up all my batteries. 2) The engine under-panel in the right-rear must be dropped to do an oil change. The press-fit plastic fitting easily fails when re-used, and the panel drops down on the road. Those panels were the bane of my Matrix also. I had to use zip-tie strips to hold up those aerodynamic panels. I am getting ready for my first oil change now, but the last one done at a Pennzoil dealer in Marin County, CA was done poorly and I noticed the dragging sound only after 300 miles of 70 mph driving toward LA. Lucky for me, a Toyota Dealer was nearby. 3) The dash lights disappear for two reasons – one is that you have put a map or like on the dashboard. It turns out the dash lights are reflected from below so the map blocks the difficult-to-notice reflective light source, or while fiddling with the mirror switches, you hit the roller for the dashboard lights and bingo, the whole panel of lights is gone. Oh, well, it takes a few times to learn what is going on. As Ever, Orin in Boone County, IL

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