Panhandle Update

Since we arrived at our home in Panama City Beach, other than joining our friends at WKGC-FM for coverage of the midterm elections, we’ve been preoccupied with our own clean up. However, our problems with downed trees and some other debris were nothing compared to what we saw when we finally made our first trip east across the Hathaway Bridge into Panama City.

We thought we knew what to expect.

Not even close!!

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” so, rather than try to describe what we saw as we drove, we thought we’d just share some pictures.

The pictures below were taken one month after hurricane Michael hit the Panhandle.

Compared to many on the Panhandle, we’re doing fine.  Sadly, but not at all surprisingly, some of our friends, not so much.  Yes, things will get better but, obviously, this is going to take some time.

This was/is life-changing.

Every day is a struggle for many who are living alone … or … TRYING to live … without a place to call home.

As bad as this is, and it is REALLY bad, more and more we are struck by the spirit we see on the Panhandle.  This is more than lip-service about helping your friends in need.  This is DOING IT.  This is helping your friends when YOU are in need!

Yes, some have left.  Understandably!  But, among those who have stayed, there is this incredible feeling of rebuilding and creating something better than what was here before.  Local government entities are not just waiting for their federal counterparts to point the way.  Certainly, they are incorporating federal expertise and assistance but, locally, THEY are making the map for this recovery.  The local creative community (And it is a STRONG one!) has come together with multiple projects to help in rebuilding.

Yes, hurricane Michael was life-changing, but that life is far from over.

Please check back in our blog for updates.  We’ll do our best to share what we know, as we know it.

Also, even though it has become a cliche to some, we know many of our friends in the Panhandle would appreciate it if you’d keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


#850 Strong

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6 Responses to Panhandle Update

  1. Nancy Hollins says:

    I am glad that you are safe. The devastation is terrible!!

  2. tom kraus says:

    all i can say is wow, that area is one of my favorite spots in florida with some of the nicest people but strong they will bounce back

  3. Reenie Prine says:

    Most certainly will continue praying and sending good thoughts. 🙏🏻☘️🙏🏻☘️🙏🏻☘️

  4. D'Ann Hamilton-White says:

    Glad you guys are safe. Thank you for sharing the photos — they remind us of what people are dealing with, even a month after the hurricane. The tendency to make yesterday’s news forgotten news often needs such reminders. Yes, the people of the Panhandle will remain in our thoughts and prayers. Bless you all.

  5. gardengirl39 says:

    thanks for the update. so glad you are safe. Prayers will continue for all who are in need.

  6. Cathy Bautz says:

    I so appreciate receiving this blog, and my prayers will continue for all of you who have been, and are continuing to go through, this ABSOLUTE HORROR!!!

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