Happy Birthday, Dick Clark!

This isn’t Throwback Thursday but, Monday, November 30th, would have been, the legendary, Dick Clark‘s 91st birthday.

We had the extreme pleasure of hosting several ALS Mammoth Music Mart events with Dick and having him on our show many times.

Johnnie, Dick Clark & Steve at an ALS Mammoth Music Mart appearance

This man defined the term “class act.” If we had an interview scheduled with Dick and we saw the hot line ringing at the scheduled time, we didn’t have to wait for our producer to screen the call, we knew it would be Dick. Not a minute earlier, not a minute later, always right on time, always prepared and, unlike some well known personalities we sometimes felt we had to pull answers out of, always “on” for the interview.

One night as we were interviewing him, Dick mentioned that he’d just returned from a celebrity event. Johnnie asked him what he was wearing and he said that, since he’d just gotten home and was changing out of his tux, at the moment, he was naked. He laughed and told us he just looked at himself in the mirror. Then, like the teen girls in his audience for years, squealed “I Look Good” parodying the James Brown song. So, we probably have the distinction of being the only people who interviewed a naked Dick Clark.

In his later years, his bravery in still maintaining a pubic profile after his stroke was inspiring. He was a true professional and a genuinely nice guy we will always feel privileged for having known.


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Dick Clark!

  1. LINDA S JOHNSON says:

    Dear S & J…Do you have an address that we can send Christmas cards to?

    • For now, you can still send anything to us in care of WGN Radio, 303 East Wacker Drive, 18th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601. You can also just email us at emailus@steveandjohnnie.com and save the money you’d spend on stamps to use on yourself or as part of a contribution to someone in need. That would make us feel just as good an we kinda think Santa would like that, too.

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