Cocooning Comfort Food

Like us and everybody we know, you’re probably spending most of your day cocooning, staying inside and venturing out only when necessary or just for a breath of fresh air.

Since we’re NOT hoarding and just trying to buy our groceries on a week to week basis, today I (Johnnie) went to the grocery store.

It was a pleasant surprise to find an abundance of fresh squeezed orange juice and equally surprising to find there are no potatoes or onions in the produce dept.😒 BUT … there are tons of packages of “Simply Potatoes” which are the base for a fantastic loaded potato soup.

If you want to give it a try:
A 20 oz bag of Simply Potato hashbrowns or chunks with onion.
Toss either or both into a soup pot.  Add a box of chicken broth or 2 cans depending on the number of bags of potatoes.
Since onion wasn’t available I’m using dried onion flakes-a palm full.  Add crushed garlic if you like.
Bring to a simmer and add a small pkg of cream cheese (in chunks) and a cup of grated cheddar (more if you want cheese potato soup).
Stir til cheeses melt.
Add a cup of milk (1/2&1/2 which was not available) or a small can of evaporated milk. Pour slowly so you can stop when the soup is thinned to your taste.
I use a potato masher and mash the combo until I get the soups consistency thick but not too thick.
I crumble up 3-4 slices of cooked bacon and stir in the soup.
When its served you can add more cheese, sour cream & more bacon ala loaded baked potato!
No it is not low cal, but it IS a meal in a bowl!

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2 Responses to Cocooning Comfort Food

  1. Cathie Kukec says:

    Thanks Johnnie! Nice and simple and filling! Nothing goes to waste. I’m pulling out my cookbooks to try new recipes with what we can get, and what’s in the freezer.

  2. Linda Sue Johnson says:

    Cocooning food is so good…but someone told me yesterday that it looks like I lost weight! I will be careful and not cocoon too much!!!! This world is getting crazy and I am hoping it won’t make me crazy! So, good wishes to all and I keep telling myself this too shall pass. Stay safe!

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