Well, as you can see, this nice couple of bears have been residing under the big tree outside our house for the holidays.

A couple of bears happily hanging out on the bench underneath the big tree outside our house.

All was well.

Until …

One of our neighborhood squirrels developed an attraction to one of the bear’s hats.

So, THAT’S where the bear’s hat went!!


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Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." http://alittlemoreles.com You'll find even more about us at http://www.steveandjohnnie.com/
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4 Responses to Squirrel!

  1. crsum46923@aol.com says:

    Steve and Johnnie,  A funny story.  I watch a pair of eagles, on a webcam, that have a nest in Ft. Myers.  They have had this nest for years and the current couple is Harriett and M15 who have been together for 5 years and produced about 7 eaglets and this past year they had 2 eaglets. Well M15 brought a stuffed squirrel as a meal for mom and the babies one day.  He struggled mightily getting the stuffed squirrel back to the nest.  When Harriett tried pulling it apart for the meal, saying that it was tough would be an understatement.  That squirrel however became a favorite of the eaglets and they would snuggle up next to it and move it around the nest.  The viewers often wondered who the child was that lost their stuffed squirrel to the the Ft. Myers eaglets.  Some even suggested contacting a local tv station to see if they could find who the original squirrel owner was.  If you are interested in the website it is Southwest Florida Eagle Cam and is on real estate agent Dick Pritchett’s property.  Harriett and M15 are incubating 2 babies this season. I am sure your squirrel is most pleased with the bear hat which I am sure is providing a great amount of warmth from the Chicago chill. Take care and Happy 2021,Carol Summers 

  2. Jim McGohan says:

    Happy Holiday’s Steve and Johnnie! This is Magoos’ Mom & Dad. We still miss the olden days when you were on WGN, Especially when you had Magoo and others along with you on New Years Eve. What wonderful memories. Wanted to tell Johnnie that Helen made 2 of your eggnog rum cakes for the Holidays. Oh my, they were fantastic. Working on her to make a third one to get us through New Year’s. Will keep in touch, Jim & Helen McGohan

  3. peggy says:

    Very cute. Thank you

    Sent from my iPad

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