Fun With Patti!

Patti Vasquez is a special talent … and an even more special person.  But, for this missive, we’ll stick to the talent part.  As hard as she works and even with all of her experience in multiple forms of media, we still don’t think she knows just how REALLY good she is.

Patti Vasquez

Patti always goes out of her way to be very gracious and complimentary to us and frequently tries to flatter us by saying she’s just a place holder for us.  Trust us, Patti, that place is yours now and we have enjoyed every minute listening to you blazing your own trails and very masterfully putting your own unique stamp on it.

But, will we always be standing off to the side smiling and applauding like very proud parents?  Heck yeah!

Any time Patti is nice enough to welcome us back to her show we always say “Yes” because we know we’re going to have a good time and we’re reasonably sure that good time is going to spread to the other side of the radio speaker.

That was the case this past Wednesday night when we settled into our chairs in Patti’s studio at WGN radio.  Per usual, we had a ball!

Johnnie, Patti Vasquez and Steve

Rather than trying to describe the radio party that broke out, if you didn’t get to hear it, just click this link to hear some of what you missed.

Or, if you’d like the album version and want to hear the complete show including some of the fun we had with Jon Soble from Max and Benny’s Restaurant & Deli (Who was nice enough to bring some delicious gluten-free goodies for us!), Chicago-based writer, DJ, musician and archivist, James Porter and Simon Collier & Luis Cortes from ComedySportz Chicago, then click this link.

James Porter, Steve, Jon Soble, Simon Collier, Johnnie, Patti Vasquez and Luis Cortes

Either way, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna have some fun.  We know, we sure did!

Thanks, Patti!

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