Rockin’ Around WGN’s Christmas Studio

The countdown continues to our filling in for Steve Cochran, next week, on WGN.  Because it has been a while since we last hosted a program from WGN’s Michigan Avenue, Allstate Showcase studio, we thought it might be a good idea to spend a little time behind that console and familiarize ourselves with some of the technical changes that landed since our last visit.

Of course, you know we had to take a picture or two to share with you.

Steve & Johnnie in WGN's Showcase studio.

Steve & Johnnie in WGN’s Showcase studio.

Both of us were surprised with how quickly it felt like “home.”  The festive decorations made Johnnie smile and start making a list of goodies to bake for the morning crew.

Johnnie in WGN's Showcase studio.

Johnnie in WGN’s Showcase studio.

Steve was also happy with the festive mood and even happier to find that, even after two years, it seems no one had messed with the settings on his chair.

Steve in WGN's Showcase studio.

Steve in WGN’s Showcase studio.

We’ll be going back for a bit more “re-orientation” and, assuming we don’t spill any coffee into the console, we’ll be using these microphones to sneak back into your radio speakers Christmas week.


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42 Responses to Rockin’ Around WGN’s Christmas Studio

  1. Carol Rafalski says:

    Hello nite-owls!!

  2. Kathleen A. Thomas says:

    Nice to see you back.

  3. Reenie says:

    I am so looking forward to hearing you two again.

  4. jumping josie says:

    bought a new raddddio that gets great reception … taking it along when I travel over the holiday so you’ll come in loud and clear!!

  5. judie mueller says:

    yea! can hardly wait to hear both of you on the radio again!

  6. Rich Ingersoll says:

    I’ll be listening. Nights aren’t the same without you guys

  7. Pat Schultz says:

    Looking forward to listening to you both, really really missed you both!!!

  8. lynda obremski says:

    so HAPPY to see you and to hear you next week.can’t wait

  9. Darlene says:

    You guys look awesome and at home!

  10. Terry Fortin says:

    have merry christmas miss you guys

  11. Strug, Frank says:

    I just can’t wait, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

    Thank you Thank you
    Frank (Loyal Fan)

  12. Linda Sue says:

    WOW! The Showcase Studio!!!…at Christmastime!!!…in the Daytime!!! What an experience!!! ( I hope it snows while you are there – the big flakes!!!)

  13. Steve Young says:

    Very cool, wish I could drive up and watch through the window.

  14. Cindyhuber says:

    It is so nice to see you again, if only in pictures. I really started laughing when I saw the picture of Steve and his old chair…Yep, I went back to an old station I use to work for and the first thing I did was look for my old comfy chair I use to lean back in when I worked there, (this being a few years previous) and was told all the old chairs when I was there went in the dump.

  15. Gayle says:

    Good to see you back there! Nice view too!

  16. faith morley says:

    For the first time in ages we will have wgn radio on in the morning instead of wgn tv. Looking forward to it, we have missed you

  17. Peggy Vaughan says:

    What a beautiful view out the window….and inside the show case studio. Welcome back…hopefully that inside view will become permanent. Merry Christmas.

  18. Susan Kundert says:

    Finally, a reason to listen to WGN again!

  19. Bob G. says:

    I’ll keep my PJ’s on and pretend it’s midnight. So looking forward to hearing you. Merry Christmas.

  20. Mary Ellen Vance says:

    Welcome welcome !!! I’ll be listening from Shelbyville Tn. So excited,!!

  21. Char Lane says:


  22. Sue McNeil says:

    Can’t wait to hear you! Merry Christmas

  23. DJ says:

    Awesome to see you both back. There is a Santa. Give a heads up next time you are visiting Arlington Heights. Lunch is on me.

  24. Mark Orr says:

    Like I said before it is a Christmas miracle come true….. Will not miss a minute….

    God Bless You Both


  25. Howard Peters says:

    S&J, I hope there will be full-length podcasts available. I work in the wee hours as a paper hauler (delivering to paper packers, stores, and post offices) and thus I listened to you for your entire overnight careers. And Cochran’s show is on during my dormant period. So I would sure like to download the entire week and listen to it at my leisure Bro (as Nicky D says).

    I also would like it if you would do a memorial segment for Dick Sutliff. I realize he’s been gone for a while. Nonetheless, I’d sure like to hear some of those memories and tapes and all that. And Steve, maybe you can get that Ron guy, WGN’s file system wizard (sorry I cannot remember his full name) to find the Curmudgeon Alert and then you can play it on the air again.

    I’ll be hoping for all this to come true. It’ll be a Christmas Miracle for sure!

  26. Judy Kay says:

    Steve-a-Rino and Johnnie-cakes ! Two of the best people who EVER graced the Showcase Studio at the G !!!! I will have you know you both are now my wallpaper kids !! I get happy just looking at my screen and the Christmas tree and beauty outside the windows ! You are both darling and looking mighty refreshed.
    It is a thrill indeed to have you coming back, even if only for a week. I can’t help but wonder if you were invited….would you ever accept an offer to return in some slot ? Hahaa… I always did jump the gun instead of being content with what is here and now. But I am a dreamer…and I know character when I see and hear it… AND YOU GUYS ARE THE TOPS.

    I will join the rest of the “kids” here, to say I will be present and accounted for , when you make your LONGED FOR RETURN !! Yes, Virginia……THERE IS A SANTA !!!! love you guys!

  27. Sue May says:

    miss you 2 so much-can’t wait to hear you. Will be working part of the time but should be able to catch some of the show. I think I miss new music Monday’s the most-my collection grew quite a bit when you were on the air. Merry Christmas!

  28. Thanks for the pictures…. you both look great and it brings back memories of all the nights I laid in bed and listened to you two. I was heartbroken when you left WGN. Didn’t listen much after you were gone…. it just wasn’t the same. My best to you both….and have a Merry Christmas.

  29. Helen k. says:

    Never leave again!

  30. Tom says:

    the earth is back on its axis. so glad your back. let ‘s make it perment

  31. God bless you both. Thank goodness WGN biggies woke up before it was too late and have put it together for their faithful listeners. Still make your Key Lime Pie recipe, Johnnie

  32. Darrell says:

    Woohoo! Can’t wait to hear ya’ll again!

  33. Jim McGohan says:

    Looking forward to listening to you next week. We miss you a lot. Jim McGohan (Magoos dad)

  34. denny p says:

    I miss listening to you both. i hope you land a permanent spot and we all can hear you again…good luck.

  35. Arlene mendlik says:

    Welcome home

  36. C.W. says:

    …..anybody know, who the beautiful blonde is?

    SK! you are so Lucky, cant wait to hear you both.

  37. Ed OConnor says:

    It will be great to hear you again on WGN – looking forward to it.

  38. Renee Hughart says:

    We are looking forward to having you back where you belong. Even if it is just for a week. Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones.

  39. Lynn says:

    Stopped listening when you left. Will find the station and tune in again. We never listen to TV or radio during the day, but this will be a happy exception while we watch the birds. You’ve been missed….you both look great!

  40. Rick Goshgarian says:

    Wow 2yrs, I’ve really missed you both. It’s hard to find anything worth while to listen too anymore after 10pm. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  41. Pamela Brown says:

    Having the King and Queen of radio back on WGN was amazing! Happy New Year! Pam

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