Friday 10/7 We’re Back Inside Your Speakers!

This Friday, Oct. 7, from 6PM-10PM (Central), we’ll be filling in the blanks in Dave Plier‘s space inside your speakers on WGN Radio and we thought you might like a sneak peek at some of our game plan.

We’ve been known to be fans of stylish things with wheels that make your speedometer and your heart go a little faster, so we’re more than a little excited that John Kraman, TV commentator for Mecum Auctions on MotorTrendTV will be joining us with a preview of next week’s Mecum Chicago 2022 event.

This month marks the15th anniversary of the debut of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Like many of you, we were and still are big “Big Bang” fans and when we heard that the definitive book about the show was coming out, we were intrigued. Jessica Radloff is the Senior West Coast Editor at Glamour magazine, covering all things entertainment, beauty, and more in Los Angeles. She is also the author of the upcoming oral history, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series. The book will be released on Oct. 11, but we’ll get a pre-release preview.

Shermann ‘Dilla’ Thomas is becoming a household name, sharing his enthusiasm for and knowledge of Chicago history, both serious and silly. He says “Everything dope about America comes from Chicago, the greatest city on earth.” We wanted to meet him and thought you might, too.

Since our long time friend, former WGN Radio newsman, Roger Badesch, worked for Chicago’s first black Mayor, he’ll join us to talk to about Punch 9, the new movie about Mayor Harold Washington.

We’ll also catch up with our very talented friends Josh and Erika from The Empty Pockets to talk about a new project providing employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities, Will’s Place. Will is Josh’s brother, so this project is very close to their hearts.

Of course there’s more including some old and new friends who will be sliding into your speakers with us.

But, you’ll just have to tune in to 720AM to find out who else is on our guest list.

As always, remember, if you’re not in the Chicago area, you can still listen by clicking this link to WGN Radio’s live stream.

Stay safe,

Steve & Johnnie


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  1. Gittel Hunt says:

    Friday is Oct. 7th.
    Gittel Hunt

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