We’re Not Lisa

Our friend Jessie Colter had a big hit in the 80’s called “I’m Not Lisa.” We meant to use a little of that song as a little humorous “bump” coming out of a commercial break when we filled in for Lisa Dent recently on WGN radio.

That’s one of many things we had planned that didn’t get done due to breaking news, guests and a plethora of other show elements that kept raising their hands like reporters at a White House briefing and shouting “Me, Me, Me.”

However, a lot did get done and we wanted to take up a little space in this forum to revisit a few moments for those of you who might have missed or want to hear them again.

And, yes, we’ll share a “behind the scenes” photo or three.

We have to start by thanking Brian Althimer and Curtis Koch, two exceptional producers who held our hands and made sure we didn’t veer too far off track. We’ve worked with a lot of producers and this team is right at the top of our list of favorites.

Brian & Curtis

And, speaking of producers, we always look forward to seeing Bob Kessler, who we first hired as a producer years ago. Bob has proven his versatility as a man who can and does wear many hats and can currently be heard displaying his considerable talent as an anchor in WGN’s newsroom. Of course, since we like any excuse for a party, we had to have an on-air celebration for his 50th birthday.

Bob Kessler having discovered “the ultimate F word.”

Although we were still exercising “covid caution” and talking to most of our guests on the phone, there were a couple of safe-distanced exceptions. One that was really a lot of fun and a very cool moment for us was getting to spend a little time and celebrate National Margarita Day with two sports legends, Chicago Blackhawks Hall of Famer, Chris Chelios & former Green Bay Packers safety, Jim Bob Morris.

Chris Chelios, Jim Bob Morris and Margarita

You can hear our conversation with Chris and Jim Bob just by clicking this link.

We also had a safe-distanced, in-studio visit from our friend Dave Plier.

Dave Plier with Her & Him

While we enjoyed a moment or two that lightened the mood, a certain amount of time each day was spent documenting the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine. While doing some research, we came across a Facebook post from Lyudmila Dulenko, a woman who was posting pictures from her front window which happened to look out on Kyiv. We contacted Lyudmila and, after a few back and forth messages, she agreed to join us and share her story on the air. She and her husband, Vitaly, like many in Ukraine, are extraordinarily brave people. We continue staying in touch with them. The gift of their friendship was an unexpected highlight of our recent time at WGN. Please keep them and all of Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers.

If you’d like to hear our conversation with Lyudmila, just click this link.

Each day had it’s own share of breaking news, fun and serious moments. Fortunately, with Steve Bertrand, Mary Van De Velde, Bob Kessler, Lauren Lapka and Kevin Powell along with Brian and Curtis, we were reasonably confident that we had all the bases covered.

Steve Bertrand, Kevin Powell, Mary Van De Velde & other WGN radio views seen through a monitor in Studio A

There were really too many special moments to focus on them individually, so how about we just share some links to each day’s full show?

Here’s a link to Friday’s show.

Here’s a link to Monday’s show.

Here’s a link to Tuesday’s show.


Here’s a link to Wednesday’s show.

Depending on the day, you’ll hear two dear friends who just happen to be Chicago broadcast legends, Roger Triemstra & Tom Skilling, small business shout-outs to terrific “Mom & Pop” stores like Qi Kratom Tea and CBD or Tom Lounges Record Bin, a daytime version of “Website Wednesday” with Patrick Crispen and a lot more.

We always look forward to doing the occasional “radio drive-by” and this series of shows was particularly enjoyable.

Till next time, thanks for listening.

Stay safe,

Steve & Johnnie

About steveandjohnnie

Award winning Chicago Broadcasters, inducted into WGN radio's Walk Of Fame. Authors of the Les Paul memoir, "A Little More Les." http://alittlemoreles.com You'll find even more about us at http://www.steveandjohnnie.com/
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3 Responses to We’re Not Lisa

  1. Chris Chase says:

    I always love hearing both of you on WGN Steve and Johnnie. I miss hearing you on a daily basis. 🎸🎧🎙️

  2. Jo Christian says:

    Thank you and God Bless you. You are so refreshing, and honest.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Denise Chudzik says:

    Love to read your interesting stories and your philosophies on life. Sure wish you two were on radio more than just occasionally. But I guess we should be happy we get to hear you two at all. Anyhow, Thank you for all of your fabulous shows . All the best,


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