Valentine’s Day 2022

In case you were wondering, the Wonderful Tree Lady has, once again, worked her magic throughout our house for Valentine’s Day, 2022.

And, once again, there isn’t just one tree.

Tree #1

And, if you guessed two trees, you really don’t know her very well.

Tree #2

For Valentine’s Day, the magic number is three!

Tree # 3

The Wonderful Tree Lady even sprinkles her jewelry among the trees.

These little guys are earrings the Wonderful Tree Lady got in the ’70s

Some ornaments were handmade gifts from wonderful listeners.

This was handmade by Robin Richer, in 1996. Thank you, Robin!

As you can tell, for both personal and professional reasons, the Wonderful Tree lady and her lucky boyfriend kind of like Valentine’s Day

As we said after she worked her spell last year, hopefully, a little of the Wonderful Tree Lady’s magic will spread from our “bubble” to yours along with our wishes for a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Stay safe!

Steve & Johnnie


About steveandjohnnie

Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." You'll find even more about us at
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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day 2022

  1. LINDA JOHNSON says:

    There is no one else like Johnnie and we are blessed to know her. She spreads good and joy and I wish there was more time with her. Steve, you are blessed. (and Steve, you are special, too and I know Johnnie knows she is blessed to be with you and that is the best thing about Johnnie, she lets people know you are special!)

  2. Lester Nixon says:

    Steve and Johnnie. Thank you and Happy Valentines day!

  3. Verna says:

    Love it all. You two are great !!!

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