Too Much Fun With Nick Digilio!

Anytime we get together with Nick Digilio, we always have waaay too much of a good time.  That was certainly true, Thursday morning.

Steve, Nick Digilio & Johnnie

Let’s see, there were “5 Naked Ladies” and then …. well, the podcast is now available.  So, you can just click on this link and see/hear for yourself.

THAT was fun!

Thanks, Nick.

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We’re Hangin’ With Nick Digilio Thursday Morning!

Y’know, it’s been a while since we got to hang out together in the early morning hours on the Nick Digilio Show on WGN Radio!  So, this Wed. night/Thurs. morning (Dec. 7th) at about 2:15 we’re going to rectify that and if you think more than a little wackiness just might ensue, you just might be right.

Johnnie, Nick Digilio & Steve at WGN Radio

Hope you’ll join us.

Remember, if you’re not in the Chicago area, you can still listen in.  Just click on this link to WGN Radio’s live stream.

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A Fun Thursday Night In McHenry!

Wow, did we have a terrific time, this past Thursday night, when our “A Little More Les” book tour landed at the McHenry Public Library!! We got to hang out with a full house of really nice people who made us think we should do this more often.

Just a part of the full house who joined us at the McHenry Public Library

Thank you so much to all the members of our ” WGN Radio extended family” who came out.  We really had a lot of fun sharing stories about Les Paul, WGN and reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones.

And don’t forget, even if you couldn’t join us, you can still get your copy of “A Little More Les” just by clicking on this link.

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Hope You’ll Join Us Thursday Night!

We hope you can join us at 7PM, this Thursday (Nov. 30) when our “A Little More Les” book tour lands at the McHenry Public Library (809 Front St, McHenry, IL 60050) for an appearance/book signing.  To register for this event, just click this link.

“A Little More Les” cover

We’ll share some “behind the scenes” stories from our friendship with, the legendary, Les Paul and, of course, we’ll answer your questions about Les, WGN Radio or whatever happens to be on your mind … other than politics.🙂

If you can’t join us, you can get “A Little More Les” just by clicking on this link.  It really does make a great Christmas gift.

Hope to see you there!


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2017 Ford Fusion Sport Video Road Test!

Our new Video Road Test of the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport has just been posted on Consumer Guide Automotive’s Daily Drive website.

To see what we thought about Ford Motor Company’s high-performance midsize sedan, just click the link above.

2017 Ford Fusion Sport

And don’t forget, if you’d like to see some of our previous road tests and take a look at some of the other goodies we’ve been pouring into the Daily Drive tank, just point your browser right here.

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Our WGN Thanksgiving Show Podcast Is Now Posted And ….

Well, THAT went by fast!

It seems we just sat down to start the show and then had to get up because it was over.  Whoever first said “Time flies when you’re having fun” obviously knew what they were talking about.  As much as we’re really enjoying the time we now have to do what we want, when we want, returning to our Chicago radio home, at WGN, now and then for, as we call them, a “radio drive-by,” is one of those things that ranks high on our “let’s do that” list.

Thanksgiving is a time to be spent with family and friends and carving out a portion of our Thanksgiving morning to sit down with our radio family and friends to share old memories and make some new ones has become a yearly tradition that we really look forward to.

Steve & Johnnie rockin’ around the WGN Showcase Studio Christmas Tree

To our minds, this year certainly exceeded expectations.  Performances by Muriel Anderson and Joel Paterson were highlights and the spontaneous version of “Cannonball Rag” that they did together was one of those real “moments.”  You could feel the excitement in the studio as those two started feeding off each other’s playing. This was an introduction we’d been wanting to make for years. Hopefully, it will result in future collaborations.

Then, there was Christmas tech gift tips from our Cybersquad Chief, Patrick Crispen, and news of Steve’s brother Lee’s terrific new book, “Safe Inside” and a whole lot more.  Fortunately, you can find it all online.

Thanks to podcast technology and, our producer, David Miranda, we can archive all those moments and share them with you.

So, in case you missed our Thanksgiving show or if you’d like to hear it again, the podcast is now posted.  Just click on this link and it will all be revealed to your ears.

And, mark your calendars for this New Year’s Eve.  Since the WGN studios are moving to a new location, this will be the last time Steve & Johnnie’s “Cheap Date Life After Dark New Year’s Eve Extravaganza” will welcome in a new year broadcasting from the Showcase studio location!!

Among our guests for this special New Year’s show will be one of the featured artists on the PBS Soundstage Special “Cornerstones Of Rock,”  the man who sang lead on many of The New Colony Six’s hit records, Ronnie Rice.  And, since we had so many requests after their last appearance with us, joining us again this year will be Josh Solomon and Erika Brett from The Empty Pockets.  Also, following her New Year’s Eve “Rock The 80’s” show at Harrah’s, Joliet, the incredible, Lisa McClowry will join us along with her guitarist/co-composer, Lavant (Van) Coppock.

We’re still working out all the details and we’ll share them with you soon but, trust us, it’s gonna be a PARTY!!

More as we know it.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your holidays but, please, as you enjoy the season, stay alert and be safe.  As we said above, we really enjoy sitting down with our radio family and friends to share old memories and make some new ones.  We plan on making a lot more memories and we want you to be a part of them.

Thanks for hanging out with us on the air and online.

Steve & Johnnie

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Join Us Thanksgiving Morning on WGN Radio!

If you’re going to be up early cooking, anyway, as you’re basting your turkey, once again, 2 of your other friendly, local, turkeys will be gobbling up the airwaves this Thanksgiving day on WGN.

We’ll be on from 5-9 AM.

We’ve got a few surprises planned.  But, don’t be surprised if an old friend or two show up.  For example, our resident Cybersquad Chief, Patrick Crispen, will stop by with some hot holiday tech gift ideas.

Among the other Thanksgiving treats we’re bringing along will be in-studio performances from world renowned guitarists,  Joel Paterson and Muriel Anderson.

Joel will be premiering his new Christmas CD “Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar.”

Joel Paterson “Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar

Muriel will premier her new CD, “ECLIPSE.”

Muriel Anderson “Eclipse”

And, we’ve got a lot more planned, but you’ll just have to tune in to find out what.

Remember, wherever you are, you can listen in and WATCH online just by clicking this link.

It’s nice to be home for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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