Congratulations, Nick Digilio!

In case you didn’t see the post on our Events page, we’re very happy to join in a celebration of something pretty cool.  Nick Digilio is celebrating his 35th year with WGN radio!

It’s really hard to believe it’s been that long since we first had this young, enthusiastic, creative, movie critic on our show.  At that time, Nick was still juggling his career directing several successful shows in Chicago with his time spent with us and Roy Leonard on WGN.

We’d heard Nick on with Roy, really liked what we heard, and, since Roy was on during the middle of the day and we were on in the middle of the night, we asked Roy if he would mind if we talked to Nick about joining us on a regular basis, too.  Roy was more than enthusiastic about Nick getting some more air time.

We knew from the first time we talked with Nick that he didn’t just enjoy movies, he was, and still is, passionate about them.  Even on those nights he joined us and, having just come from directing one of his shows, might have seemed a little tired when he first walked in the studio, once he started talking about movies, the adrenaline kicked in and he was thoroughly in the moment.

Along with directing and critiquing movies, continuing to join Roy Leonard and us, Nick’s expertise saw him called on to be a guest on several WGN Radio programs with increasing regularity.  Ultimately, after co-hosting a show with Garry Lee Wright and filling in for us during the 5 months illness forced us off the air, Nick started his own show at WGN and never looked back.

While his passion for movies and various forms of pop culture still shines through, over the years, Nick has mastered the art of moving with the moment if a breaking event dictates a change in direction for his show.  He has also mastered the art of talking to and with his listeners, not at them.  Nick has found, as we did, that the overnight radio audience is a special breed and, if you really connect with them, they will respond by welcoming you in to their family.  Trust us, although his Mom & Dad may be his most loyal fans, Nick has a ton of extended family members.

Pardon us if we seem like proud parents, but we really are proud to see how far Nick has come from his early days at WGN to being inducted into the WGN Radio Walk Of Fame.  By the way, you have no idea how rare it is for anyone to have the kind of successful career in broadcasting Nick has achieved and to have done it all at one radio station.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, (5/26/20-5/27/20) at Midnight (Central Time) we’ll be hanging out on The Nick Digilio Show to look back on some of the more memorable “moments” from Nick’s past THREE AND A HALF DECADES!

Johnnie & Steve with Nick Digilio

Boy, that time went fast.  But, it tends to do that when you’re having fun.

Congratulations, Nick!

Here’s to 35 more … and then some.

Don’t forget, you can tune in to 720 AM but, if you’re not in the Chicago area, you can still listen by clicking this link to WGN Radio’s live stream.


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3 Responses to Congratulations, Nick Digilio!

  1. DonnA says:

    Thanks Steve and Johnnie we still miss you and love you two. Nick is awesome guy, always liked when he was on the radio when you were on vacation. Listen to him most night if I can stay awake.
    God Bless you three 💙💜💙

  2. LINDA S JOHNSON says:

    Well said! You write as well as you speak. I miss you but I always am happy to hear Nick as I think of him as family since he is your radio son. Stay safe and thank you for staying in my life and not just be a part of my history .

  3. Dianne Marie DAndrea says:

    What a wonderful write up! Congratulations Nick!!

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