Hurricane Michael

At the moment, we’re in Chicago but, assuming we can, we’re scheduled to fly in to our second home, in Panama City Beach, this coming Sunday. Over the past several hours, our focus, thoughts and prayers have increasingly shifted to our extended family, friends and neighbors on Florida’s Gulf coast.

Hurricane Michael has morphed from a tropical storm to what Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, has described as “a massive storm that could bring total devastation to parts of our state.”  Unfortunately, landfall is looking more and more like it’s going to be on Florida’s Gulf Coast and specifically, Panama City Beach.

As we write this, the latest predictions are for Michael to hit with strength similar to Hurricane Opal.  Trust us, this is not good.  We viewed, first hand, the devastation Opal left and we hope to never see its like again.

Some of you have visited Panama City Beach or have friends and relatives in the area.  And, some of you, have been nice enough to express your concern for us and our “Little Yellow House.”  Thank you!  Point is, a lot of you are paying attention to Michael and what impact he may have over the next couple of days.  We’ll do our best to provide updates on this blog and our other social media sites.

For now, thanks to the I Love Panama City Beach Facebook group, here are links to webcams on PCB:

They are in alphabetical order.

Adventures At Sea

Barefoot on the Beach…/

By the Sea Beach Cams


Dunes of Panama

Emerald View Resorts

Grand Panama Beach Resort

Gulf Crest

Holiday Inn Beach

Holiday Inn Beach Sunset

Pineapple Willy’s

Runaway Island

Sandpiper Beacon…/…/index.html




Spinnakers Beach Club

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4 Responses to Hurricane Michael

  1. Reenie says:

    Saying a little prayer that Michael fizzles before it reaches PCB and hoping you make it in safely. Luv you two…..Reenie

  2. Joan M Stockhoff says:

    Steve and Johnnie:
    First of all, I am truly glad that the both of you are safe up here. The look of that storm frightens me. I will keep the both of you and your extended family and friends still in harm’s way from this vicious storm in my prayers. Please stay safe and only go back down there when it is safe to do so.

  3. Jayne Smith says:

    So, so glad that you two are safe. I’ll be saying prayers for all in Florida that somehow Michael poops out before making landfall.

  4. gardengirl39 says:

    Steve and Johnnie, you two were the ones I thought about when I heard the hurricane was going to hit Panama Beach. I pray for everyone to be safe. Hope your “Fla. home” will be ok.

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