Happy Birthday, Mom!

As I (Steve) write this, it’s March 17.  Today would have been my Mom’s 108th birthday.  I’ve always appreciated how the city of Chicago turns the Chicago river green to remember my Mom.  Oh, I know some people think it has something to do with St. Patrick, but Johnnie, my brother, Lee, and I know it’s really all about Mom.

Steve, Johnnie, Mary Elizabeth Carroll and Steve’s brother, Lee.

Yes, she was as Irish as they come.  The former Mary Elizabeth Carroll’s parents met in County Cork, in Ireland and, not that long after, a boat landed them on this country’s shores.  Mom LOVED potatoes and it was not unusual for her to have a potato along with her potato soup.  She also loved Johnnie’s seasonal decorations.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. Sharron Klopp says:

    Sweet reminiscences of your Mom. 🙂

  2. Arlene Mendlik says:

    Love you both, miss you guys, Happy Birthday Mom, AJ and Deonte’

  3. Linda Johnson says:

    Steve’s & Lee’s mom gave life to two fantastic boys….and green is the color of life and water is the staple of life….so this make complete sense to me!

  4. Judith J says:

    Our Mom would have been 103 yesterday.

  5. Cathy Bautz says:

    This is such a LOVELY tribute to your mom, Steve! Happy Birthday to her!
    This is such a heart-warming story, and I am certain that the reason for the green river is, indeed,
    to celebrate the day your mom was born!
    I’ve told you a zillion times how much I miss you…I have gone from all radios tuned to 720,
    to NEVER listening to it!

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