Happy Birthday, Roy Rogers!

Roy Rogers (1911–1998) was born on November, 5th.

Roy Rogers “The King Of The Cowboys” & Trigger, “The Smartest Horse In The Movies”

With everything else that’s occupying our headline space and head space right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if remembering the legendary ROY ROGERS on his birthday wasn’t on your radar.

When I was growing up, the “King Of The Cowboys” was my favorite. All these years later, I remain a fan and the more I learn about my first childhood hero the more pleased I am to learn that when he stepped away from the camera his personality didn’t suddenly change. Everything I’ve come across tells me that this was a man you and I would have been proud to know.

Sadly, although Johnnie and I interviewed Roy’s son Dusty several times, I never had the chance to meet Roy. I had to smile when, thanks to our friend Jon Paris, this really rare photo of Roy and some friends at actress Myrna Loy‘s home, in 1943 (the year I was born), popped up in my Facebook feed.

Roy Rogers, Sonny Tufts, Les Paul, Cal Goodin, Clint Nordquist, and Tommy Todd (piano) at Myrna Loy’s home in 1943 – photo by Walt Davis

I shouldn’t have been surprised that, our dear friend, the legendary Les Paul knew Roy Rogers because, as was evidenced in our many conversations with him, it seemed Les knew everybody. Obviously, I wasn’t there, but the music that two of my all-time heroes might have been making started playing on the jukebox in my head.

Happy Trails,” indeed. And, yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” they’re having a little jam session today.

Happy Birthday, Roy!


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Roy Rogers!

  1. Jan Nieman says:

    Thank you for this post. Loved Roy Rogers and Dale Evans growing up. I got to see them at the Lake County Fairgrounds in the late 50’s. I just remember being in awe of them and Trigger. Also, Dale Evans was the one who lead to my love of reading. My Great Grandmother had a book called “Angel Unaware” written by Dale Evans Rogers. This was the first non-children’s book I read and haven’t stopped reading since. It was about their young baby, Robin, who had Down’s Syndrome and was told in Robin’s words about her brief stay here on earth. I have a new copy of the book and still read it. Thank you again.

  2. LINDA S JOHNSON says:

    It’s my daddy’s birthday too! And my daddy was a fan of Roy Roger’s and we have a record of Roy’s! Thanks for the good thoughts you brought me!!

  3. peggy says:

    Thank you. Roy was great.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Ellen Maslo says:

    Roy Rogers was my favorite cowboy of all time. I never had the chance to meet him either. I was also born in 1943 in September. Thank you for sharing the picture of Roy and friends.

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