Satan Is Her Name … P.S.

In a previous post I shared the backstory of the resurgence of interest in a record I cut in the 60’s, “Satan Is Her Name.”

Well, since that post there have been a couple of addendums to the Satan saga that I wanted to share with you.

The first was a very nice article in the June issue of The Illinois Entertainer by Rick Kaempfer.

The second was the terrific time Johnnie and I had on WGN radio talking about the record with long time friend and Radio Hall Of Fame legend, John Records Landecker.

We thought hanging out with John was going to be fun and BOY WAS IT!! If you’d like to hear the entire, unedited, interview, just click on this link.

By the way, along with several other people, John has suggested that the song should be in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Well, I suppose if Quentin really insisted

Also, because we’re fortunate enough to have readers following this blog from all over the world, and quite often the people behind the videos and web sites care enough to post lyrics to “Satan Is Her Name” and, sadly, whether because of problems in translation or my rock & roll diction, sometimes get them wrong, for future reference, here are the lyrics as I originally wrote and sang them.

Satan is the name she goes by

There’s a lotta devil in her eye

Kiss of fire that burns you well

She breaks your heart and it hurts like .. words can’t tell

Ooooh! Lover!

Lady In Black, they call her

Your eyes can’t believe that’s all her

Got to fall, though you know your fate

The eyes of love soon change to .. the eyes of hate

Ooooh! Lover!

Old hands or beginners

With her there are no winners

She pulls your heart strings until they snap

Breaks your heart, but you know you’d .. crawl right back

Ooooh! Lover!

Finally, in the previous post about “Satan Is Her Name” I shared a few of the recent versions of the song and, since some very creative artists interpretations continue to populate the web, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to share a couple more.

I know nothing about Eric G., but I really like what he did with it.

I’m also not familiar with The H. Martin, but I like how they stayed close to my original arrangement while taking it in their own direction.

One of the many interesting aspects of hearing these new versions is that, as I continue to work on an album, I’m giving serious thought to doing my own update of the song.

Now, if only I could find a sexy female voice do do the “Ooooh! Lover!” part.

Stay safe,


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