New Year’s Eve … 1973?!?!?

Before the New Year’s afterglow completely wears off, allow us to share one of Steve’s year end celebrations from a previous life.

It was New Year’s Eve of 1973 and Steve was on Chicago’s “Big 89” WLS radio counting down that year’s top 89 records.

Neither of us had heard this since Steve originally did it and Johnnie was on the other side of her radio speaker listening to it during her freshman year college Christmas break.

We have to thank a Facebook friend, Don Beno, for finding this audio clip.

Yes, this is even more proof that, thanks to the internet, you can never really escape your past.

OK, buckle up and click this link to let the time warp begin.

Stay safe,

Steve & Johnnie

About steveandjohnnie

Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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5 Responses to New Year’s Eve … 1973?!?!?

  1. Tom B. says:

    Love it. I totally geek out on air checks like that.

  2. Jayne Smith says:

    Thanks for the clip. It was awesome and a wonderful blast from the past. You two are the greatest and are so, so missed. Thanks for being around whether it be via email, Facebook posts or once in a while on the radio. Loved hearing you on New Years Eve. Have a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!

  3. Scott says:

    It was so good hearing the two of you on New Years Eve on WGN-AM radio. Happy 2022 to you!

  4. Wendy Koziol says:

    Thanks for sharing Great memories! Now I want to listen to all those songs. Steve your voice hasn’t changed at all.

  5. Dianne DAndrea says:

    OMGSH! Thanks for the memories and thank you to the person that found this clip!!

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