Panhandle Podcast, Pictures & More!

In spite of some weather related technical problems, we had a great time Saturday night (2/11/23) during our first live broadcast from Studio 812, in Lynn Haven Florida.

Studio 812 is roughly a half hour drive from our Panama City Beach home and, because it was a windy, rainy, night, our trip across the Hathaway Bridge was, as Bob Collins use to say, “a character builder.”

Our windshield wipers did their best while Steve drove and Johnnie took pics.

When we finally got to our Lynn Haven destination, along with Studio 812’s Tom Hoots, we connected with our crew at the WGN Radio studios, in Chicago, to go over our show’s “game plan.”

Tom Hoots and Steve doing a pre-show check. (Photo: Michael Lister)

Along with the usual suspects, our special guest was New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Michael Lister, who is celebrating 25 years of his acclaimed John Jordan “Blood” mystery thriller series and the release of his first single, “A Certain Age.”

Johnnie, Michael Lister & Steve

“A Certain Age” is Michael’s beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Dave Lloyd, an extraordinary talent and human being who Michael, Tom Hoots and the two of us were fortunate to know and count as a friend.

Michael Lister’s video of “A Certain Age.”

Due to a Chicago Blackhawks game, we had a short show so, if you blinked and missed it or, if you’d like to hear it again, the podcast is now available, just click this link and it’s all yours.

Stay safe,

Steve & Johnnie


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