Backstage With Joel Paterson!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know the name Joel Paterson.  A frequent guest on many of our shows, Joel is a Chicago based guitarist with seemingly endless drive that is fueled by his incredible talent  Most recently, you might have heard Joel when he joined us in the WGN Showcase Studio on Thanksgiving morning.  His hard work and constant touring schedule with his own group(s) and backing others has resulted in applause and respect from many far-flung corners of the globe.

World-renowned does not overstate Joel’s status!

He recently had a CD Release party at Evanston Space for his album “Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar.”

Joel Paterson “Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar

Joel was nice enough to invite us backstage for a conversation and let us share some video of his performance with you. If you’re a Les Paul fan, you’re gonna love this!  And, if you remember the nights Joel and The Modern Sounds performed “Bacon Fat” on our show, you’ll want to watch. The video is now available on WGN Radio’s Steve & Johnnie page.

Just click this link to join in the fun.

And let us turn on the blatant plug light long enough to tell you that we think Joel’s album really does belong in your Christmas stocking.  “Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar” is distributed by Bloodshot Records and can be ordered by pointing your browser right here.


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1 Response to Backstage With Joel Paterson!

  1. Linda Johnson says:

    I got one! Thanks Steve for encouraging Joel to make a Christmas recording. He is really the closest guitarist to Les Paul that I have seen, although I know you have seen a lot more guitarists that I have…I mean heard them! Joel is an artist who is a scientist at his profession. And I love his conversations with you. He is in control of himself and seems to enjoy what he does. Thank you for introducing Joel to the guitar listeners who always need another good guitarist to listen to.

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